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Digest NrSubject
2019.05.20.02 New Book About the Baud Museum in Switzerland
2019.05.14.01 MBSGB Annual Meeting & Auction Saturday 1st June
2019.05.05.02 National Vintage Communications Fair, Warwickshire
2019.05.01.01 Keith Harding's Mechanical Music Museum Closes
2019.03.28.01 Seek Drapers 14-note Organette & Melyphon Photos
2019.03.12.04 FS: Musical Estate Collection in England
2019.03.07.01 MBSGB Day at St. Albans Organ Theatre
2019.01.20.04 FS: Serrated Edge Christmas Tree Stand Discs
2019.01.14.05 FS: Aeolian Orchestrelle Player Organs In UK
2018.12.21.02 Seek Titles Content List For Utrecht Recording
2018.11.12.02 Seek Original Copy of "The Organette Book"
2018.10.17.01 Empire Organette Tune List
2018.10.05.01 Baskanion Music Box Discs
2018.09.29.01 Baskanion Musical Box Discs
2018.09.20.02 Organ Fest at Milton Keynes Museum 6-7 October
2018.09.20.01 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Diss, Norfolk, 7 Oct.
2018.09.18.04 New Publications by MBSGB
2018.08.09.05 FS: Cardboard Roll Cores & Organette Parts
2018.06.28.02 FS: Salon Model Case For a 24-note Ariston
2018.06.15.06 Seek T-100 Red Welte Piano Rolls in UK
2018.06.10.02 Musical Box Society G.B. Membership Offer
2018.06.06.03 FS: Brass Reeds for 58-note Aeolian Orchestrelle
2018.05.28.07 FS: Early 65-note Piano Rolls
2018.05.15.01 Diss Organ Fest & Grange Musical Museum Open Day
2018.05.11.02 FS: 58-note Player Organ Rolls in UK
2018.05.05.01 National Vintage Communications Fair, Warwickshire
2018.04.12.03 FS: Kalliope 13-1/4" (34 cm) Discs, 3 Types
2018.03.22.05 FS: Musical Box Discs
2018.03.22.02 Seek Musical Box Discs
2018.02.26.01 MBSGB Day at St. Albans Organ Theatre
2018.02.06.08 FS: Daphne Ladell Collection in Surrey, England
2018.01.16.02 Searching For U.S.A. Patents
2018.01.05.01 Unknown Musical Box Discs
2017.10.13.01 Seek Welte Rolls
2017.10.06.02 FS: Daphne Ladell Collection in Surrey, England
2017.09.29.04 FS: Rolls Recut by Hollywood Player Roll Co.
2017.09.25.01 Organ Fest at Milton Keynes Museum 7-8 October
2017.09.12.01 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Cotton, Suffolk, 1 Oct
2017.07.29.01 Preserving Rare Musical Box Ephemera
2017.07.27.05 FS: Rye Treasury Museum Instruments
2017.05.18.01 MBSGB Annual Meeting & Auction Saturday 3rd June
2017.05.12.03 FS: Very Small Triumph Auto-Piano in UK
2017.04.22.10 FS: Stock Clearance: Music Rolls, Discs, Books
2017.04.22.01 National Vintage Communications Fair, Warwickshire
2017.02.20.01 Seek Automata Maker M. Cambus of France
2017.02.06.03 FS: Musical Media, Instruments & Books Clearance
2016.12.08.02 The Organette Book is Sold Out
2016.09.29.01 Organ Fest at Milton Keynes Museum 8-9 October
2016.09.21.03 Seek MIDI Duo-Art 73418 "Songs of the A.E.F."
2016.09.19.03 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Cotton, Suffolk, 2 Oct
2016.08.17.01 MBSGB at Brentford Musical Museum 24 September
2016.08.09.04 FS: Musical Media, Instruments & Stock Clearance
2016.05.18.01 MBSGB Annual Meeting & Auction Saturday 4th June
2016.04.29.01 National Vintage Communications Fair, Warwickshire
2016.04.11.06 FS: Red Welte and Other Unusual Piano Rolls
2016.02.18.01 List of Gloria 12-inch Music Discs
2016.02.08.06 FS: Music Box Discs, Organ & Piano Rolls, Books
2016.01.19.01 Regina Disc Compatibility Discovery
2015.12.14.01 Musical Boxes on BBC News Website
2015.11.09.08 Chopin "Nocturne in E-flat Major" Piano Roll
2015.10.08.02 Paper Music Strips for Sankyo 20-note Movement
2015.10.08.01 Seek Hold-down Bar Clip for 12-inch Gloria Disc Box
2015.09.30.02 Organ Fest at Milton Keynes Museum 10-11 October
2015.09.22.01 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Cotton, Suffolk, 4 Oct.
