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Digest NrSubject
2019.05.10.01 FS: Aldo Mancusi Collection Items
2019.04.28.01 Staib-Abendschien "Mastertouch" Piano Action
2019.04.06.05 FS: SB-Series Style "O" Rolls
2019.03.31.02 Un-cataloged Ampico 53204F "What Next?"
2019.02.16.03 Leporello and Concertina Books
2019.01.21.04 Unknown Tunes On Seeburg KT
2018.12.28.01 "Undiscovered" Mechanical Music Instruments
2018.12.15.03 Eugénie Adam-Bénard, Welte-Mignon Pianist
2018.12.13.07 Source of Ampico Cloth Covered Drawer Hoses
2018.11.29.02 Seek Welte-Mignon Roll 2952 "Der Liebe Augustin"
2018.11.07.02 Copying An Original Roll at Play-Rite
2018.11.07.01 QRS Music Co. Annual Piano Roll Production
2018.07.21.05 FS: Nickelodeons at Auction in Fullerton, Calif.
2018.04.29.01 Estate Sale May 3-5 in Orange, California
2018.04.25.05 Making a 26 Point Sprocket
2018.04.04.04 "Marines' Hymn" Composer's Name on Music Roll
2018.03.29.03 English Musical Clock Plays 6 Tunes on 11 Bells
2018.01.30.01 Bob Yorburg Carving Classes In Indiana
2018.01.16.04 Seek QRS Blue Bird 3554 "Saints Come Marching In"
2017.12.23.02 "The Lutefisk Lament"
2017.12.21.04 Welte Mignon Rolls Played By Werner Janssen
2017.11.18.01 Tangley Collis Gasoline Engine & Roots Blower
2017.09.28.02 Autotypist Vacuum Pump Photos
2017.09.07.01 Special Announcement: MMDigest Is Back Online
2017.07.13.02 Seek "Tabatieres" Author Geoffrey T. Mayson
2017.07.11.03 Welte-Mignon Artist Irene Eneri-Gorainoff
2017.06.05.01 Artrio-Angelus Offset Perforations
2017.05.28.01 Artrio-Angelus Rolls Played By Ethel Leginska
2017.05.27.03 Artrio-Angelus Rolls Played By Eubie Blake
2017.05.18.05 Scott Joplin "A Real Slow Drag" Piano Roll
2017.04.19.01 Wurlitzer Electric Player Piano
2017.02.26.08 Sources of MIDI Decoder Devices
2017.02.15.03 David Dewey Helps Rescue Oroville Theatre Organ
2017.02.13.04 Horizontal Grooves in French Welte-Mignon
2017.01.27.01 Player Piano Conference in Ithaca, New York
2017.01.25.01 New Video About Musical Boxes in Southeast Asia
2017.01.15.01 Passing of Elaine Obenchain
2016.12.23.03 "The Violin Thief" - A Christmas Story
2016.11.25.01 Auction in Chartres, Sunday December 4th 2016
2016.11.19.01 Passing of John Del Carlo, Opera Singer
2016.10.13.03 Passing of Siegfried Wendel
2016.09.28.02 Keystone Music Roll Co. Duo-Art Catalog 2016-17
2016.08.02.01 Wayne Stahnke Interview 1993
2016.08.01.01 Bursens Dance Organ in Northern California
2016.07.06.01 Michael Woolf Obituary in New Zealand Newspaper
2016.06.28.02 Dural Rubber Cement Products
2016.06.23.03 Unknown Tune on Aeolian 302813
2016.06.14.01 New USA Ivory Trade Regulations Announced
2016.06.13.04 FS: Melville Clark Art Apollo Player Piano Parts
2016.06.11.03 FS: Style 150 Roll 14521 "Rockin' Roll Hits"
2016.06.01.01 Unknown Piano Roll JB005 "Five Waltzes"
2016.05.27.01 Auction in Chartres, Sunday May 29th 2016
2016.05.07.05 Homebuilt Piano Roll Perforator
2016.04.24.01 Unknown Piano Roll JB004 "Reveille"
2016.04.08.05 Unknown Piano Roll JB003 Hawaiian
2016.04.07.03 Unknown Piano Roll JB002 "Castanets"
2016.04.06.05 Unknown Piano Roll JB001
2016.03.06.06 New Ampico B Transmission Brake Drums
2016.02.05.01 Passing of Tony Marsico, Instrument Restorer
2016.01.13.01 Reproducing The Master's Touch
