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Music Media for Mechanical Music Instruments  
Music Roll Brand Names
edited by Robbie Rhodes

A cross-index of brand names appearing on the labels of music rolls.

  abb : 2- or 3- letter abbreviation commonly used in auction lists.
  abblong : longer abbreviation, up to 8 characters
  * Recuts (copies) of old rolls.
abb abblong brand/label (Manufacturer)
  65US U.S., United StateS Music (United States Music Co., Chicago)
  88US U.S., United StateS Music (United States Music Co., Chicago)
  88N 88-Note (Connorized)
  88TM 88-Note Note Themodist Metrostyle (Aeolian NY)
  88TM 88-Note Them/Met (The Orchestrelle Co., London)
  88U 88-Note Universal (Aeolian)
AEO AEO Aeolian (Aeolian/Universal)
AOL   Aeolian (Aeolian-American, 1950's)
  AEOF Aeolian Co. of France, rolls made by l'EMP
  AMER American (Columbia/Capitol)
APC   American Piano Co. (American Piano Co.)
AMP AMP Ampico (American Piano Co.)
    Ampico (Rythmodik)
ANG   Angelus (Wilcox&White ?) (Hallet and Davis?)
ART   Angelus Artrio (Wilcox&White)
    Angelus Melodant Artistyle (Wilcox&White)
    Apollo-phone (Clark)
    Apollo X - Apollo Piano Co. (Clark)
    Aristo (Otto Higel Co. Ltd.)
ACF ARTCFT Artcraft Music Rolls (L. Douglas Henderson, Wiscasset, Maine)
AE   Artecho (QRS)
ART   Artempo (Bennett & White, Inc., Newark, New Jersey)
  ARTISTA Artista  (? Supreme Music Co., Newark, N.J.)
ART ARTIST Artisong Artist Song Roll (Herbert Marshall & Sons, Ltd., London)
  ARTISTYL Artistyle - Artist Song Roll (British Aeolian/Universal)
    Artistyle (Wilcox & White Co., Meriden, Connecticut)
ATO ARTO ARTo "Artists Own Roll" (Standard Music Roll Company)
ATL ATL Atlas (Atlas Player Roll Co., Newark, N.J.)
    Autograph (QRS)
ATM AUTO Automatic (Automatic Music Roll Co. - nickleodeon)
  AMR* Automatic Music Roll Co. (Frank Adams, Seattle WA - recuts)
AUTO   Autopiano (Autopiano?)
BAC   Baciagalupi (California)
BAL   Baldwin
BEL BEL Beltran (Vicente Beltran, San Antonio, Texas)
  BW Berry Wood
    Best (Rollos Victoria - Jose Oliver y Co., Madrid, Spain)
    Biondo Special (N. Biondo [Connorized])
  BT* BluesTone (Rob DeLand, Palatine, IL - recuts)
    Boston Store (see Red Star & QRS)
    Brilliante (Capitol)
    Broadway (Anglo American Player Roll Company, Australia, acquired in 1957 by Mastertouch, Australia)
    Broadway (Columbia/Capitol)
    Broadway (Imperial)
CN   Cable Nelson
CAP CAP Capitol  (Capitol Roll & Record Co.)
    Cecile (Columbia/Capitol)
    Cecilian (Farrand) Organ Co., Detroit)
  CEL* Celebrity (QRS recuts)
CHL CHAL Challenge (Capitol Roll & Record Co.)
C&B   Chase & Baker-Lyon
CLK CLARK Clark (Clark Music Roll Co.)
CLK CLARK Clark (Clark Orchestra Roll Co., De Kalb, Illinois)
CR   Classics of Ragtime
  CC* Collector's Classics (Don Rand & Ed Openshaw, Thomaston, ME)
COL COL Columbia (Columbia Music Roll Co., renamed to Capitol)
CON CON Connazional (A. Centonze Music Co. [Connorized])
CON CON Connorized (Connorized Music Co., NYC)
CON CON Connorized (Connorized Player Roll Co., New York City)
  CRE Cremona
  CUST* Custom recut, private issue.
    Custom Music Rolls (Richard Tonneson, Richardson, TX)
  DC* Dawn of the Century (Ed Openshaw & friend)
  DELUXE DeLuxe (A.M.R.C.)
    DeLuxe (Republic)
DEL DE DeLuxe (DeLuxe Reproducing Roll Corp., 653 West 51st, N.Y)
    Diamond (Imperial)
  DIANA Diana (Diana Madrid, Barcelona, Spain)
  DB* Deno Burralli, Jr.; PianoRecord residual recuts
  DOM Dominant (Connorized)
    Duo (Mastertouch, Australia)
    Duo (QRS-Imp)
DA DA Duo-Art (Aeolian Co.)