2015.08.18.05 FS: 15- and 20-note Music Card Strips
2015.08.04.01 List of Chordephon Discs
2015.07.27.03 Source of Piano Melodico Music Books
2015.05.07.01 Recutting Piano Rolls of World War One Tunes
2015.05.01.01 "The Disc Musical Box" Book Price Reduced
2015.04.30.01 National Vintage Communications Fair, Warwickshire
2015.04.08.04 Ivory Sale and Possession in New York State
2015.03.09.01 Polyphon 19.5 cm Discs Found
2015.02.27.01 Aeolian "Princess" 46-note Player Organ
2015.01.25.02 Tune Lists at MBSGB Web Page
2015.01.21.01 Seek Perfection 10-inch Disc Musical Box Photos
2015.01.09.06 Clearance Of CD's And Books - January Only
2014.11.26.01 Unknown Musical Box Clock Plays 4-7/8" Arion Disc
2014.11.25.01 Free Book Offer for New MBSGB Members
2014.11.14.03 Decap Robot Bands in the United Kingdom
2014.11.04.01 Seek Adler Fortuna 66.5 cm Discs to Copy
2014.10.16.02 Seek Organettes for Museum & Organette Book
2014.10.02.01 Organ Fest at Milton Keynes Museum 10-11 October
2014.09.21.01 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Cotton, Suffolk, 5 Oct.
2014.09.17.03 Seek 20-note Celestina Organette in UK
2014.09.02.03 List of Aeolian 58-note Rolls
2014.08.14.08 FS: Musical Box CD Audio Recordings
2014.07.23.01 Market For Mechanical Musical Instruments
2014.07.14.01 Market for Mechanical Music Instruments
2014.05.20.01 MBSGB Annual Meeting & Auction 7th June 2014
2014.05.01.01 National Vintage Communications Fair, Warwickshire
2014.04.25.01 Shipping Music Media World-Wide from UK
2014.03.27.12 FS: Book "The Disc Musical Box", Price Reduced
2014.01.11.06 FS: Organettes & Triola Zither
2014.01.01.01 Seek Mira 18" Discs
2013.11.08.02 Copying Adler Fortuna 26-inch or 65.5 cm Discs
2013.10.14.02 FS: "The Fairground Organ" by Eric Cockayne
2013.10.02.03 MBSGB Racca Piano Table Souvenir
2013.09.30.03 FS: MBSGB Racca Piano Table Souvenir
2013.09.25.03 Organ Fest at Milton Keynes Museum 12-13 October
2013.09.16.01 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Cotton, Suffolk, 6 Oct.
2013.08.01.05 FS: Recut Aeolian 46- and 58-note Rolls
2013.06.18.04 FS: 65- and 88-note Piano Rolls in UK
2013.05.21.01 Seek Nameplates Decals for Symphonion & Polyphon
2013.05.16.04 Rear Access Door in Stella Upright Musical Box
2013.05.15.01 MBSGB Annual Meeting & Auction 1st June 2013
2013.05.13.02 13-1/4" Kalliope Discs & "Made in Saxony"
2013.04.18.01 National Vintage Communications Fair, Warwickshire
2013.02.09.06 Mechanical Music Speaker For Hire
2013.01.16.01 Corin Museum Closure in the UK
2013.01.02.01 Passing of Arno van der Heijden
2012.12.19.01 Musical Box Society GB Membership Offer
2012.12.16.03 FS: Nickelodeon "O" Rolls and Spool Box in UK
2012.12.03.01 Value of Stella 9" Disc Musical Box
2012.10.28.03 MIDI Files of Harry Lauder Songs Wanted
2012.10.09.02 Rare Recordo Roll and Christmas Discs Available
2012.10.05.01 Organfest, Milton Keynes Museum, Oct. 13-14, 2012
2012.09.17.01 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Cotton, Suffolk, 7 Oct.
2012.08.02.03 FS: Polyphon Pediments and Disc Storage Bins
2012.05.30.01 MBSGB Annual Meeting & Auction 8th June
2012.05.25.11 FS: Remaining Copies of "The Organette Book"
2012.05.25.02 Seek Britannia Upright Disc Musical Box
2012.05.03.01 National Vintage Communications Fair, Warwickshire
2012.03.21.02 Rudesheim Fair and the Disc Musical Box Book
2012.02.17.02 Pediments for Britannia Upright Musical Box
2012.02.10.01 New Book "The Disc Musical Box" Available
2012.01.24.02 Blank Music Books for Manopan Organette
2012.01.15.01 Museums Closures in UK
2012.01.09.04 Selling Piano Rolls
2011.11.16.01 Musical Box Society GB Membership Offer
2011.11.14.03 Seek Music Bands for Kalliston Organette
2011.10.19.01 Starrett Organette Plays 12.75" Disc
2011.10.03.01 Organ Fest at Milton Keynes Museum 8-9 October
2011.09.29.02 My New E-mail Address
2011.09.19.01 Prices of MBSGB Books Reduced
2011.09.15.01 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Cotton, Suffolk, 2 Oct.
