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Digest NrSubject
2019.01.31.03 Unknown Organ Tune Arranged By Steven Reed
2018.10.11.01 Cost of Small Street Organs
2018.06.26.04 Tuning a Faventia Barrel Piano
2018.06.22.02 Hold-down Straps for 20-note Hofbauer Organ
2018.03.19.02 FS: 1989 20/31 Raffin Organ in British Columbia
2017.11.02.01 Andy Park's Essay "The Shock Absorber"
2017.10.28.03 Ragtime Arrangements For 31-note Street Organs
2017.09.20.03 Ariston Restoration
2017.07.03.02 Unknown Tune On Faventia 32-note Barrel Piano
2017.05.20.01 Hurdy Gurdy Toy by Edward Fedoryszyn
2017.02.09.03 Source of Tanzbär 28-note Music Rolls
2017.02.02.02 Biphone Registers on Dutch Street Organ
2016.09.22.02 Amusing Mechanical Music
2016.03.04.01 Mechanical Music Youth Scholarship
2015.12.19.01 Season Greetings & Raffin Promo
2015.11.19.01 Patrick Mathis, Noteur
2015.09.12.02 Monetized YouTube Videos & YouTube Filtering
2014.10.07.03 Seek Instrument Technician in Colorado
2014.08.25.03 Record for Hand-cranking an Instrument
2014.07.30.06 Building a Crank-organ Cart
2014.07.09.01 European Organ Festival Videos on YouTube
2014.06.09.04 Compositions by Carl Frei
2014.03.22.01 Unknown Small Crank Organ in Koblenz, Germany
2013.11.24.01 Viola Organista Instrument by Leonardo da Vinci
2013.09.15.01 Rolls for Raffin 20-note Crank-organ
2013.08.27.05 Street Organ Recording of "La Gazza Ladra"
2013.07.07.01 Music Rolls About Flying Machines
2013.06.27.02 92-Key Fair Organ Restoration in British Columbia
2013.03.09.02 Recent North Tonawanda Band Organ Auction
2013.02.06.02 Band Organ For Hire
2013.01.21.04 89-key Gavioli Fair Organ in British Columbia
2013.01.11.01 89-key Gavioli Fair Organ in British Columbia
2013.01.04.10 FS: Music Roll Perforator in British Columbia
2012.12.24.01 Season's Greetings
2012.12.23.02 Crank-organ Plays With André Rieu Orchestra
2012.05.25.03 Star Wars Lego Barrel Organ
2012.05.23.01 Josef Raffin Celebrates 80th Birthday
2011.07.16.08 Band Organs in a Parade
2011.07.16.03 To Listen, or Talk?
2011.05.24.01 Seek Organ Grinder in Montreal Area
2010.12.28.03 Restore North America's Carousel Organs
2010.12.28.02 Season Greetings & New 20er Roll Arrangements
2010.11.15.05 Cable Ties Around Music Rolls
2010.09.24.02 YouTube & Mechanical Music for the Youth
2010.05.13.01 Organ Rally 12 June 2010 in Richland, Washington
2010.01.18.01 Stalacpipe Percussive Barrel Organ in Luray Caverns
2009.12.22.03 FS: New 20er Keyless Music Rolls
2009.11.08.02 Organ Census
2009.09.15.02 New Web Page of 20er Keyless Music Rolls
2009.08.16.01 Custom Arranged 20er Keyless Music Rolls
2009.05.16.01 Manivelle Reed Organ Plays Punched Book Music
2008.08.10.01 Music and the Younger Generation
2008.07.31.01 Fair Organs Should Play More Modern Music
2008.07.10.01 Organ Rally in Washington, 15-17 August 2008
2008.06.08.03 German Busker Organ Kits
2008.06.07.01 Harmonipan: Brand Name or Generic?
2008.05.02.01 Portable Amplifier for Music Box Demonstrations
2007.10.06.04 Music and the Younger Generation
2007.09.30.01 2007 AMICA Convention On YouTube
2007.09.23.02 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2006.09.30.03 Help Get Band Organ Repair Funds
2006.09.28.01 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2006.07.09.03 Rubber Bands Around Music Rolls
2006.07.01.02 Low Cost Piano Moving
2006.05.31.09 "Plastic Paper" for Music Rolls
2006.05.01.01 The Organ Grinder
2006.04.12.09 Mech. Music Terms: Keyframe Pressure Device
2006.03.18.07 "Keys" in a Street or Fair Organ
2006.02.18.02 "Snappy, the Little Crocodile" for 20er Organ
2006.01.03.01 Mechanical Music for Teenagers - Video Game Themes
