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Digest NrSubject
2018.12.22.01 "The Sixth Day of Creation"
2015.12.23.05 "The Sixth Day of Creation"
2014.06.11.03 Compositions by Carl Frei
2013.01.19.03 Book Music Punch & Die Specification
2012.12.23.07 "The Sixth Day of Creation"
2011.08.23.02 Cleaning & Preserving Musical Box Discs
2009.12.27.02 Carl Frei as Composer
2009.12.23.01 "The Sixth Day of Creation"
2009.12.09.02 Translation of Article on Gustav Bruder
2009.11.02.09 Dimensions of 72-key Carl Frei Book Music
2009.03.30.02 Early Audio Recordings of Street Organs
2008.07.28.06 Lubricant For Barrel Organ Gear
2008.06.29.03 Wood for Polyphon Mouldings
2008.04.22.01 Nationaal Museum Acquires Perlee Collection
2008.03.30.01 Passing of Mrs. Mathilde Decap-Daelemans
2008.03.14.03 Tunes in Film "Operation Amsterdam"
2007.12.10.01 Black Forest Flute Clock in English Case
2007.10.06.01 Payments to Dutch KDV Made Easier
2007.07.20.02 Seek Book "Treasures of Mechanical Music"
2007.07.04.02 Franz Oehrlein Lives!
2007.07.01.02 Who Invented the Player Piano?
2007.06.08.02 Woodworm Infestation and Treatment
2007.03.24.04 Hot Hide Glue
2007.01.01.01 Happy New Year 2007!
2006.12.23.08 "The Sixth Day of Creation"
2006.12.06.10 Cutting Oval Opening for Spoolbox Doors
2006.10.18.02 Transcribing Organ Barrel to Music Manuscript
2006.06.12.01 Gavioli Products Built at 3 Rue de Citeaux, Paris
2006.06.07.01 Gebr. Bruder Organ Stolen in the Netherlands
2006.05.27.02 Hollandse Nieuwe
2006.05.24.10 Cushion Pouches of Peritoneum
2006.05.17.02 Gavioli "Guitharmonie" Barrel Reed Organ
2006.04.11.11 Mech. Music Terms: Keyframe Pressure Device
2006.04.11.04 Imhof & Mukle Orchestrion at Blackpool Tower
2006.02.04.01 Counter-Melody & the Wurlitzer Trumpet Division
2005.09.15.03 Identifying a 22-key Barrel Organ
2005.08.23.07 Supplies for Small Organ Building
2005.08.15.01 Burglary at Ghysels Museum in Brussels Solved
2005.07.19.02 Gavioli & rue d'aligre 14, Paris
2005.03.25.02 Alcohol Solvents
2005.01.29.01 Gavioli "Guitharmonie" Barrel Reed Organ
2005.01.19.03 Old Coins Found in Automatic Instruments
2005.01.06.01 Visiting Nationaal Museum in Utrecht
2004.10.04.01 Origin of Crank-organ Pressure Box
2004.09.26.01 Gavioli Street Organs
2004.08.24.11 Unknown Fair Organs & Tunes on Old Recordings
2004.08.10.04 Mystery Fair Organ Plays Wurlitzer 165 Music Rolls
2004.06.11.02 Passing of Richard Vance
2004.05.10.02 Theft at Ghysels Museum in Brussels
2004.01.02.02 Buy the Book
2003.12.23.01 "The Sixth Day of Creation"