2011.08.24.02 New Discs for 15.5" Regina Musical Box
2011.07.18.04 A Mechanical Music Digest Forum
2011.06.28.01 MBSGB at Box Hill Village Fair, Surrey, 10 July
2011.05.26.01 MBSGB Annual Meeting & Auction 4th June 2011
2011.04.30.01 National Vintage Communications Fair, Warwickshire
2011.03.18.05 FS: Musical Boxes, Instruments & Rolls in UK
2011.03.03.03 FS: CD of David Salomons Welte Pipe Organ
2011.02.15.01 Join The Musical Box Society of Great Britain
2011.02.14.01 Join The Musical Box Society of Great Britain
2011.01.29.02 FS: Rare Kastonome Rolls
2011.01.28.01 Unknown Spool Box Plays 10.63" Music Roll
2011.01.11.02 My New Web Site
2010.11.30.03 FS: Christmas Tunes on Discs & Music Rolls
2010.11.12.02 FS: Standard 31-note Street Organ Music Rolls
2010.09.18.01 Organ Enthusiasts Day, Cotton, Suffolk, Oct. 3
2010.09.12.01 CDs of Ted Brown Mechanical Musical Instruments
2010.08.14.03 Seek Discs for Adler, Tannhauser & Troubadour
2010.08.11.13 FS: Musical Boxes, Media & Related Publications
2010.05.24.06 FS: Musical Box Discs, Many Sizes
2010.04.29.02 National Vintage Communications Fair, Warwickshire
2010.04.20.05 Wilcox & White 44-note vs. Aeolian 46-note Rolls
2010.03.08.02 Seek Nickelodeon Style "O" Rolls
2009.12.17.07 FS: McElhone "Organette Book" & "Mechanical Music"
2009.12.03.08 FS: Whitehead 31-key Fair Organ
2009.11.06.01 Musical Box Society G.B. Back Issues on DVD
2009.11.04.05 Seek Pressure Reed for Aeolian Orchestrelle
2009.11.01.06 FS: Player Piano Rolls With Italian Words
2009.10.05.01 Organ Fest at Milton Keynes Museum 11-12 October
2009.10.01.01 Seek Regina 15.5" Disc of "Bonnie Blue Flag"
2009.09.28.01 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Cotton, Suffolk, 4 Oct.
2009.07.30.03 Seek 58-note Aeolian 20799 "Eton Boating Song"
2009.07.07.05 FS: L'Universelle Interchangeable Cylinders
2009.06.19.12 FS: 58-note Aeolian Organ Rolls & Piano Rolls
2009.06.10.01 Seek Return Spring for Cob Roller Organ
2009.05.13.07 FS: Parts from Aeolian Orchestrelle Model V
2009.05.08.02 Mechanical Music Items at Warwickshire Fair
2009.05.06.03 Seek QRS Educator Roll Book
2009.05.05.01 My New Web Site URL
2009.04.18.01 Stolen Musical Boxes in UK 16 April 2009
2009.04.17.01 Stolen Musical Boxes
2009.01.22.02 Seek Adler Fortuna 12001 Series Discs
2009.01.09.01 Manopan 39-note Organette in Athens, Greece
2008.12.17.10 FS: Musical Box Discs, Cobs & Rolls
2008.12.13.01 Seek Discs for Troubadour 30 cm Disc Musical Box
2008.11.14.01 Seek Monopol Single-comb 25 cm Disc Musical Box
2008.10.02.02 Twinwood Airfield Organ Festival 11-12 Oct. 2008
2008.10.02.01 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Cotton, Suffolk, 5 Oct.
2008.08.04.03 FS: 65-note Piano Rolls in UK
2008.07.24.01 New Book "Street Musicians on Postcards"
2008.04.29.06 FS: Musical Box Discs
2008.03.11.07 Seek Barrels for Faventia Miniature Barrel Piano
2008.01.27.02 Seek Discs for Troubadour 29.5 cm Musical Box
2008.01.09.01 Regina 'Bell' Disc Musical Box With 12 Bells
2008.01.07.01 Troubadour 30 cm Disc Musical Box
2008.01.02.01 Pictures of Kinder Ariston Organette
2007.12.01.01 Musical Museum in Brentford, London
2007.11.18.11 FS: Mira Discs (Sale or Exchange)
2007.11.11.02 Seek Polyphon, Imperator & Orpheus Discs
2007.11.02.02 Renaissance Discs, UK
2007.10.28.01 Polyphon 19.5 cm Discs
2007.10.20.01 FS: Crown Devon Musical Novelties
2007.10.05.02 Manivelle Disc Musical Box Data Sought
2007.09.28.01 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Cotton, Suffolk, 7 Oct
2007.09.26.01 Musical Box Disc Numbering
2007.09.17.07 65-note Roll Boxes
2007.09.14.01 Organette Book Clearance Sale
2007.09.13.02 Polyphon Coin-slot Instruction Plate Wanted
2007.08.18.01 Seek Polyphon 40898 "Entry of the Gladiators"
2007.07.18.01 Symphonion Manivelle Disc Locking Nut
2007.07.16.01 Monopol Musical Box Discs
2007.07.07.01 Early Symphonions by Ellis Parr and Paul Lochmann
2007.06.26.03 FS: Mechanical Musical Instruments in England
2007.06.16.02 Sheet Music to MIDI Conversion
2007.05.25.02 Seek "A Perfect Day" on Regina 15-1/2" Disc
2007.05.25.01 Preserving Original Literature
2007.05.24.01 Musical Box Society G.B. Annual Meeting 2 June 2007
2007.05.22.04 FS: 65-note Piano Rolls & Boxes in UK
2007.05.16.01 Manivelle Disc Musical Boxes
2007.04.22.06 FS: Australian Piano Rolls
2007.04.14.01 Serial Numbers of Disc Musical Boxes
2007.03.26.03 Seek Reeds for Ariston Organette
2007.02.15.05 Seek Book "Flights of Fancy" by Bailly
2007.01.13.09 FS: New Aeolian 58-note Rolls
2007.01.10.01 Seek Photos of Unknown Musical Box Discs
2007.01.03.01 Seek Sankyo 20-Note Paper Strip Movements
2006.12.12.01 Seek Photos for Disc Musical Box Book
2006.12.07.11 FS: New & Second-hand Mechanical Music Books
2006.11.29.05 Piano Roll Storage
2006.11.18.06 FS: Musical Boxes & Musical Box Discs
2006.11.18.05 FS: Reprinted Musical Box Catalogues
2006.11.06.05 Seek Piano Roll of "Jerusalem" by Parry
2006.10.17.08 FS: Rare Polyphon Discs
2006.10.14.07 FS: Last Aeolian 46-note Rolls
2006.10.02.04 Cleaning Zinc Discs
2006.09.19.01 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Cotton, Suffolk, 1 Oct 2006
