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Digest NrSubject
2018.06.15.09 1914 Steinway Upright with Welte Changer
2018.05.09.03 Seek A. B. Chase Player Piano Owner's Manual
2017.10.23.05 FS: Collection of Aeolian Pipe Organ Rolls
2017.09.08.07 FS: Audiographic Duo-Art Roll Collection
2016.03.26.01 Woody Frisino, Mel-O-Art Piano Roll Artist
2015.01.08.09 Comprehensive Article About Musical Wonder House
2014.09.22.04 Danilo Konvalinka & Musical Wonder House Museum
2011.07.26.05 "Roberto Clemente" Piano Roll on YouTube
2011.03.19.02 Seek Ampico 66991 "Bing Bing" for Museum
2009.04.03.05 The QRS Roll Label Mystery
2009.03.02.03 QRS Artists & Roll Arrangers
2008.07.01.04 "Serenade" by A. E. Titl
2008.06.19.02 Free Roll Upgrade for Gershwin's "Three Preludes"
2007.12.03.06 Artcraft Roll "New King of Ragtime"
2007.03.12.09 Artcraft Music Rolls for the Duo-Art
2007.03.05.02 Music Fraud in Audio Recordings and Player Rolls
2006.08.05.03 Rubber Stamps for Music Rolls
2005.12.25.01 "Ballet Mecanique" 1924 Film & Music
2005.12.13.06 Who Is Making Piano Rolls?
2005.11.17.06 Piano Rolls Are Primarily Arrangements
2005.06.26.01 Artcraft Rolls
2005.06.04.06 Declining Prices
2005.05.21.04 Aeolian Visuola
2005.04.26.02 Market for Classical Music Rolls
2005.04.25.08 Disklavier Plays Glenn Gould Performances
2005.03.31.06 Pianola Playing in Public - The Programme
2005.03.20.02 Pianola Concerts at Searsport, Maine
2005.03.13.05 Staccato Patterns in Piano Rolls
2005.01.06.03 Sheet Music Images Via the Internet
2004.11.24.02 Play-Rite Music Rolls is Not For Sale
2004.11.23.10 Play-Rite Music Rolls Business For Sale
2004.10.17.02 Remembering David Junchen
2004.08.19.02 Ravel's "Pavanne" on Duo-Art Music Rolls
2004.08.17.09 Cloth "D"-ring Tabs for Music Rolls
2004.07.15.04 Selections Offered by Piano Roll Producers
2004.07.12.06 Selections Offered by Piano Roll Producers
2004.06.29.05 The Future of Mechanical Music
2004.06.08.06 FS: "Flight of the Bumble Bee & Bumble Boogie"
2004.05.18.05 Themodist Solo Device
2004.05.10.06 Tempo Marked on Piano Rolls
2004.04.17.03 Music Roll Artists Don't Get Enough Credit
2004.03.21.01 More on the Future of Mechanical Music
2004.03.10.02 Zez Confrey Piano Rolls & Audio Recordings
2004.03.03.05 The Future of Mechanical Music & "Pumper Contest"
2004.03.01.03 The Future of Mechanical Music
2004.01.30.05 "Easy To Pump" Player Piano
2004.01.13.04 Post-WW2 Player Piano Revival
2003.11.20.08 Duo-Art Bass/Treble Split Point
2003.11.07.03 "Flight of the Bumble Bee" & "Bumble Boogie"
2003.11.04.02 Zez Confrey Piano Rolls
2003.10.16.04 Artcraft Music Rolls Heirloom Series
2003.10.09.06 "Upright and Grand" Piano Rolls by Eric Bernhoft
2003.09.30.10 Welte-Mignon Recording Technology
2003.09.29.05 Pianola Concerts at Searsport, Maine
2003.07.29.12 Pianist Pauline Alpert
2003.07.28.06 Politically Incorrect Piano Rolls
2003.07.27.10 Pianists vs. Music Roll Arrangers
2003.05.11.13 University Declines Ampico Piano Donation
2003.03.31.03 Artcraft Sales Not Affected By War
2003.02.11.10 Bigger Pianos Aren't Always Better Pianos
2003.01.25.03 1927 Premiere of "Ballet Mecanique" at Carnegie Hall
2003.01.12.03 The Fascination of the Tracker Bar
2003.01.05.06 Replacement Box Labels For Artcraft Music Rolls
2002.12.31.11 "Ballet Mecanique" and Deems Taylor
2002.12.09.16 "Rhapsody in Blue" in Disney's 'Fantasia 2000'
2002.11.25.11 "Rhapsody in Blue" On Music Rolls
2002.10.18.02 Transporting a Pianola to Public Performances
2002.09.09.05 Pianola Concert at Searsport, Maine
2002.07.29.03 Pianola Concert of Latin Music
2002.07.25.04 Pianola Concert at Searsport, Maine
2002.07.15.07 Pianola Concert at Searsport, Maine
2002.07.07.02 Bolcom, Morris and Pianola Concerts in Maine
2002.06.28.02 Independence Day Concert at Searsport, Maine
2002.06.23.05 Pianists Compete Using Remote Disklavier Pianos
2002.06.19.03 Pianola Concerts at Searsport, Maine
2002.06.15.06 2nd Pianola Concert on Penobscot Bay
2002.06.15.05 The "Stravinsky" Firebird Rolls on AudioGraphic
2002.05.28.03 Pianola Concerts at Searsport, Maine
2002.05.15.02 Theremin by Aeolian-RCA
2002.04.17.02 AudioGraphic & Visuola in Artcraft Newsletter
2002.01.27.04 Furthest Traveled Mechanical Music Item
2002.01.12.06 Punched Cards and Piano Rolls Control Display
2001.12.31.04 Punched Cards and Piano Rolls Control Display
2001.12.15.09 Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 on Welte Licensee