2003.12.21.02 "Het Snotneusje" & Incident of May 7th, 1945
2003.11.17.07 Steel for Metallophone Bar Bells
2003.10.26.01 Gavioli 44-key "Gavioliflute" Organ No. 2049
2003.09.04.02 Passing of Romke de Waard
2003.08.16.04 "De Sik" & "De Eekhoorn"
2003.08.13.02 "Das Eichhoernchen" is "Het Eekhoorntje"
2003.07.29.07 Great Dorset Steam Fair
2003.05.20.04 Conversion of Original Instruments
2003.04.19.11 Using Cakewalk to Adapt Music for Street Organ
2003.03.01.01 Passing of UK Collector George Cushing
2003.02.13.09 Mortier Vibraton Pipes
2003.01.26.02 Passing of Composer Ralph Arnie 1924-2003
2003.01.23.04 International Payments to KDV Via Bank Transfer
2003.01.15.01 Fire at Street Organ Warehouse in Rotterdam
2002.10.15.02 Charles Anciaume of Grammont & Paris
2002.09.24.07 Organ Pipes of MDF Board
2002.08.03.01 2002 Mechanical Music Festival in Les Gets
2002.06.18.02 Waldkirch Organ Festival 2002
2002.03.30.04 Tuning Decap Jazz Flute Rank
2002.03.23.02 Museum "Het Kunkelsorgel" Should Stay in Haarlem
2002.03.19.01 Pianovo Barrel Piano Resembles Pianotist
2002.02.03.01 Dutch Street Organs Play At Royal Wedding Party
2002.02.02.01 Dutch Street Organs Play At Royal Wedding Party
2001.12.24.01 Merry Christmas from KDV
2001.11.21.01 "De Carillon" Bursens Street Organ
2001.11.20.02 "De Arabier" ("The Arab") Dutch Street Organ
2001.06.28.05 Gluing Leather Valve Facing
2001.06.24.05 Book "Drehorgeln" by Zeraschi
2001.05.07.01 Fair Organ in Hasbro "Roller Coaster Tycoon"
2001.04.23.01 Fair Organ in Hasbro "Roller Coaster Tycoon"
2001.04.02.01 Dutch Organ Grinder's Cap: Orgeldraaierspet
2001.02.22.02 Werckmeister Tuning for Wilhelm Bruder Organ
2001.02.21.01 Dutch Street Organs in "Red Light Amsterdam"
2001.02.18.01 Dutch Street Organ in 1941 Movie
2001.01.05.04 New Web Site of Kring van Draaiorgelvrienden (KDV)
2000.12.19.03 "The Sixth Day of Creation"
2000.10.24.02 Mermod Freres Music Box
2000.08.23.01 Ruth Organ at Myrtle Beach Pavilion FL
2000.07.27.03 "De Negentiger" Dutch Street Organ by Carl Frei
2000.07.25.05 Unknown Ragtime Tune Played On Style 38 Ruth Organ
2000.07.04.04 "De Stolwijker" Dutch Street Organ
2000.06.27.01 "Barrel Organ of the Kalverstraat"
2000.04.15.01 European Export Restrictions
2000.03.30.01 Organ Rally at "Amsterdam, Capital of Inspiration"
2000.03.29.08 Composer Werner R. Heymann
2000.03.29.02 "Het Snotneusje" 55 Years Later
2000.03.21.05 What is a Recording? What is a Record?
2000.03.13.05 "Voelkerbund-Marsch" & "Mars van de Vredesbond"