2006.09.13.01 Ehrlich's Musik Automat
2006.09.03.03 FS: Model "V" Orchestrelle Nearby London
2006.08.30.01 Seek Photos of Edelweiss Disc Musical Box
2006.07.27.09 FS: New Recut Aeolian 46-note Music Rolls & More
2006.07.03.12 FS: Re-Cut Rolls for Aeolian 46-note Organ & More
2006.06.24.05 Source of Pianola Exhauster Pedal Mats
2006.06.15.02 Seek Discs for 24-note Sonatina Organette
2006.05.17.03 Sirion 14-1/4" and 19-1/4" Discs
2006.05.14.01 Auction Fatigue
2006.05.09.05 FS: Orchestrions & Player Organs in UK
2006.05.02.06 FS: CD Imhof & Mukle Orchestrion at Kinloch Castle
2006.05.01.05 Recutting 31-note Mechanical Orguinette Rolls
2006.04.28.02 Sending Money from Europe to USA
2006.04.26.02 Recutting Aeolian 46-note Organ Rolls
2006.04.22.02 Seek 24-note Sonatina Discs
2006.04.22.01 Seek 31-note "Orchestral Cabinet Organ" Rolls
2006.04.21.04 FS: New Recut Aeolian 46-note Music Rolls
2006.04.04.06 Seek 31-note Mechanical Orguinette Rolls
2006.03.30.08 FS: Gavioli 55-note Book Music
2006.03.28.02 Seek 24-note Square Discs for Herophon Organette
2006.03.13.02 Seek Transcription of Aeolian 46-note Organ Rolls
2006.03.11.01 Seek Music Media for Libelle, Manopan, Herophon
2006.03.08.02 Seek Piano Melodico or Disc Musical Box in Europe
2006.02.21.01 Seek Music Discs for 14-note Diana Organette
2006.01.30.02 My New Email Address
2006.01.25.02 Hand Pumped Chime Whistle Doorbell
2006.01.17.05 Archival Media for Digital Data
2006.01.10.01 Unclaimed Symphonion Mechanism via Ted Brown
2006.01.09.07 FS: Musical Box Discs, Organ Rolls, More
2005.12.29.04 Seek Copying Service for Welte Orchestrion Rolls
2005.12.23.05 Mechanical Music Aboard Ships
2005.12.21.08 Mechanical Music Aboard Ships
2005.11.30.11 FS: Phoenix 24-Note Organette Music Discs
2005.11.28.02 Second-hand "Organette Book" Seen at eBay
2005.11.28.01 Seek 12-, 14- & 18-note Organette Music Discs
2005.11.19.01 Missing Titles, Polyphon 11" Discs
2005.11.07.02 Seek Amorette or Atlas Organettes
2005.11.06.01 AOL Email Problems
2005.11.01.02 Aeolian Orchestrelle Music on CD
2005.10.21.04 Donating a Personal Library to an Institution
2005.10.16.03 Sending Money to Musical Box Society G.B.
2005.10.11.01 Seek Barrels for Faventia Barrel Piano
2005.10.06.03 Q.R.S., Apollo & Melville Clark
2005.10.05.03 Seek Christmas Songs for 16-note Musette Organette
2005.10.03.06 FS: 20-note McCarthy Street Organ in Wales
2005.10.03.02 Seek USA Source of Blank Card for Book Music
2005.09.26.04 Internet Auction Fraud
2005.09.25.01 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Stowmarket, 2 Oct 2005
2005.09.04.01 "Orchestrien aus dem Schwarzwald" by Juettemann
2005.08.20.01 Seek Transcription of 46-note Aeolian Organ Rolls
2005.08.15.08 FS: Faventia Barrel Piano & Monopol Disc Musical Box
2005.08.05.02 Re-Cutting Aeolian 46-note Player Organ Rolls
2005.08.03.06 FS: Book "Restoring Musical Boxes" by Ord-Hume
2005.08.03.05 FS: Aeolian Model "V" & "W" Orchestrelles in UK
2005.08.02.04 Player Reed Organ Keys Don't Move
2005.07.19.06 Seek 24- & 39-note Music for Manopan Organette
2005.07.12.06 FS: Catalogs of Aeolian Organ Rolls on CD-ROM
2005.06.03.04 Dulciphone Organette Drive Wheel
2005.05.30.06 Identifying Aeolian Organ (Orchestrelle)
2005.05.30.04 Organette Roll Wanted For Copying
2005.05.09.09 FS: Magazine Back Issues
2005.04.18.06 Seek Producers of 58- & 65-note Piano Rolls
2005.04.11.11 FS: Musical Box Discs
2005.03.22.02 New Rolls for 25-note Triola Zither
2005.02.25.01 Seek 35.5 cm Discs for Monopol Musical Box
2005.02.20.01 Ghost Items at Internet Auctions
2005.02.06.01 List of Tunes for Capital Cuff Music Boxes
2005.01.31.01 UK Customs Charges on Instruments & Gifts
2005.01.26.06 Organette Problem
2005.01.23.09 FS: Wilcox & White Reed Organ-Piano Pushup
2004.12.28.03 Invitation to Join Musical Box Society of G.B.
2004.12.21.18 FS: Mechanical Music Instruments in UK
2004.12.15.01 Seek Photo of Harmonia Disc Musical Box
2004.12.06.01 Seek Picture of Harmonia Disc Musical Box
2004.11.12.01 Musical Box Society Of Great Britain
2004.11.10.01 Seek Dampers for 6-1/2" Polyphon
2004.10.09.05 FS: English Automatic Seraphone & Piano Rolls
2004.10.09.04 FS: Clockwork Barrel Pianos in Lewisham, UK
2004.10.05.01 English Automatic Seraphone Organette
2004.10.02.02 Storing Musical Box Discs
2004.09.28.01 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Cotton, Suffolk, 3 Oct 2004