2005.12.21.11 Sealing Organ Pipe Foot at Windchest
2005.12.04.05 Modern Music Played on Antique Machines
2005.02.25.11 Securing a Push-Up Piano Player
2004.08.24.06 Unknown Fair Organs & Tunes on Old Recordings
2004.07.05.01 Music Rolls for Goeckel Crank Organ
2004.07.04.03 Drehorgelbau Goeckel of Malsch
2004.05.11.03 "Aristoflute" Ariston Flute Music Box
2004.04.11.05 Repairing Book Music
2004.04.04.01 Seek Mr. Christmas Musical Boxes in Europe
2004.02.20.03 Mascagni & the Barrel Organ
2004.01.26.04 Types of Self-Playing Organs
2004.01.25.04 Types of Self-Playing Organs
2004.01.24.01 The Pleasure of Restoring Antiques
2003.12.18.02 Indoor Instruments Performing Outdoors
2003.12.17.03 Orchestrion Is An Indoor Instrument
2003.12.15.02 Organ Grinder vs. Monkey Tamer
2003.12.13.01 Organ Grinder in New Jersey
2003.10.14.05 Percussion Striker Systems in European Organs
2003.10.08.04 "Lustspiel Ouvertuere" by Keler Bela
2003.10.06.02 "Ragtime Snoopy" Animated Cartoon At Web Site
2003.09.08.05 Mozart "Marcia a la turka" MIDI for 20er Organ
2003.09.05.05 Are Mechanical Music Instruments "Robots"?
2003.08.31.02 Hoffbauer Harmonipan at "Zum Werkelmann", Vienna
2003.08.28.02 Oliver Maar - Noteur and Werkelmann of Vienna
2003.08.27.04 FS: New Music Rolls for 20-note Crank-organ
2003.08.18.03 Names of Dutch Street Organs
2003.06.22.08 Seek Voltage Converter 115V Input 230V Output
2003.06.11.09 Mechanical Music Instruments Can Perform Parody
2003.06.05.04 Band Organ Music in the 2nd Millennium
2003.05.19.05 Price Comparison To Punch 20er Organ Rolls
2003.05.15.08 Junk E-mail Problem
2003.05.15.05 Roenisch Company Address
2003.04.30.16 Longevity of Music Media
2003.04.20.13 Using Cakewalk to Adapt Music for Street Organ
2003.04.19.08 Adapting MIDI Files for Street Organ
2003.04.19.03 Upcoming Events on West Coast U.S.A.
2003.04.18.05 Using Cakewalk to Adapt Music for Street Organ
2003.03.31.06 German Musical Scale "B" & "H"
2003.03.26.02 Barrel Organ Restorer Guenther Holzhey
2003.01.14.02 20er Crank Organ Music Competition
2003.01.02.05 Ariston Discs Play Backwards
2002.11.21.06 20er Arrangement of "Solace"
2002.11.01.10 Check Your E-Mail Daily
2002.10.22.03 Transporting a Vorsetzer to Public Performances
2002.09.28.12 Turbine Blowers vs. Bellows Pumps
2002.09.26.16 Organ Pipes of Plastic
2002.09.25.01 TV Show "Howard Goodall's Organ Works"
2002.07.17.02 Mekaanisen Musiikin Museo in Varkaus, Finland
2002.07.09.07 Building a Pneumatic Roll Reader
2002.07.09.02 Mechanical Music in Finland
2002.06.18.07 Old Radio Shows
2002.06.06.02 Ocean Shores Review?
2002.03.24.03 Mechanical Music and The Next Generation
2002.03.21.06 The Organ Grinder's Instrument
2002.03.06.02 MIDI Files of Band Organ Music
2002.03.01.14 WAV File Player With Clock Speed Control
2002.02.19.11 Rolmonica Repair and Rolls
2002.02.18.01 Rolmonica Repair and Seek Rolls
2002.02.03.02 Dutch Street Organs Play At Royal Wedding Party
2002.01.29.04 Furthest Traveled Mechanical Music Item
2002.01.06.04 My New Web Page
2002.01.02.08 Seek MIDI-Controlled Music Punch Machine
2001.11.29.12 Book Music Reader Problems
2001.11.27.01 Dutch Street Organs by Carl Frei
2001.11.01.04 Ariston Listing Project
2001.11.01.03 Ariston Organette in Spain
2001.10.31.06 Repair of Ariston Organette
2001.09.25.07 Fair Organ Restoration Ethics
2001.09.01.02 Same Melody Used For Different Songs
2001.07.31.02 Self-Punched Organ Rolls
2001.07.18.05 Self-Punched Organ Rolls
2001.07.05.02 Red Cloth Dust Screen in Organs
2001.07.02.01 Barrel Piano by Vuarin Le Guy
2001.05.15.09 Tempo of Scott Joplin Rags
2001.03.09.02 Napster