2015.10.03.05 Flywheel for 20-note Hofbauer Crank-organ
2015.09.23.02 "Happy Birthday" Copyright Claims Ruled Invalid
2015.09.18.05 "Sunflower Slow Drag" Piano Roll
2015.08.07.01 Seek Shaft Position Encoders for Roll Scanning
2015.07.30.02 Take-up Spool for Ampico A Grand Piano
2015.07.15.01 Passing of Danilo Konvalinka, Musical Wonder House
2015.07.11.01 Pipe Organ Discussion Forums
2015.06.09.05 Wurlitzer Band Organ Rewind & Re-play
2015.06.06.01 Passing of Tom Fretty, Mechanical Music Collector
2015.05.10.01 Auction in Chartres, Sunday May 17th 2015
2015.05.01.06 Ampico B Roll Drive Motor Is Weak
2015.04.29.02 Guinness Collection Features "On-demand" Music
2015.04.20.01 Filmusic "POP" & "Popularoll" Piano Rolls
2015.03.12.02 Ampichron Tunes for Domestic Activities
2015.01.29.02 Mixture Pipes in Fairground & Band Organs
2015.01.13.03 "On The Beach" March Two-step by Fred Vokoun
2015.01.06.15 FS: 24 Rosewood Xylophone Bars for Orchestrion
2014.12.23.05 "The Lutefisk Lament"
2014.12.20.01 Operating Pressure of Tangley Calliope
2014.12.09.01 Passing of Paul Dyer, Band Organ Builder
2014.12.06.01 Auction in Chartres, Sunday, 7 December 2014
2014.11.18.02 Ed Deibert Wurlitzer 146-B Band Organ
2014.11.12.01 Denis Condon Collection at Stanford University
2014.10.31.01 Avant Garde Music Machines by Gerhard Kern
2014.10.12.04 Repairing Welte Roll Changer Power Transformer
2014.09.26.01 Open-Source Hardware Circa 1920 by Julie Porter
2014.09.23.05 Seek Ampico 100915 "Dinner Music Series E"
2014.06.15.02 Capitol Rolls for the Unified Funeral Organ
2014.05.27.03 Seek "An Alpine Storm" by Kunkel
2014.05.24.02 Standard March Tempo
2014.04.30.01 Bonhams Estate Auction 10 May 2014 in New Jersey
2014.04.24.02 Maker of Wurlitzer Style Roll Frame
2014.04.20.01 Reproduco Piano-organ Power Consumption
2014.04.09.01 Status of Organs Playing B.A.B. Music Rolls
2014.03.24.01 Unknown American Songs on 67-keyless Book Music
2014.02.27.01 "Sound Track", The Toy Train With a Tune
2014.01.14.01 "Los Organilleros" Organ Grinders of Mexico
2013.12.23.06 "The Violin Thief" - A Christmas Story
2013.12.14.09 Wurlitzer Band Organ Problem
2013.12.13.02 Magic Piano at Chicago Union Station
2013.12.03.01 Philippe Rouille Coll. at Chartres Auction 8 Dec.
2013.11.07.01 Philippe Rouille Music Box Collection at Auction
2013.08.20.01 Sight Trumps Sound in Music Performance Judgment
2013.08.06.01 Organ Rally in Coney Island 10 August 2013
2013.07.11.07 Music Rolls About Flying Machines
2013.07.05.06 U.S. Copyright Law in Wikipedia Articles
2013.06.15.01 Mel-O-Dee Music Company of New York
2013.03.22.02 Seeburg L Motor Power
2013.02.03.02 Band Organ For Hire
2012.12.27.08 "Teddy Bear's Picnic" Piano Roll
2012.12.12.02 Repairing Storm Damaged Automata at Coney Island
2012.11.09.02 The Laterna in Turkey and Greece
2012.10.21.02 "Automusicograph" Keyboard Event Marking Machine
2012.09.01.03 Unknown Tunes on 15-1/2" Stella Discs
2012.08.24.05 Unknown Tunes on Ray Siou Special A-roll #22
2012.08.23.05 Unknown Tunes on Ray Siou Special A-roll #22
2012.07.09.03 Rolls for Reed Pipe Clariona
2012.07.05.05 "Welte On/Off" Selector Tubing Diagram
2012.07.03.02 Unknown March Tunes on Reproduco Roll
2012.07.01.01 Unknown March Tunes on Reproduco Roll
2012.06.27.07 1976 Duo/Art Player by Aeolian Corp.