2004.09.13.10 FS: New Book "Automatic Pianos and The Orchestrelle"
2004.08.13.01 Moving House
2004.07.09.03 Correspondence Courtesy
2004.06.28.02 Aeolian Reed Organ Book
2004.06.24.09 FS: Boxes for 88-note and 58-note Music Rolls
2004.06.08.05 FS: Lochmann 45 cm Musical Box Discs
2004.06.06.01 Text Books For Sale
2004.06.03.07 FS: Back Issues of Journal "Het Pierement"
2004.05.25.12 FS: Discs for 24-note Phoenix Organette
2004.05.24.07 Aeolian Organ Artist Alfred Hollins
2004.04.29.08 FS: Musical Boxes & Music Media
2004.04.25.01 Seek Tuning Scale of 18-note Amorette Organette
2004.04.07.11 Ironing Bellows Cloth
2004.03.25.01 Seek Polyphon Style "G" Discs
2004.03.07.04 Missing Aeolian 58-Note Roll Title Found
2004.03.01.13 Seek 58-Note Organ Rolls
2004.02.27.04 "The Way You Look Tonight" by Jerome Kern
2004.02.13.09 Missing Titles, Aeolian 46-note Organ Rolls
2004.02.12.01 Missing Titles, Triola 25-note Zither Rolls
2004.02.10.03 Missing Titles, Wilcox & White 58-note Organ Rolls
2004.02.01.03 Missing Titles, Kalliope Discs
2004.01.29.03 Missing Titles, Polyphon 15-1/2" Discs
2004.01.29.02 Missing Titles, Regina 15-1/2" Discs
2004.01.28.01 Missing Titles, Regina 15-1/2" Discs
2004.01.25.03 Types of Self-Playing Organs
2004.01.21.08 FS: Musical Box Discs: Polyphon, Kalliope, etc.
2004.01.21.01 Seek Polyphon Musical Box Discs
2004.01.18.01 Wilcox & White Combination Pushup Player Controls
2004.01.08.01 Turners Musical Merry-Go-Round Will Close
2003.12.30.01 Musical Box Cover for Sewing Machine
2003.12.21.06 FS: 18-Note Musical Box Movements
2003.12.11.02 Seek Manopan Roller Details
2003.12.06.13 FS: Organettes and Music Media in UK
2003.11.14.09 FS: "The Organette Book" & "The Tune Sheet Book"
2003.11.11.05 FS: New Laguna "Playtime" Piano Rolls
2003.10.10.04 Christmas Tunes on New Piano Rolls
2003.10.03.08 FS: Organ Blower in UK
2003.10.02.02 Organ Enthusiasts' Day, Cotton, Suffolk, 5 Oct 2003
2003.09.19.03 MBSGB Joining Fee Reduced to Zero
2003.09.16.01 Seek Polyphon Disc Musical Box With Bells
2003.09.15.04 Mechanical Music Tour in UK, September 2003
2003.09.14.01 Market Value & Cost of Restoration - Orchestrelle
2003.08.20.07 FS: Music Roll Boxes
2003.08.18.08 FS: New 18-note Cylinder Musical Box Movements
2003.08.18.05 Piano Purchasing Scams
2003.07.10.04 eBay Transactions
2003.07.08.06 Meaning of Initials B.A.B.
2003.07.07.15 FS: Mechanical Music Video "Sounds of the Past"
2003.07.02.11 FS: CD of Musical Boxes With Bells
2003.07.01.07 Player Organ with Bad Breath
2003.06.27.02 Record Price Paid for 20-Note Concert Roller Organ
2003.06.24.02 Record Price Paid for Concert Roller Organ
2003.06.15.04 CLPGS Phonofair 21 June 2003, Northampton UK
2003.06.12.03 Seek Music Strips for Kalliston Organette
2003.06.11.16 FS: "The Organette Book"
2003.05.29.01 Mechanical Music Gathering in UK 31 May & 1 June
2003.05.20.02 Missing Titles, Regina 15-1/2" Discs
2003.05.13.12 FS: Back Issues of MBSGB "The Music Box"
2003.05.12.06 For Sale Announcements in MMDigest
2003.05.09.13 FS: 6-Air Interchangeable Musical Box Cylinder
2003.05.03.02 New Book "Roller Organs" by Todd Augsburger
2003.05.02.06 FS: Master Roll Listings
2003.05.01.01 Seek Kalliope Musical Box Tune Titles
2003.04.30.14 Longevity of Music Media
2003.04.23.05 List of Aeolian 46-Note Player Organ Rolls