2001.02.13.10 Charging Fees for MMD
2001.01.26.04 20-Note Organ by Axel Stueber, Berlin
2001.01.26.02 Music Media Prices
2001.01.25.01 20-Note Organ by Axel Stueber, Berlin
2000.12.13.03 Bohemian & Mexican Barrel Organs at eBay Auction
2000.11.12.14 FS: 24-key Ariston Organette
2000.10.24.05 Music Arranging and the Computer
2000.09.30.01 Choosing an Organ Scale
2000.08.07.04 Telephone via Internet
2000.08.01.05 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2000.07.17.02 Herophon 24-Note Organette Scale
2000.07.15.11 FS: 24-key Ariston Organette
2000.07.12.08 Musical Instrument Humor
2000.05.10.01 Mechanical Music Museums in Wien
2000.04.18.05 Organ Pipes Stolen from Pasadena Theater
2000.01.21.03 New Organs in Germany & German-Speaking Countries
2000.01.14.02 Recordings of Hand-cranked Street Organs
1999.12.23.03 Computerized Book Music Punching Machine
1999.09.06.03 Organ Rental Fees
1999.08.28.02 Organ Rental Fees
1999.07.07.04 Cranking "De Poppenspaeler" in Luebeck
1999.05.30.06 Anton Pieck Prints
1999.05.21.02 Mechanical Music Festival in Mirecourt France
1999.05.20.02 Mechanical Music Festival in Mirecourt France
1999.05.17.05 Amiga Computers for MIDI Sequencing
1999.05.06.03 Small Monkey Organs by John Smith
1999.02.24.01 Ariston Pressure Bar
1999.02.21.04 What's a Pierement?
1999.02.19.07 Mechanical Music Terms -- Organs
1999.02.09.03 Organ Photo Database
1999.01.31.03 Carl Frei 90-key "De Hagenaar" Dutch Street Organ
1999.01.18.04 Restoration of Ariston Organ
1998.12.26.04 Seasons Greetings to MMD
1998.12.17.10 Arranging and Making Book Music
1998.10.05.11 Hand-Cranked Organs - Practical Considerations
1998.10.05.06 Shellac and Cardboard Music
1998.09.20.07 Crank Organs in 1998
1998.09.18.13 Music Box with German Inscription
1998.09.15.08 Hand-cranked Organs - Pros and Cons
1998.09.15.06 Flood Waters
1998.09.15.05 E-Mail via Handy Phone
1998.09.14.09 Seek Hand-cranked Organ
1998.09.13.06 Song Titles of G. Perlee 22-Key Organ Books
1998.09.11.02 Ingmar's Joke
1998.09.10.02 MEMUSI '98 in Vienna
1998.09.08.04 Performing in Public
1998.09.07.04 MEMUSI '98 in Vienna
1998.08.05.12 MIDI-Controller for Organ Keyframe
1998.07.21.01 Les Gets Festival
1998.07.20.05 "Het Zwaantje"
1998.06.28.03 Street Organ Power
1998.06.26.12 Pronunciation of "Hooghuys"
1998.06.26.06 Battery & Solar Power for Fair Organ
1998.06.25.06 Pipe Gamma and Organ Scales
1998.06.23.02 Pipe Gamma and Organ Scales
1998.06.14.05 Electronic Fairground Organ
1998.04.20.01 Ariston Organette Disks
1998.03.17.17 Ariston Organette
1998.01.06.14 Value of Faventia Street Barrel Piano
1998.01.03.10 Faventia Miniature Barrel Piano
1997.11.12.09 Automatic "Wheel Fiddle" Hurdy-gurdy
1997.09.01.06 20-Note and 26-Note Organ Roll Scale
1997.08.23.11 Josef Raffin German Built Reed Organ
1997.08.12.01 Restorer of Organ Figures
1997.08.06.02 Ariston Organette Discs
1997.08.04.02 Ariston Organette Discs
1997.08.01.07 Ariston Organette Discs
1997.08.01.06 Ariston Organette Discs
1997.07.20.06 Teleconferencing: MMD Chat Room
1997.07.18.01 Ariston Organette Discs
1997.07.10.08 Cabaret Songs
1997.07.08.10 More Beer Songs
1997.06.13.01 Visiting Vienna
1997.06.03.08 Miniature Barrel Pianos
1997.05.01.08 Street Organ Pipes
1997.04.18.02 Max Geweke
1997.03.27.05 Repairing Deleika 20-key Organ
1997.03.25.12 Repairing Deleika 20-key Organ
1997.02.19.04 Music Arranged for Mechanical Instruments
1996.12.19.02 Support for Mechanical Music
1996.11.10.03 Re: Street Organs and Draaiorgels
1996.11.06.15 Re: Modern Street Organs (96.11.06)
1996.11.01.06 Re: 20-Key Organ Roll

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