2012.06.24.02 The Route Operator
2012.06.21.01 The Route Operator
2012.06.08.08 Music Rolls and U.S. Copyright Law
2012.05.07.01 Auction in Chartres, Sunday 20 May 2012
2012.05.01.01 Michael Start Automata On BBC News
2012.04.29.05 Larry Givens Ampico Test Roll Instructions
2012.04.04.01 MIDI Controlled Pneumatically Strummed Guitar
2012.02.10.02 Lösche "Swanee Whistle" Orchestrion
2012.01.22.06 Auto-Art Player Piano Date
2012.01.20.04 Building and Tuning a Xylophone
2012.01.15.03 Testing a Key Striking Pneumatic
2011.12.23.02 "The Lutefisk Lament"
2011.12.01.03 Clyde Ridge, Aeolian-American Corp. Roll Artist
2011.11.17.04 Music Media Scanners & Transcribing Machines
2011.11.12.01 Unknown Rags & Ragtime Songs on Early "G" Rolls
2011.11.07.01 Seek Reproduco Rolls
2011.10.24.07 Seek Chain Sprocket for Aeolian Sting Player
2011.10.01.01 Making Automata Figures to Match the Motions
2011.09.24.01 "The Great American Horn Machine"
2011.09.06.02 Wurlitzer 155 CD "Music for Carousel Lovers"
2011.08.26.03 Unknown Tunes Played on Wurlitzer 125 Band Organ
2011.07.05.07 FS: Custom Grand Pianos with Stahnke LX Player
2011.06.26.01 Passing of Mike Montgomery
2011.06.22.01 Passing of Mike Montgomery, Piano Roll Historian
2011.06.20.02 Passing of Fritz Gellerman
2011.05.17.01 Bob Berkman Pianola Concert at UCLA 23 May 2011
2011.05.13.02 Player Pianos in the Old West Myth
2011.05.09.01 Passing of Todd Augsburger
2011.03.24.04 FS: Recut Welte-Mignon Rolls
2011.03.23.04 Building "Bird Whistle" Singing Bird Pipes
2011.02.23.04 Rubberized Cloth Survey
2011.02.02.01 Unknown Tunes Played by Debain Antiphonel
2011.01.09.01 Removing Dents and Plating Sheet Brass
2010.12.23.10 "The Violin Thief" - A Christmas Story
2010.11.30.01 American Musical Instrument Soc. Call For Papers
2010.09.20.01 Bring Mechanical Music to the Kids
2010.09.04.01 List of Pianostyle Recordo Rolls at MMMedia Site
2010.07.28.04 Piano Roll Copyright Problem
2010.07.22.14 Variable Speed Motor for Tangley Roll Frame
2010.07.21.07 Variable Speed Motor for Tangley Roll Frame
2010.07.03.04 Building a Reiterating Drum Beater Mechanism
2010.05.30.02 Carl Frei Concert Organs on LP
2010.05.30.01 Prices Paid at Chartres Auction 16 May 2010
2010.05.28.01 Barrel Organs in Chile - Organillos Lizana
2010.05.04.02 Cartel Musical Boxes
2010.04.17.07 Photoplayer, Fotoplayer & American Photo Player
2010.04.08.01 Organ Grinders Wanted
2010.04.02.01 Piano Rolls Labeled "As Played By"
2010.02.23.08 Pete Wendling Biography
2010.02.10.01 Pat Metheny "Orchestrionics" Tour in Europe
2010.01.26.01 Passing of Earl Wild, American Romantic Pianist
2009.12.26.05 English Translation of New Book by Juergen Hocker
2009.12.02.02 Tin Toy Manivelle Music Box Plays Reeds
2009.11.30.01 Auction in Chartres, Sunday, December 6th, 2009
2009.11.25.06 Wurlitzer Movies & Yamaha Piano News
2009.11.12.01 Welte Orchestrion at Cliff House, San Francisco
2009.11.08.03 Recent Articles by Ramey, Bowers and Reblitz
2009.11.08.01 Mechanical Music Auction 21 November in Cologne
2009.11.06.05 The Legend of Mazeppa
2009.10.19.03 Unknown Fair Organs & Tunes on Old Recordings
2009.09.11.01 Player Piano Company (PPCo) Survey
2009.09.03.01 New Roll "57 Varieties" by Earl "Fatha" Hines
2009.08.26.01 For Sale Announcements in MMDigest
2009.08.13.02 BBC Proms Finale
2009.08.12.01 Nevada City Music Hall Museum in Montana
2009.08.11.02 Sankyo 33-note Paper Strip Movement
2009.07.19.01 QRS "Earl Fuller's Collection of Jazz Classics"
2009.06.30.04 List of Piano Rolls Played By Hi Babit
2009.06.26.02 "Nutcracker" Excerpts, Played by Percy Grainger
2009.06.20.01 Passing of Marty Roenigk
2009.05.22.03 Roll Inventory Computer Program
2009.05.20.03 Seek Ampico Rolls Played By Alexander Brailowsky
2009.05.16.03 Seek Agent to Assist in Manchester, UK
2009.05.15.01 Player Piano Co. Wichita Auction 6-7 June 2009
2009.04.29.02 QRS Music Rolls on TV Discovery Channel
2009.01.27.06 Welte-Mignon Piano Roll of "Mohnblumen"
2009.01.03.03 QRS Ceases Piano Roll Production
2008.12.31.01 Reg Smith Hospitalized
2008.12.30.05 The Ivory Industry in Ivoryton, Connecticut
2008.12.23.08 "The Lutefisk Lament"