2003.04.23.04 List of Ariosa 18-Note Musical Box Discs
2003.04.23.03 Disc Musical Box Size Statistics
2003.04.10.05 Source of Historical Documents
2003.04.10.01 "The Organette Book"
2003.04.06.09 FS: 58-Note Aeolian & Wilcox & White Organ Rolls
2003.03.23.02 Missing Titles, Polyphon 11" Discs
2003.03.23.01 Missing Titles, Polyphon 15-1/2" Discs
2003.03.15.03 Seek Euphonion & Thorens Projectionless Discs
2003.03.07.03 "Melodious Memories" Medley Roll
2003.02.28.10 FS: Player Pianos & Organettes in UK
2003.02.28.01 Passing of UK Collector George Cushing
2003.01.23.02 "Clarabella" Barrel Organ with 8 Bells
2003.01.21.10 FS: 73-Note & 50-Note Book Music
2003.01.04.01 Mechanical Music Drawings by Anton Pieck
2003.01.01.02 Music Reversed Left for Right
2002.12.31.02 Seek Rare Polyphon Discs
2002.12.30.15 FS: New Book "Waldkirch Street and Fairground Organs"
2002.12.19.15 FS: Symphonion Musical Box Discs
2002.12.18.23 FS: Steinway Duo-Art Piano & Others in England
2002.12.03.04 Excess of Pianolas in UK
2002.11.29.06 FS: Give "The Organette Book" For Christmas
2002.11.22.16 FS: Remaining Stock of Laguna Music Rolls
2002.11.14.01 Discs for Polyphon 20.7 cm Music Box
2002.10.20.06 The Best Upright Reproducing Piano
2002.10.08.01 Discs for 10-Bell Kalliope Music Box
2002.10.06.04 FS: Player Pianos in UK
2002.10.05.02 Piano Without a Player Action Is More Valuable
2002.09.28.10 Storing Music Box Discs & Bags For Sale
2002.09.28.04 Remaining Stock of Laguna Music Rolls
2002.09.28.01 End of Summer Season at UK Museums
2002.09.20.04 Value of Aeolian Grand Player Organ
2002.09.19.07 Aeolian 46- & 58-Note Rolls Copied
2002.09.17.04 Instruments That Play Aeolian Grand Rolls
2002.09.02.01 Rye Treasury of Mechanical Music Will Close
2002.08.16.03 Aeolian Grand Player Organ in Tasmania
2002.08.13.02 Seek Hofbauer Mikrobox Tune Cartridge
2002.08.12.02 Music Played by Swimming Fish
2002.07.26.02 Missing Titles, Polyphon 19-5/8", 22-1/2" & 24-1/2" Discs
2002.07.26.01 Missing Titles, Polyphon 11" Discs
2002.07.09.04 Triola Instruction Manual and Roll List
2002.07.08.02 Missing Titles, Polyphon 19-5/8"
2002.07.07.01 Missing Titles, Polyphon 15-1/2"
2002.07.02.08 FS: Storage Bags for Musical Box Discs
2002.06.18.01 Unknown 306 mm Disc Musical Box
2002.06.16.02 Closing of Rye Treasure of Mechanical Music Museum
2002.05.31.06 Shire Album No.333 "Mechanical Music" & Other Books
2002.05.12.03 Good Music on 65-note Piano Rolls
2002.05.01.03 Seek Tanzbar Tune Titles & Roll Catalog
2002.04.18.13 FS: Music & Automata Journals
2002.04.10.04 FS: Book "Mechanical Music" by Kevin McElhone
2002.04.04.01 Lyraphone 6" Disc Music Box
2002.03.18.03 Pianova Barrel Piano Resembles Pianotist
2002.02.19.01 Liquidating a Collection
2002.02.03.07 FS: Aeolian Organ Parts in UK
2002.01.30.03 Regina 15-1/2" Music Box Tune List
2002.01.26.01 Furthest Traveled Mechanical Music Item
2002.01.11.10 FS: Decals for Wilcox & White Clarion Organette
2002.01.10.10 Missing Titles, Symphonion 30 cm (11-7/8") Discs
2002.01.10.09 Missing Titles, Polyphon 19-5/8", 22" & 24-1/2"
2002.01.10.08 Missing Titles, Polyphon 15-1/2" Music Box Discs
2002.01.10.03 Price Quotation for Parcel Shipping
2002.01.09.06 Missing Titles, Polyphon 11" Music Box Discs
2002.01.09.05 Missing Titles, Regina 15-1/2" Music Box Discs