2001.11.27.05 LP: "The Steinway Pianola Meets Rocky Horror"
2001.10.05.06 Metrostyle Duo-Art Rolls
2001.08.27.11 Baby Ampico - History & Tuning
2001.08.18.03 The 78-Note Player Piano Scale
2001.08.13.02 Pianola Concerts at Artcraft Web Site
2001.08.08.02 Pianola Concerts at Maine Web Site
2001.08.05.02 Henderson Biography at Maine Web Site
2001.07.23.05 Piano Tuners' Opinions of Player Pianos
2001.07.13.03 Artists' Choice Recut Welte Licensee Rolls
2001.07.08.12 Pianolas, Expression Pianos & Reproducing Pianos
2001.07.06.08 Play-Rite Music Rolls Status
2001.07.02.04 Pianola Concert at Searsport, Maine
2001.05.08.04 Old Aeolian Advertising in Artcraft Newsletter
2001.04.29.03 Artcraft Newsletters at Web Site
2001.04.21.03 New Ampico Roll Arranged at Duo-Art Piano
2001.04.16.06 Duo-Art Pedals & Expression System
2001.04.11.09 1924 Pleyel Synchronizing Patent at Web Site
2001.04.08.07 QRS 9838 "You Do Something To Me"
2001.04.01.03 Demise of the Player-Piano
2001.03.05.06 Demise of the Player Piano
2001.02.28.07 Artcraft Newsletter #5 is Ready
2000.12.31.05 Revised Artcraft Rolls of "Cleopatra Rag"
2000.12.07.07 FS: Stoddard-Ampico Chickering Grand
2000.11.26.04 Pictures of a Master Roll Being Arranged
2000.11.12.11 Punching Holes in Ballots and Rolls
2000.11.12.04 "Artists Choice" Music Rolls at Web Site
2000.10.29.03 Pianolas and Electric Expression Pianos Explained
2000.10.28.02 Previous Newsletters Now At Artcraft Web Site
2000.08.25.05 Book "History of the Player" by John McTammany
2000.08.16.05 Artcraft Newsletter #3 is Ready
2000.07.18.01 Palliard Expressive Harmonic Cylinder Music Box
2000.07.11.13 Duo-Art Normal/Soft Switch
2000.06.18.07 Artcraft Newsletter #2 is Ready
2000.05.21.02 Newsletter #1 at Artcraft Web Site
2000.05.07.10 "Leabarjan" Music Roll Perforators
2000.04.25.04 Artcraft Music Rolls Monthly E-mail Newsletter
2000.04.11.08 Pleyel Synchronizing Patent Illustrations
2000.04.09.04 Pleyel Patent for Synchronizing Music Roll
2000.04.05.04 Pianos are Replaced by "Loudspeakers" at Carnegie Hall
2000.03.22.07 What is a Recording? What is a Record?
2000.03.16.02 Limitations of MIDI Control
2000.03.14.02 "Piano300" Exhibition at Smithsonian Institution
2000.03.12.04 "Piano300" Exhibition at Smithsonian Institution
2000.03.10.04 Liszt "Mephisto Waltz" Metrostyle Duo-Art Roll
2000.03.07.06 "Ballet Mecanique" Tour at Artcraft Web Site
2000.03.02.05 Duo-Art Dynamics & Artist Marketability
2000.02.23.10 David Thomas Roberts on Artcraft Music Rolls
2000.02.13.07 "Rhapsody in Blue" Story on National Public Radio
2000.01.27.27 Recording 'Hand-Played' Music Rolls
2000.01.17.05 Seek Charles Chaplin Song "Smile" on Music Roll
2000.01.02.01 Danilo Konvalinka of Musical Wonder House
2000.01.01.10 "Rhapsody In Blue" at the End of the Century
1999.12.30.04 Kotzschmar Memorial Organ in Portland, Maine