2008.11.19.01 Steinbaum Automata Collection at Auction 23 Nov.
2008.11.06.14 FS: 65/88-note Steinway Themodist in Florida
2008.10.29.01 "Foreverbox" Custom Music Box
2008.10.21.03 Leather Supply House Status
2008.09.23.01 New Solenoid Player System in Old Piano
2008.09.18.07 New Wurlitzer 125 & 150 Halloween Music Rolls
2008.09.17.01 Gakken Bird Organ Plays Punched Paper Tune Strip
2008.06.29.04 Calculations for Xylophone Bars
2008.06.21.05 Seek Picture of 1916 Wurlitzer Player Piano
2008.05.20.03 Band Organs Behind Glass
2008.05.09.03 The Big "T" in "WurliTzer"
2008.04.22.02 Nationaal Museum Acquires Perlee Collection
2008.03.31.01 Mortier Facade at House on the Rock Museum
2008.03.24.03 Player Accordion Patent Awarded Louis Bacigalupi
2008.03.19.01 Passing of Kim Bunker, Orange Coast Piano
2008.03.13.05 Seek Piano Roll of "Bedelia"
2008.03.09.01 Society Membership Directories in Preparation
2008.02.12.02 Player Piano Concert at Univ. of So. California
2007.12.23.01 "The Violin Thief" - A Christmas Story
2007.12.09.04 Music Roll Cataloging Software
2007.12.09.01 LP "Afternoon In Amsterdam" & "De Jupiter"
2007.12.03.01 Yamaha Will Buy Bösendorfer
2007.11.28.01 Chartres Auction 2 December 2007
2007.11.09.03 QRS Roll & Pianomation CD Holiday Sale
2007.10.11.01 Organ Rally 13-14 Oct. in Sutter Creek, Calif.
2007.08.31.02 Passing of Dale Gunnar
2007.08.15.01 Passing of Thomas R. Grace
2007.07.20.05 Source of Wurlitzer Unit Valve Blocks
2007.05.17.02 Orchestra Accompanies Musical Boxes in Concert
2007.05.13.01 DVD "History of Mechanical Music"
2007.05.06.03 Computerized Conductor Directs Synth Symphony
2007.04.30.09 Pipe Organ Blower Motor Problem
2007.04.21.02 John Farrell Hospitalized
2007.04.10.01 German Rodriguez, Organillo Maker of Guatemala
2007.04.09.06 Duo-Art 74728 "Bolero" Replicated
2007.03.31.05 Seek Duo-Art "Bolero" for Paris Concert
2007.02.04.04 Favorite Song Titles
2007.01.21.02 Seek Ampico Dancing Lessons by Denishawn School
2006.12.08.02 Seek "The Bellman" by Franz von Suppe
2006.11.22.02 AOL Refuses to Deliver 061121 MMDigest
2006.11.21.03 Video of Self-Playing Spinet Harpsichord
2006.09.21.01 Duo-Art 0862 "Rain on the Roof" Pauline Alpert
2006.09.20.03 Seek "Rain on the Roof" played by Pauline Alpert
2006.07.24.03 AOL Refuses to Deliver 060723 MMDigest
2006.07.14.01 "Ballet Mecanique" at Washington, D.C., Gallery
2006.07.07.01 Piano Rolls Played by Percy Wenrich
2006.07.03.03 AOL Refuses to Deliver 060702 MMDigest
2006.06.10.03 Bacigalupi Player Carillon for Ice Cream Truck
2006.06.02.01 Great Dorset Steam Fair Web Site
2006.05.20.03 Vinyl Hoses
2006.04.23.02 Capitol "G" Roll G-510 of 1933
2006.04.20.02 Player Organ in Scotty's Castle, Calif.
2006.04.18.03 UCSB Cylinder Recording Preservation Project
2006.03.29.06 Plating Metal Parts With Nickel & Gold
2006.03.28.01 Seek MBSI Journals 1954 to 1964
2006.03.26.02 New Gallery for Murtogh D. Guinness Collection
2006.03.10.02 Melodia Expression Piano is Roemhildt Virtuola
2006.02.15.13 Organ Literature Foundation Book & CD Sale
2006.01.31.01 Welte Philharmonie Player Pipe Organ
2005.12.29.09 Blower for Small Pipe Organ
2005.12.23.13 "Lutefisk Lament"
2005.12.14.02 Talking Picture Book With Animal Sounds
2005.12.13.08 Melville Clark Apollo Player Piano & Wide Rolls
2005.11.18.02 Reig Verbena Toy Barrel Piano
2005.11.05.02 Hamm's Beer Jingle is Dagger Dance from Natoma
2005.08.14.12 FS: Snare Drum for French Orchestrion
2005.08.13.02 "Entry of the Gladiators" & "Thunder and Blazes"