2002.01.05.08 Keyboard Operated Xylophone
2002.01.05.01 Seek 15" Regina & Polyphon Discs
2002.01.01.03 Seek Polyphon 11" Discs
2001.12.26.01 Seek Photographs of Player Reed Organs
2001.12.24.07 Converting Orchestrelle to Play 88-Note Rolls
2001.12.16.03 New Music Cobs For 20-note Gem Roller Organ
2001.12.10.04 Mechanical Musical Instruments of Russia
2001.11.13.02 Book "Mechanical Music" by Kevin McElhone
2001.11.02.04 Ariston Organette & Other Tune Catalogs
2001.10.24.02 Buying Organettes
2001.10.22.10 FS: Aeolian Duo-Art Organ Roll Catalog
2001.10.09.04 Tune Words For "Uncle Sam, Tell Us Why You Are Waiting ?"
2001.09.04.05 Tracker Bar Clear Out Sale
2001.09.03.01 Self-Playing Trumpet
2001.09.01.05 FS: New Books, Catalogs & Tapes
2001.07.30.09 FS: Aeolian 46-note Organ Rolls
2001.06.29.08 FS: Pneumatic Air Motors
2001.06.23.02 Seek Organettes For Collection
2001.06.20.01 Seek Recording of Twin Reed Organina Harmonieux
2001.06.08.07 FS: Aeolian Organ Parts
2001.05.25.07 FS: Piano Rolls & Organ Rolls
2001.05.14.07 Seek Hupfeld 73- and 88-note Piano Rolls
2001.05.08.10 FS: Organettes, Musical Boxes, Discs, Books
2001.04.09.03 To Flatten Wobbly Music Box Discs
2001.03.14.04 FS & Seek Organette & Organ Music
2001.03.08.01 Seek Recordings from House On The Rock Museum
2001.03.04.05 Seek 27-note Orchestreone Euphonia Rolls
2001.02.21.09 Albert W. Ketelbey Biography
2001.02.14.01 Seek Spring Motor for 6" Lever-Wind Polyphon
2001.02.09.01 Seek Small Music Box with "Blaydon Races"
2001.02.02.02 Tune Card for Cylinder Musical Box
2001.02.02.01 Polyphon 11-Inch Tune List - Help Needed
2001.01.31.09 FS: 27-Keyless Street Organ by Robert Hopp
2001.01.30.11 FS: Aeolian Organs in North Carolina
2001.01.29.07 Music Media Prices
2001.01.26.01 Music Media Prices
2001.01.20.08 FS: Roll for John Smith 20-Note Busker Organ
2001.01.13.05 Please Include Your Location
2000.12.29.07 FS: Welte Green Upright Player Piano
2000.12.28.03 Book "Mechanical Music" by Shire Publications
2000.12.27.05 Seek Pneumatic Cloth Vender
2000.12.27.01 Seek Organette Illustrations for Book
2000.12.24.01 Seek Scale of 18-Note Herophonette
2000.12.22.05 Seek Aeolian Orchestrelle
2000.12.19.05 Seek Aeolian Duo-Art Pipe Organ Player
2000.12.11.09 FS: Aeolian Model "W" Orchestrelle Organ
2000.12.11.05 Seek Tuning Scale of 19-note Aristonette
2000.12.08.01 Seek 14-Inch Fortuna Music Box Discs
2000.12.04.07 FS: Organ Booklets and Music Tapes
2000.11.16.16 FS: 48-Note Aeolian Organ Roll Boxes
2000.11.12.03 Draper's Orchestral Organette
2000.11.09.07 FS: Lucia Metal Organette Discs
2000.11.08.03 Recording Recollections of Pioneers
2000.11.08.02 15.5" Polyphon Has No Dampers
2000.11.03.02 Pin-End Music Rolls
2000.10.30.03 Postal Codes Speed the Mail
2000.10.27.01 Seek Organette Music
2000.10.25.07 Player Pianos Need Homes
2000.10.25.03 Rolls for Tournaphone & Dulciphone Organettes
2000.10.18.02 Seek Titles for 46-Note Aeolian & Ariston Discs
2000.10.11.03 Seek 24-note Organette Music
2000.09.28.18 FS: Thorens Discs
2000.09.21.06 The Music Box - Back Issues
2000.09.19.04 58 Note Re-cut Organ Roll Subscription
2000.09.13.03 Organ Stop Knobs Available
2000.09.13.02 Back issues of "The Duo-Art & Pianola Monthly"
2000.09.07.01 Seek Help for Discographies and Rollographies
2000.09.06.01 Victoria 24-note Organette