1999.12.26.01 "Ballet Mecanique" in Book 'Everybody Was So Young'
1999.12.18.08 Artcraft Christmas Orders
1999.12.06.11 Norris & Hyde Transposing Pianos
1999.12.05.11 "Ballet Mecanique" Disklavier Concert
1999.12.04.05 "Ballet Mecanique" Disklavier Concert
1999.11.21.07 "Ballet Mecanique" Disklavier Concert (Part 3 of 3)
1999.11.20.08 "Ballet Mecanique" Disklavier Concert (Part 2 of 3)
1999.11.19.10 "Ballet Mecanique" Disklavier Concert (Part 1 of 3)
1999.11.15.01 Danilo Konvalinka Hospitalized
1999.10.31.13 "Ballet Mecanique" - Two Internet Sound Files
1999.10.27.01 Player Pianos at Lucerne Piano Festival, Nov. 1999
1999.10.24.08 Roll-making Page at Artcraft Web Site
1999.10.22.10 George Antheil, Composer and Revisionist
1999.09.28.04 "Ballet Mecanique"
1999.09.26.04 P. G. Wodehouse, Creator of "Jeeves"
1999.09.18.08 More Rolls for the Malones
1999.09.15.04 Studio Premiere of American Bolero in 5/4 Meter
1999.09.15.03 Seacoast Music Roll Completed!
1999.08.23.03 Perforating Rolls on a Maine Cliff
1999.07.29.06 New Artcraft Piano Rolls in Production
1999.07.27.07 Music Rolls With Seals Intact
1999.07.08.15 Robert Armbruster Duo-Art Rolls
1999.07.03.08 Theremin
1999.07.01.03 Theremins and Player-Pianos
1999.06.18.11 Super-Simplex grand player piano
1999.05.30.04 "Delicious" in Color - Maybe?
1999.05.26.03 A Motion Picture for "Ballet Mecanique"
1999.05.18.01 George Antheil's "Ballet Mecanique"
1999.05.11.08 The "Ultimate" Duo-Art Test Roll
1999.05.06.11 Leabarjan 8-B Perforator at Artcraft Web Site
1999.04.21.05 1937 Janssen Expression Piano
1999.04.13.10 Hardman Duo & Imperial Industrial Co.
1999.04.12.10 New Artcraft Releases in Early May
1999.04.10.09 New Issue of The Pianola News
1999.04.08.12 New Issue of The Pianola News
1999.03.15.10 PianoLodeon Rolls & Imperial Industrial Co.
1999.02.22.08 Jelly Roll Morton on Vocalstyle Rolls
1999.02.20.07 Eliminate Ignorance, Don't Substitute Modern Terms
1999.02.19.08 Mechanical Music Terms -- Duo-Art
1999.02.07.03 New Ampico Web Page at Artcraft
1999.01.16.14 Good Pianists Cope With Bad Pianos
1998.12.28.08 Terminology for the Pedal Duo-Art Instrument
1998.12.26.06 Estey Child's Organ
1998.12.24.03 The Duo in the Duo-Art
1998.12.18.11 Sing Along With The Impeachment Hearings
1998.12.13.11 Performing with Apollophone Roll & Record Set
1998.12.06.08 Admiral Peary's Folding-Keyboard Piano
1998.12.05.11 Theme-Accompaniment vs. Split-Stack Players
1998.12.05.10 Folding-Keyboard Instruments for Schools & Yachts
1998.12.05.06 Update on Artcraft
1998.12.02.11 Artcraft & Play-Rite Music Rolls
1998.12.02.06 New Duo-Art Instruments
1998.11.19.05 Henry Steinway on "Martha Stewart Living"
1998.10.31.11 Rachmaninoff Ampico Performances on Telarc CD
1998.10.30.05 Rachmaninoff Ampico Performances on Telarc CD
1998.10.14.11 Diagnostic Duo-Art Roll Set Coming
1998.09.20.11 'Ballet Mecanique' Rolls - Still Available!