2005.07.29.02 World's Mightiest Outdoor Wurlitzer Player Organ
2005.03.19.01 Book "Little Slaves of the Harp" by John Zucchi
2005.03.18.01 Criterion 15.5" Music Box Stolen in Danbury, Ohio
2005.03.17.01 Bacigalupi and Sons, San Francisco Organ Firm
2005.02.25.05 What is a MIDI?
2005.02.11.01 Mysteries of Mechanical Music
2005.01.28.02 "G" Roll Located for Mike Hanchett Calliope
2005.01.15.03 Reuge Movement for Child's Rocking Chair
2005.01.12.03 Ken Smith in MMDigest
2005.01.01.01 Holiday Greetings from MMDigest
2004.12.25.03 Disklavier Mark IV Has Wi-Fi PDA Remote Control
2004.11.30.12 FS: Collection of Ampico Rolls in Florida
2004.11.27.01 CD: Skinner Residence Player Organ at Elm Court
2004.11.18.01 Communicating With MMD Staff
2004.10.28.01 Books by Herbert Juettemann Again Available
2004.10.26.01 Forsythes' Auction, Cincinnati, Ohio, 7 Nov. 2004
2004.09.13.01 Source of Sankyo Musical Box Movements
2004.08.23.03 Unknown Fair Organs & Tunes on Old Recordings
2004.08.19.01 Pierian CD: Welte-Mignon Rolls by Teresa Carreno
2004.08.11.02 Joyland Amusement Park Foreclosure Lawsuit Filed
2004.08.02.01 Source of Musical Box Movements
2004.06.27.07 Book "Rebuilding the Aeolian Orchestrelle"
2004.06.15.04 Viscount RD70 MIDI File Player & Recorder
2004.06.05.03 1899 Pianola Copyright Ruling Cited
2004.06.01.06 "Breezy Broadway Medley" Tunes Identified
2004.05.29.03 "Breezy Broadway Medley" Unknown Tunes
2004.05.22.02 Seek Ampico Rolls Played By Alexander Brailowsky
2004.05.21.10 Punch Diameter & Web Length
2004.05.13.06 FS: Pleyel DEA Reproducing Piano in France
2004.04.17.02 Naxos CD: Welte-Mignon Piano Rolls Vol. 3
2004.04.10.03 Cost of Custom-Made Music Box Movement
2004.04.07.04 Jimmy Yancey Blues on Hog's Back Rolls UK
2004.01.16.08 Playing Wurlitzer 165 Rolls on Residence Organ
2004.01.16.02 Naxos CD: Welte-Mignon Piano Rolls Vol. 2
2004.01.08.02 Emil Welte & Edwin Welte in Old Photo
2004.01.03.07 Recording Four-Hands Piano Rolls
2004.01.01.03 Buy the Book
2003.12.27.04 Tracker Bar Select Switch
2003.12.23.04 What's an Orchestrion?
2003.12.22.01 Der Werkelmann, the Organ Grinder of Vienna
2003.12.14.03 Apparent Frequency Change & Psychoacoustics
2003.12.13.11 Motor & Pulley Specifications for Ampico Upright
2003.12.12.10 Sprocket & Ladder Chain for Player Piano
2003.12.11.09 Player Piano Division Point Needs Standardization
2003.12.11.06 Wurlitzer "Casino" Player Piano
2003.12.03.06 Building a Renaissance Barrel Organ
2003.11.24.01 Chartres Auction 7 December 2003
2003.11.14.03 Converting Instruments to Play Different Media
2003.11.03.01 Bob Fine Home & Collection Destroyed By Fire
2003.10.24.03 Welte-Mignon Artist Bernhard Stavenhagen
2003.10.21.08 QRS "Psalmist" Solenoid Player for Hammond Organ
2003.10.21.01 Are You Not Receiving MMDigest?
2003.10.20.07 Expression Piano Bass/Treble Split Point
2003.10.06.04 Converting T-98 Welte to Play T-100 "Red" Rolls
2003.10.04.08 Welte-Mignon Recording Technology
2003.09.17.08 The Iles-Stonehill Duo-Art Robot
2003.09.08.10 Are Mechanical Music Instruments "Robots"?
2003.08.25.01 Accuracy of Yamaha Disklavier & Boesendorfer SE
2003.08.20.01 E-mail Spam Deluge
2003.08.13.04 English Text for Book "Im Aufnahmesalon Hupfeld"
2003.07.29.11 Seek Audio Recordings of Reproduco Piano-Organ
2003.07.25.02 Kalliope Musical Box in Argentina
2003.07.12.03 Republic Artists Adam Carroll & Victor Lane
2003.07.08.07 Player Piano Ragtime in Lapeer, Michigan
2003.06.29.02 Reproduco Roll List
2003.06.24.11 Seek Replica Wurlitzer Wonder Light
2003.06.05.11 Piano Tuning By Ear vs. Electronic Tuning Device
2003.05.31.12 Hire An Insured Piano Mover
2003.05.23.04 California Senate Approves Anti-spam Legislation
2003.05.16.01 Joe Kramer Estate Sale in Pittsburgh 17-18 May
2003.05.14.02 Tour of Mechanical Music Sites in Japan
2003.05.13.09 Roenisch Claviola 88-Note Player Piano
2003.04.23.09 FS: Knabe Ampico B Owned by Charles Stoddard
2003.04.14.07 ROMFI "World Repository of Manufactured Items"
2003.04.09.01 Mike Madeira New Owner of Leather Supply House
2003.04.07.05 Air-O-Player Piano Roll Tracking Mechanism
2003.04.03.02 Musical Box Restorers in Southeast USA
2003.04.02.02 Musical Box Restorers in Southeast USA
2003.03.31.05 "Netiquette" & Big Email Attachments
2003.03.18.02 Definition of Self-Playing Musical Instruments
2003.02.19.07 Unknown Capitol A-roll
2003.02.13.06 Diana Roll 1746 "El Sobre Verde"
2003.02.12.04 Expressing Fractions in MMDigest Articles
2003.01.19.04 QRS Story & Clark Self-Tuning Piano System Patent
2003.01.16.02 Welte-Mignon Audio Recordings on CD
2003.01.15.10 Mills Violano AC/DC Rotary Converter Patents
2003.01.14.04 Louis T. Glass, Jukebox Hero
2003.01.09.04 Contents of "Das Welte-Mignon-Klavier" by Hagmann
2003.01.07.03 Spool Frames, Pulleys & Pumps at MMD Tech Site
2002.12.30.10 Frigidaire & "Play Me a Frigid Air"
2002.12.25.04 Player Piano Service Manuals
2002.12.25.01 World's First Self-Playing Tuba
2002.12.24.11 "The Violin Thief" - A Christmas Story
2002.12.24.06 Nickelodeon Electric Motor Repair
2002.12.23.01 Nikos Armaos & the Laterna of Turkey and Greece
2002.12.11.04 QRS Story & Clark Self-Tuning Piano System
2002.12.10.10 Seek Gears for Ampico B Spool Drive Gearmotor
2002.12.09.09 "Mr. Christmas Santa's Marching Band"