2000.08.30.04 Drive Belt for Chein Pianolodeon
2000.08.30.02 Seek Recordings of Aeolian Hall Pipe Organ
2000.08.28.14 FS: Ariosa No. 1 Organette
2000.08.10.05 Juelg Music Rolls
2000.08.06.02 Antique Store Prices
2000.08.04.13 FS: Replicas of 1880s Ariston Disc Storage Box
2000.08.02.06 Organ Pipe Materials
2000.07.31.12 FS: 12-note Lucia Organette Discs
2000.07.29.03 Book Music for 24-Note Manopan
2000.07.04.06 Seek Data About Obscure Composers
2000.07.04.02 Tournaphone Co. Organette & 'M. Gally's Patent'
2000.07.03.02 MBSGB Book "Musical Box Tune Sheets"
2000.06.29.03 46- & 58-Note Aeolian Organ Roll Recut Project
2000.06.27.04 46- & 58-Note Aeolian Organ Roll Recut Project
2000.06.19.14 Seek Fretwork for Model "V" Orchestrelle
2000.06.18.17 FS: Pianolas & Musical Boxes in UK
2000.06.17.09 Apollo Combination Player Piano & Gramophone
2000.06.08.01 Seek Organette Music
2000.06.06.03 Unique Cylinder-Played Music Box "Piano Harp"
2000.05.22.04 Seek Discs for Lux 16-note Organette
2000.05.22.02 Seek Fan-Card Music for Ariston Excelsior
2000.05.15.01 Seek Discs for Herophonette & Amorette
2000.05.13.10 FS: Thorens Discs
2000.05.12.10 FS: Thorens Discs
2000.05.12.09 FS: Imhof Barrel Piano & Various Instruments
2000.05.08.02 Aeolian Orchestrelle Valves
2000.04.26.05 Back Issues of MBSGB Journal
2000.04.12.12 Electrifying an Aeolian Orchestrelle
2000.04.12.06 "Melody Player" Rolmonica
2000.04.12.05 Seek 20- and 32-note Gem Roller Organ Cobs
2000.04.12.02 New Music for Piano Melodico from Le Ludion
2000.03.31.05 National Vintage Communications Fair, Birmingham UK
2000.03.28.05 Play Familiar Tunes for the Audience
2000.03.19.02 31-note Orguinette Roll Recutting Project
2000.03.03.04 Feeder Bellows Limiting Straps
2000.02.10.03 Humidity Control in UK
2000.02.02.01 MBSGB Book To Have Illustrations of Tune Cards
2000.01.21.05 Prices for Mechanical Musical Instruments
2000.01.14.03 Titles of Aeolian 176-note Organ Rolls
2000.01.11.05 Titles of Aeolian 116-note Organ Rolls
2000.01.07.04 Seek Aeolian 116-Note Organ Rolls
2000.01.03.02 Duo-Art Artist Hugh Hodgson
2000.01.02.02 Composer Edward Jakobowski
1999.12.31.05 Honeymoon March
1999.12.21.10 Dealing with Overseas Customers
1999.12.14.05 "We're Going to Hang Out the Washing ..."
1999.12.05.14 FS: 4.5-inch Musical Box Discs
1999.11.29.09 Bottom-to-Top Scrolling
1999.11.25.02 Repairing Broken Music Box Disc Projections
1999.11.19.17 FS in UK: Music Roll Boxes
1999.11.05.01 Aeolian Orchestrelle & Grand Organs
1999.10.30.14 FS: Reed Organ Parts
1999.10.28.07 Aeolian Vocalion 78 RPM Records
1999.10.27.06 Seek ""We're Gonna Hang Out the Washing ..."
1999.10.25.09 Pressure and Suction Systems in Aeolian Organs
1999.10.20.01 Rolls for 31-note Maxfield Player Reed Organ
1999.10.17.04 FS: Aeolian 58-note Organ Rolls
1999.10.17.01 Music Books for 30-Note Piano Melodico
1999.10.16.01 Carl Semon & Roller Organs in Japan
1999.10.11.02 Collective Index of Mechanical Music Journals
1999.10.07.07 30-Note Piano Melodico Book Recut Project Stalled
1999.09.29.04 Seek Disc Conversion for Tune Lists
1999.09.25.04 Need Information on a Dulciphone
1999.09.25.01 Tune Lists
1999.09.24.09 Estey Residence Pipe Organ
1999.09.20.09 Wanted: Grand Roller Organ Cobs
1999.09.20.08 Helpbooks Available

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