2000.03.06.05 Build a Simple Organ Pipe
2000.02.28.16 Ondes Marthenot (Martenot)
2000.02.11.08 Rippen Piano Co. of Ede, Netherlands
2000.02.02.06 Baer, Bier, Bahre, Beer
2000.01.29.01 Street Organs in Belgium and The Netherlands
2000.01.27.01 The Fourneaux Pianista
2000.01.18.04 Material for Wind Instruments
2000.01.11.15 Mitering Organ Pipes
2000.01.09.01 Mignon 32-note Reed Organette
2000.01.01.03 Millennium Celebrated in the Netherlands
1999.12.24.09 Toast the Millennium Around the World
1999.12.22.05 Computerized Book Music Punching Machine
1999.12.19.03 Siren Frequency Counter Measures Pipe Frequency
1999.12.19.01 "Het Pierement" KDV Magazine Articles in English
1999.11.14.12 Additives in Cold Liquid Hide Glue
1999.10.04.01 "Het Snotneusje", Bravest Organ of the Netherlands
1999.09.29.03 Ruth Style 38 Organ Bought by Dutch Showman
1999.09.17.01 MMD Publication Delay
1999.08.27.03 Jazz and Swing in Nazi Germany
1999.08.16.06 New URL for KDV Web Site
1999.08.05.07 Gavioli Residential Pipe Organ
1999.06.15.03 De Dulciaan Speelt
1999.05.22.03 Unusual 1950s 45-RPM Record Player
1999.04.12.07 White Bros. 112-keyless Gavioli at KDV Festival
1999.04.09.01 112-keyless Gavioli at KDV Festival 5-6 June 1999
1999.04.06.07 Pickup Cartridge for 78 RPM Records
1999.02.20.06 What's a Pierement ?
1999.02.07.01 Dance Halls With Organs In Netherlands and Flanders
1999.02.04.02 Secrets of the Organ Tone
1999.02.01.04 Amelotti Barrel Orchestrion
1999.02.01.03 "De Hagenaar" Dutch Street Organ
1999.01.30.05 Randall Williams' 110-key Gavioli Showman Organ
1999.01.06.09 Spool Frame Alignment Tool
1998.12.29.01 Chinese-Made Music Box Plays Cardboard Roll
1998.12.17.11 Arranging and Making Book Music
1998.12.01.03 Baker & Troll Music Box
1998.11.15.02 Mechanical Music Museums in Germany
1998.11.02.09 Reiterating Snare Beaters on Ruth Style 39 Organ
1998.10.20.04 Seek Dutch Street Organ in Atlanta GA
1998.10.19.01 Visit Europe in 1999
1998.10.07.04 Unda Maris and Vox Celeste Registers
1998.09.22.02 Shellac and Cardboard Music
1998.09.14.10 Song Titles of G. Perlee 22-Key Organ Books
1998.09.12.04 Song Titles of G. Perlee 22-Key Organ Books
1998.08.20.08 Diedrich Winkel - Metronome Inventor
1998.08.15.10 "Wellington's Victory" - Metronome by Maelzel(?)
1998.07.13.06 Visiting Stuttgart
1998.07.05.02 Valse des Ombres; was: 'Shadow Waltz' Recording
1998.07.01.06 'Shadow Waltz' Recording
1998.06.29.12 Street Organ Power in Holland
1998.06.24.12 Limonaire and Other 48-key Gamma's
1998.06.24.08 "Doorloop"
1998.06.14.02 Decap Postal Address
1998.06.04.06 Unidentified Holes in Pinned Barrel
1998.06.02.03 Unidentified Holes in Pinned Barrel
1998.05.26.02 52er Gasparini Bass Pipes
1998.05.17.07 New Organ Collection in the Netherlands
1998.04.22.04 'Puppet On A Chain' and Pierement "de Klok 1"
1998.04.12.11 Transposed Organ Tuning on European Fair Organs
1998.04.10.01 Vrolijk Pasen and Happy Easter!
1998.04.01.06 Collective Index of Mech. Music Publications
1998.03.26.06 Side-Strike Tone of Vibrating Bar
1998.03.25.07 Glockenspiel & Metallophone & Xylophone
1998.03.13.14 Ruth Band Organs in the U.S.
1998.03.02.03 Ruth Organ at Spokane Carousel
1998.02.23.05 El Nino in Europe?
1998.02.12.05 A. Ruth & Sohn Organs
1998.02.07.06 Automatic Page Turner for Pianos
1998.02.04.15 Decap Wind Pressure
1998.02.04.11 Benjamin Franklin's Water Organ
1998.01.31.07 AIDA, International Display of Art
1998.01.30.11 Pronunciation of 'Draaiorgel'
1998.01.30.09 CDs of Dutch Street Organs
1998.01.27.10 Dutch Street Organ "de Duif"
1998.01.25.09 Overlapping Divisions in MIDI Organ Files
1998.01.24.10 Celeste Voice on Band Organ
1998.01.17.02 Two Statues by Gavioli Stolen
1998.01.16.06 Yesterdays Digest Didn't Arrive
1998.01.15.04 Bruder "Bear-leader's Organ"
1998.01.11.03 Ignaz Blasius Bruder Organs
1998.01.09.13 Sound Fonts
1998.01.08.05 Virtual German-style Fair Organ
1998.01.04.16 Seek Transfer Decals for Mignon Organette
1997.12.30.05 URL of KDV Web Site
1997.12.28.07 Specific Voicing for Band Organ Pipes
1997.12.28.03 Collection in Limoges, France
1997.12.28.01 KDV Web Site is Inaugurated
1997.12.23.04 Address for Mr. Tom Meijer
1997.12.22.16 Mould in Glue Pot
1997.12.22.03 Possibly Gasparini Organ at Tilden Park
1996.04.28.08 Letter from General Secretary of the KDV

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