  ECHO Echo 88 (British Aeolian/Universal)
EC ECHOES Echoes (Ed Sprankle, Oakland, CA - live recordings)
EC* ECHOES* Echoes (Ed Sprankle, Oakland, CA - recuts)
  EEN EIGHTY-EIGHT NOTE (Aeolian/Universal)
  EL Electra (Standard Music Roll Company, Orange, New Jersey)
EMP EMP l'EMP ( L'Edition Musicale Perforée, Paris)
    Fairview (Imperial)
    F.I.R.S.T. (Fabb. Italiana Rulli Sonori Traforati, Italy)
    Front Porch (BluesTone)
FS   Full Scale 88 Note (Connorized)
    Globe (The Globe Co., Philadelphia)
  GA* Golden Age (Phil Wenker, Riverside, CA - recuts)
GLD GLDNTONE Golden Tone (Reliance Music Roll Co., New Zealand)
  GUL Gulbransen (Gulbransen Music Roll Corp., New York City)
  HAR Harmony (Imperial)
  HE Hebert
  Higel Otto Higel Co., Toronto
FH Himpsl Himpsl (Frank Himpsl, Matawan, N.J.)
HW* HV* Hollywood Vintage Series (Steve Nielsen, pastel label)
HW* HV* Hollywood Vintage Series (Steve Nielsen & Don Rand, bright label)
HPC HPC Hot Piano Classics (Mike & Fred Schwimmer, Lake Bluff, IL)
    Hitz (Billings/Staffnote)
IDL IDEAL Ideal (Plaza)
IDL IDEAL Ideal (Rollos Artisticos)[Spain]
IDL IDEAL Ideal (The Rose Valley Co., Phila., Pa.)
  IMPI Imperial (Imperial Industrial [Max Kortlander] 1930's on)(see QRS)
IMP IMP Imperial (Imperial Player Roll Co., Chicago, Illinois ; pre-QRS)
  IMPQ Imperial (under QRS in mid 20s)
INT INTL International (International Player Roll Co., Brooklyn, New York)
JC* JC* Jazz Classics (Richard Riley, Sunnyvale, California - recuts)
  JMR JazzMaster (John Sirrett - orig Farrell) [England]
  JMR* JazzMaster (John Sirrett - recuts) [England]
  JWL Jewel (Plaza Music Co., New York)
  JM* Joel Markowitz (New York - recuts)
    Keynote (Musicnote Roll Co., Dixon, Illinois)
KEY KEY Keystone (Keystone Music Roll Co. - orig 1980s artists)
KEY KEY* Keystone (Keystone Music Roll Co. - recuts, reproducing)
  KIM Kimball (W. W. Kimball Co., Chicago, Illinois)
KLA KLA Klavier (Harold Powell, 1960s artists)
  KLA* Klavier (Harold Powell, Burbank, California)
  LA Lakeside
  LG* Larry Givens (recuts, mid-60s)
  LW Little Wonder
  L&H Lyon & Healy
  LY Lyric
    Madrid - Oriental
  MAJ Majestic
    Master (Altoona Music Roll Co., Altoona, Pennsylvania)
  MR Master Record (National Music Roll Co.)
    Mastertouch (Mastertouch Piano Roll Co., Australia)
    Matacea ("Matacea's Rolls, New York")
  MEL Mel-O-Dee (Aeolian)
    Mel-O-Art (Mel-O-Art, div. of Braiterman Fedder Co., Baltimore MD)
  MEL* MelODee (recuts by Givens-Gourley, Wexford, Pa.)
    MelODee (Mel-O-Dee Music Co., Inc., Chicago & New York)
MGC MLG Melographic (Melographic Roll Co., Buffalo, New York)
  MELO Meloto (The Universal Music Co., Ltd., Hayes, Middx, England)
    Melotone (International)
  MA Metro-Art (Aeolian)
    Metropolitan (Connorized)
  MET Metrostyle (Aeolian)
  MT Metrostyle Themodist (Aeolian)
  M&F* Mike & Fred Schwimmer, Lake Bluff, Illinois (recuts)
    Monarch (see Broadway)
    Mono-Roll (Rose Valley Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  MUS Music Note
  NA National
  Odeola Odeola (France), rolls made by l'EMP
  OF* Oleoacres Farms (Geo. Fawkes, Ohio)
    Onyx [Equador]
  Opéra Opéra-Paris, predecessor of l'EMP
    Oriental (Madrid, Spain)
    Original (??, Cleveland, Ohio)
    Orpheum (Columbia)
PAR PAR Paramount
    Peerless Electric (Otto Higel)
    Pennant (International Player Roll Co., Brooklyn, New York)
    Perfect (Union Player Music Co., Jamestown, New York)
PEP P-E-P PEP (U.S. Music)
PE PER Perfection (Standard Music Roll Company)
PMR   Perforated Music Roll Co. (Standard Music Roll Company)
    Pianauto (Fabrica Pianauto, Rio de Janeiro)
PR LM* PianoRecord (Lyle Martin, Pasadena CA - recuts)
PS PS Pianostyle (Pianostyle, Brooklyn, New York)
    Picturoll (FilmMusic Co., Los Angeles)
  PLY* Play-Rite (Play-Rite Music Rolls, Inc., Turlock, California)
PLY PLY Play-Rite (Play-Rite Music Rolls, Inc. - 1970s artists)
PLA PLA Playrite (Staffnote Player Roll Co., Milwaukee)
POP POP P.O.P. (FilmMusic Co., Los Angeles)
    QRS Australia, 1925; acquired 1929 by Mastertouch, Australia
RMR   RagMaster (John Sirrett, England)
RE   Recordo (Imperial)
    Red Seal (Columbia/Capitol)
    Red Star (QRS)
    Regent (Artistyle Music Roll Co.)