2002.11.25.10 Fats Waller Piano Rolls Played on Pipe Organ
2002.11.21.07 20er Arrangement of "Over The Waves" by Melvyn Wright
2002.11.20.04 James P. Johnson Opera "De Organizer" Restored
2002.11.06.02 Pianist's Evaluation of Piano Quality
2002.11.02.04 "Roosevelt" Type Font for Aeolian Organs
2002.10.29.03 Price List - Mechantiques, October 2002
2002.10.28.01 New Book "Waldkirch Street and Fairground Organs"
2002.09.24.01 Music Boxes at Estate Auction, St. Louis
2002.09.01.02 Musical Theme Search Using Incipits
2002.08.30.04 Musical Theme Search Using Incipits
2002.08.17.08 Autoharp Chorded Zither
2002.08.13.05 Stahnke WEB & BAR Music Roll File Specification
2002.08.12.01 MBSGB Anniversary Book, "The Organette Book"
2002.08.08.02 "Les faiseurs de musique" by Jean-Claude Piguet
2002.08.07.05 Clark Music Rolls Played By Marion Wright
2002.07.22.09 Neat's-foot Oil For Leather
2002.07.17.04 Robert Heilbuth Obituary in San Francisco Chronicle
2002.06.29.02 Great Circus Parade, Milwaukee WI 14 July 2002
2002.06.21.06 FS: Barrel Organ by Nechada of Odessa
2002.05.17.03 CD: Musee Mecanique, Zelinsky Collection Vol. 1
2002.05.01.02 Chartres Auction 12 May 2002
2002.04.26.05 Piano Roll Business Economics & Technology
2002.04.04.08 M. Schulz Co. "Tuner's and Repairman's Manual"
2002.03.25.12 Cast Valve for Player Piano Resembles a Locomotive
2002.03.20.01 The Organ Grinder's Instrument
2002.03.07.02 MIDI Files of Band Organ Music - Le Turlutain
2002.03.06.03 Keyless Book Music at Dean Organ Builders
2002.03.04.05 Seeburg Mortuary Organ
2002.03.01.08 Magnet Valves for Player Pianos and Organs
2002.02.27.02 Walter Heebner, Welte-Mignon LP Record Producer
2002.02.17.02 "Uberorgan" Player Reed Organ Sculpture
2002.02.15.11 Hickman Grand Piano Action at MMD Tech Site
2002.02.12.06 French Polishing
2002.02.10.06 Viscount RD-70 MIDI Diskette Player
2002.02.01.05 Cost of Music Roll Transport Frame
2002.02.01.03 Other Uses for Player Pianos
2002.01.18.07 Percussion Beaters with Velocity Control
2002.01.08.10 The Marimba
2001.12.31.14 Should a Restoration Function Like New?
2001.12.31.03 MMD Years End Report
2001.12.24.02 Christmas Greetings from Waldkirch
2001.12.22.01 Mechanical Music in Drawings
2001.12.17.13 Electric Motors for Player Pianos & Orchestrions
2001.12.05.02 History of Androids & Automata at Web Site
2001.12.04.12 Action Swing for Baby Ampico
2001.11.29.04 Mexican Songs A-Roll by Vicente Beltran
2001.11.27.02 MIDI Files at MMD Sounds Site
2001.11.21.08 Copyrights & Licensing Music Rolls
2001.11.21.04 Book "Flights of Fancy" by Christian Bailly
2001.11.15.06 MIDI Control of Deagan Unaphone
2001.11.14.02 Ariston Organette Makers & Rebuilders
2001.11.11.01 Sankyo 20-Note Music Box Plays Book Music
2001.11.10.03 MIDI Control for Deagan Unaphone
2001.11.06.05 Concert Grand Ampico Piano
2001.11.06.02 Deagan Unaphone or Una-Fon ?
2001.11.02.03 Mike Meddings Web Site
2001.10.29.06 Music for Halloween: "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
2001.09.26.09 Fair Organ Restoration Ethics
2001.09.09.09 Electromagnet Oscillator Excites Piano Strings
2001.09.08.06 Action Swing for Baby Ampico
2001.08.26.02 Song Information of Jobin Music Box
2001.07.27.07 "There'll Be A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight"
2001.07.22.01 Black Forest Business Methods
2001.07.13.05 Replacement Gear Motor for Kimball Player Piano
2001.07.12.01 The Great Dorset Steam Fair
2001.07.08.08 Printing Words on Music Rolls