1998.09.15.12 Ragtime on Artcraft Ampico Rolls
1998.08.06.08 Kortlander & Wending on Pathe Records
1998.07.25.14 Politically Correct Pianola Rolls
1998.07.23.16 Politically Correct Piano Rolls
1998.06.30.12 Masanobu Ikemiya on CD Rivals Gershwin
1998.06.28.02 Organ Arrangements on 58-Note Rolls
1998.06.27.08 The Internet Meets Artcraft Rolls
1998.06.13.11 New Ampico Rolls at Artcraft
1998.05.26.04 Errors in Music Rolls
1998.05.25.20 88 Note Duo-Art Coding
1998.05.25.19 Autograph Metrostyle Rolls
1998.05.11.06 'Interface Daily' Interviews Artcraft
1998.05.09.12 Gulbransen Instruction Rolls - 'The Martin Method'
1998.05.06.08 Seek "Rollograph" Roll by Leabarjan
1998.05.01.08 "Thanks For the Lobster"
1998.04.26.12 New "Story & Clark" Player-Piano Web Page
1998.04.24.03 Remembering Dr. Wofford Baldwin
1998.04.12.10 PTG Reviews Artcraft Presentation
1998.04.05.10 The Pianola News
1998.04.01.24 Marque-Ampico
1998.03.22.17 Roll Artists and Recording Pianos
1998.03.22.15 Ampico Trial Roll
1998.03.22.12 Voice of Betty Boop
1998.03.21.02 Alan Rothery's Passing
1998.03.18.15 QRS Celebrity Series
1998.03.09.09 Demonstration Rolls
1998.03.08.10 Roll Artists
1998.03.07.12 Norbert Schultze & "Bombs over Britain"
1998.03.05.14 Problems with Tempo 120-140 Rolls
1998.03.04.10 Arranging for Repetition Effects
1998.03.03.09 Pauline Alpert Postscript
1998.03.03.07 McNair Ilgenfritz
1998.02.26.13 Pauline Alpert and the Roll Editors
1998.02.25.11 Pauline Alpert Aeolian Rolls
1998.02.23.01 West Coast Rains Delay MMD
1998.02.20.15 H. F. Miller "Delay" Equalizer
1998.02.19.11 H. F. Miller Player
1998.02.17.06 New Issue of Pianola News
1998.02.08.11 PIANOLA News: Vol. I, No. 5
1998.02.02.03 Media for Roller Organs
1998.02.01.07 New Issue of The Pianola News
1998.01.27.05 Artcraft Music Rolls Web Site
1998.01.24.15 How To Pronounce 'Duo-Art'
1998.01.18.06 New Issue of 'Pianola News'
1998.01.10.03 First Edition of 'The Pianola News'
1998.01.08.15 Don't Convert the 65/88-note Steinway !
1997.12.23.13 Mel-O-Dee Rolls are Recycled Aeolian Products
1997.11.16.08 Leabarjan Perforator Products
1997.11.14.05 Back in Maine with Leabarjan Perforator
1997.08.18.09 Action Shift vs. Hammer Lift on Duo-Art
1997.08.14.06 Rolls Edited for Concert Performance
1997.06.23.04 Theremin Festival in Portland ME
1997.06.19.02 Pla Rolla and Theremin Festival
1997.06.14.03 "Rhapsody in Blue"
1997.04.30.07 CD: "Titanic - The Band Plays On"
1997.04.10.09 Duo-Art Was A Robotic Pianolist
1997.04.09.15 FS: Stroud Duo-Art Upright in CA, Free
1997.04.01.11 Arrangers Make The Rolls
1997.04.01.10 Gershwin and Armbruster
1997.03.31.08 Duo-Art Concert Grand
1997.03.25.03 Zilotone Player Toy
1997.03.15.02 Artcraft Leabarjan on CNN TV
1997.02.24.02 The Play-Rite Phoenix
1997.02.04.05 Fire at Play-Rite
1997.01.17.07 Passing of Wally Rose
1997.01.08.16 Sad News for 'Ragtime Music'
1996.08.15.10 Leabarjan perforator
1996.08.05.08 ARTCRAFT Music Rolls now 'On-Line' ...

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