REL RELIANCE Reliance (Reliance Music Roll Co., New Zealand)
    Republic Player Roll Co.
  RS* Rock Soup (Bob & Ginny Billings)
    Reproduco (Operators Piano Co., Chicago)
REP REP Republic - Acme
REP REP Republic (Republic Player Roll Corp., New York City)
    Rialto (Imperial)
RLA   Rolla Artis (Wurlitzer)
    Rolla Artis (Leipzig? see
RMX RMEX Rollo Mexico (J. Coria, Mexico City, Mexico)
Rollos Mexico & Señor Lodoza 
RNA   Rollos Nacionales, Mexico
  Rossi E. Rossi Music Rolls
RVIC VICTORIA Rollos Victoria (Jose Oliver y Co., Madrid, Spain)
RV   Rose Valley (Rose Valley)
  ROY Royal (Royal Music Roll Co., Buffalo, New York)
    Rythmodic (QRS)
RYT RYTH Rythmodik (American Piano Co., New York; 5-chars, see Ampico)
RY RY Rythmodik (Rythmodik Music Corp., Belleville, New Jersey) (7-char product numbers)
    Serenata (Charles Williams Stores, New York City)
SX   Simplex (Standard Music Roll Company)
    Simplex (Supreme Music Co., Newark, New Jersey)
    Sing-A (Standard Music Roll Company)
    Solo Artist (Otto Higel Co., Toronto, Canada)
    Staffnote (Billings Player Roll Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
    Staffnote (Staffnote Player Roll Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
STF   Staffnote (Aeolian/Universal)
SPP   Standard Piano Player Co.  (Standard Piano Player Co.)
STD STD Standard (Standard Music Roll Company)
    Standard Pneumatic Action Co.
STK   Starck (Imperial)
    Starck (Columbia/Capitol)
STR   Starr (Starr Piano Co., Richmond, Indiana)
    Sterling (Columbia/Capitol)
    Superba (Altoona Music Roll Co., Altoona, Pennsylvania)
    Superior (Superior Music Roll Co., New York City)
    Superior (Republic)
SUP SUP Supertone (mfd. by Columbia/Capitol)
  SUPU Supertone (mfd. US Music)(see also Columbia/Capitol)
  SUPD Supertone Deluxe (red bakelite flanges) (Columbia/Capitol)
  SUPR Supreme (Supreme Music Co., Newark, New Jersey)
    Surma (New York? Ukrainian)
SYM   Symphony (Wilcox & White)
SYN   Syncronized (Columbia/Capitol)
    Themodist Metrostyle (see Aeolian et al; a format, not a label)
    Tel-Electric or Telectric 65-note (Tel-Electric Co., Pittsfield, Mass.)
    Telektra 88-note (Tel-Electric Co., Pittsfield, Mass.)
    Temporol (Kohler & Chase)
    Trionfo (New York?)
    Triumph (British Aeolian)
UNI   Uni-Record (Aeolian)
UNS   Unisolo (Republic)
US US U.S., United StateS Music (United States Music Co., Chicago)
UN UN Universal (see Aeolian/Universal)
    Universal (Universal Music Co., 29 W. 42nd St., New York)
RVIC   Victoria (Rollos Victoria - Jose Oliver y Co., Madrid, Spain)
    Victory (Altoona Music Roll Co., Altoona, Pennsylvania)
    Virtuolo (Aeolian)
    Virtuoso (M. V. Cardilli)
VS VS Vocalstyle (Vocalstyle Music Co., Cincinnati, Ohio)
VR   Voco-Roll
    VocoWord (Standard Music Roll Company)
    Voltem (Wilcox & White Co., Mediden, Connecticut)
    Welte Licensee (DeLuxe Reproducing Roll Corp., 653 West 51st, N.Y)
  WEL Welte (not DeLuxe)
WN   Winner
WUR WUR WurliTzer (Wurlitzer)
Last updated 11 January 2004

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