2001.07.05.14 FS: New Recuts of Welte Licensee Rolls
2001.06.29.04 Replacement Motor for Welte Vorsetzer
2001.06.25.01 U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Electronic Copyright Law
2001.06.05.03 Summer Class on Arranging Street Organ Music
2001.05.16.03 Monkeys & Barrel Organs
2001.05.15.10 Tempo of Scott Joplin Rags
2001.05.12.03 Orgue de Barbarie - the Barbaric Organ
2001.05.08.01 Chartres Auction 20 May 2001
2001.04.23.12 Dynamic Range of the Ampico B - Hickman Data
2001.04.22.02 Dynamic Range of the Ampico B - Hickman Data
2001.04.21.02 1926 QRS Advert for "Real Blues" Recordings
2001.04.15.04 Tornado Shelter is a Piano
2001.04.12.13 Dynamic Range of the Player Piano: Hickman Data
2001.04.09.16 Steinway AR Player Action Stack Parts
2001.03.23.01 The "Salzburg Bull" Organ To Be Restored
2001.03.17.02 Source of Shellac Flakes
2001.02.23.05 Werckmeister Temperament for Tuning Band Organs
2001.02.15.03 Price Paid for United States Music Co. Catalog
2001.02.12.07 Kastner "Kastonome" Accenting Player System
2001.02.03.09 Duo-Art Article in 1922 Harper's New Monthly
2001.01.22.05 "Boll Weevil Blues" played by Eubie Blake
2001.01.21.01 Peterson Bottle Organ
2001.01.17.02 Deagan Organ Chimes at Dapper Dans Web Site
2000.12.28.06 Welte-Mignon Action for Steinway Player
2000.12.21.03 "Lutefisk Lament"
2000.12.19.01 Weitkirch To Buy Huge Mechanical Instrument Collection
2000.12.14.04 Prices Paid at Chartres Auction 10 Dec 2000
2000.12.08.04 Eubie Blake in 1923 Talking Movie
2000.12.04.02 Fats Waller Rollography by John Farrell
2000.11.26.06 Transmission Reroll & Silence Functions
2000.11.24.05 Social Impact of Player Piano
2000.11.22.02 "Ragtime Jim" is Unknown Tune on Ruth 38 Organ
2000.11.13.12 Hand-Played Play-Rite Rolls
2000.11.11.02 Aeolian Orchestrelle Organ Restoration
2000.10.24.10 FS: Tom Steuer's "Triplex Vorsetzer"
2000.08.26.10 Music Roll Acceleration and Compensation
2000.08.14.01 Museo del Organito Argentino
2000.08.10.02 New Technology Upsets the Music Industry
2000.08.06.06 Telephone via Internet
2000.08.02.10 Silicon Metal & Silicone Products
2000.08.02.02 Mortier Organ Donated to Hockey Arena
2000.07.27.17 FS: Tracker Bar for Seeburg H
2000.07.22.03 CD Review: "Souvenir" from AAIMM
2000.07.18.14 FS: Piano Roll Graph Paper
2000.07.12.14 Source of Phonograph Supplies & Repairs
2000.07.11.11 Piano Not Tuned for 75 Years
2000.07.04.05 Wolf's On-Line Music Box Auction
2000.06.30.05 Jelly Roll Morton at Chicago Tribune Web Site
2000.06.28.06 Triphonola Rolls Recorded by Alexander Scriabin
2000.06.28.05 New Artcraft Piano Rolls
2000.06.23.07 Seek Vocalstyle 13299 "Don't Bring Lulu"
2000.06.17.04 Igor Stravinsky on Piano Rolls
2000.04.01.06 Wurlitzer Pipe Organ Factory Tour (1926)
2000.03.21.11 What is a Recording? What is a Record?
2000.03.19.09 Seek QRS Rolls "My Little Cousin" & "Smile"
2000.03.17.03 Limitations of MIDI Control
2000.03.16.05 Boyd Pistonola Player Action - Description
2000.03.15.03 Klavier Piano Roll Recordings Now on CD
2000.03.05.08 Consistent Quality Pneumatic Cloth
2000.02.21.05 'Sloughing the Jenny'
2000.02.20.08 QRS Artist J. Russel Robinson & "Margie"
2000.02.15.07 "Rhapsody in Blue" Story
2000.02.13.09 Welte Recording and Perforating Machines
2000.02.11.06 Welte Piano Rolls in Simonton Collection at USC
2000.02.02.04 Duo-Art Rollography Available from Keystone
2000.01.22.06 Angelus Push-Up Player in 1905 Chesham Concert
2000.01.06.02 "International Reed Organ Atlas"
2000.01.05.07 Computer Catalog for Sheet Music and Performances
2000.01.05.03 Ruth Organ at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
1999.12.31.01 Another Day, Another Year, ...
1999.12.29.06 Cut Music Rolls With Laser Beam
1999.12.23.10 Artrio-Angelus Reproducing Player System
1999.12.22.14 Ragtimers Y2K Disappointment
1999.12.20.10 Dealing with Overseas Customers
1999.12.20.04 Note Numbers and Names
1999.12.19.06 "The Violin Thief" - A Christmas Story
1999.12.15.03 Austrian Music Box Industry of the 19th Century
1999.12.14.17 Replacing Ampico B Motor Governor Points
1999.12.10.08 "Lutefisk Lament"
1999.11.20.04 The Modern Electronic Musician
1999.11.19.13 Today Is Your Last Odd Day
1999.11.17.02 "Ballet Mechanique" Concert, Lowell MA Nov. 18
1999.11.12.05 "Roll 'Em Girls, Roll 'Em"
1999.11.09.04 Perfect Pitch
1999.11.06.05 MIDI Files and PowerRoll Music Files
1999.10.30.03 Jaeger & Brommer See-Through 20-key Belly Organ
1999.10.13.03 Source of Music Box Discs
1999.10.12.06 Reading MMDigest Via Web Browser
1999.10.12.04 Tremolo and Vibrato
1999.10.11.07 Tremolo and Vibrato in Musical Instruments
1999.09.06.06 Clarence Hickman and Magnetic Recording
1999.09.04.01 Mechanical Music Digest Site Map
1999.09.03.01 Music Media for Mechanical Music Instruments
1999.08.31.15 Solder
1999.08.28.03 The Great Dorset Steam Fair - Photo
1999.08.27.07 eBay Announcements in MMDigest
1999.08.26.03 The Great Dorset Steam Fair
1999.08.25.04 ISP Woes
1999.08.23.05 "Flex-a-Tone" Novelty Percussion Toy
1999.08.23.02 New Dutch Street Organ CD - "The Cuban"
1999.08.22.10 FS: Ampico Pump
1999.08.12.15 Solar Eclipse Telescope Controlled by Music Roll
1999.08.12.08 Seek QRS Autograph Rolls of "Magnolia Suite"
1999.08.11.03 Solar Eclipse in Europe
1999.08.09.05 Vincent Lopez Ampico Rolls
1999.08.05.06 MIDI File of Dutch Organ Song
1999.07.26.11 Q&A: Purchasing a Player Piano
1999.07.21.05 "Spirit of Independence" at MMD Pictures Site
1999.07.15.06 Gluing Hoses Into Wurlitzer Tracker Bar
1999.07.13.12 Edison Phonograph Ad in Cosmopolitan Magazine
1999.07.08.03 Music Box & Clock Exhibition in Vienna
1999.07.07.07 Wurlitzer Mandolin PianOrchestra History
1999.07.06.02 Puppet Theatre Museum in Luebeck, Germany
1999.07.02.05 Airmotor Problem in Laffargue Player
1999.06.26.10 Franklin Titebond(R) Glue
1999.06.25.02 Seek Roll Courier to Bruchsal, Oct 1999
1999.06.12.01 Robbie's Tour of the Street Organs of Europe
1999.05.20.15 Seek Evidence of Artecho, Art-Echo & Art Echo
1999.05.16.02 Organ Rally 15-16 May 1999 in Temecula CA
1999.05.13.02 Seek Parade Music for Erie, Illinois
1999.05.12.02 Organ Rally 15-16 May 1999 in Temecula CA
1999.04.29.05 Chain Letter Hoaxes Spread Fear, Uncertainly and Doubt
1999.04.24.09 Music Box WAV Files at MMD Web Site
1999.04.01.04 A-1146 & QRS 3226 "The Farmer Took Another Load Away!"
1999.03.30.01 "MusicBox15" Music Box Simulation Program
1999.03.29.03 Songs on Columbia Bohemian A-Roll #1672
1999.03.19.07 Seek QRS Source Rolls for Automatic A-1146
1999.03.10.03 Structural Resonance In Organ Pipes
1999.03.01.01 Virus Warnings & Virus Hype
1999.02.22.07 Music Folio: Jelly Roll Morton Piano Rolls
1999.02.21.07 Who Invented the Player Piano?
1999.02.16.04 Matthew Davidson Concert via RealPlayer
1999.02.15.01 Wrong MMDigest Transmitted
1999.02.14.01 New Book: "Figure Clocks of the Black Forest"
1999.02.07.04 Identifying Music Rolls
1999.02.06.07 Identifying Music Rolls - Residence Organ Rolls
1999.02.06.02 Internet Music Site Seized
1999.02.03.02 Materials for Organ Pipes
1999.01.30.15 Methods of Reading (Sensing) Holes in Paper
1999.01.16.08 Audio Editing Software
1999.01.07.05 Coin-Operated Entertainment for 1890 San Francisco Bordello
1998.12.30.11 "The Violin Thief" - A Christmas Story
1998.12.28.01 Silent Night
1998.12.26.05 Rubber-Band Music Box
1998.12.20.05 Harold Schonberg Reviews Rachmaninoff Ampico CD
1998.12.19.17 Proposal for Shortened Ampico Roll Numbers
1998.12.10.07 New Director at Boesendorfer
1998.12.06.04 Rachmaninoff Telarc CD Reviewed in Fi Magazine
1998.12.04.20 Plasticizers in Clear Plastic Tubing
1998.12.02.12 Silencing the Calliope Blower
1998.12.01.01 Photos & Catalog of Chartres Auction 6 Dec. 1998
1998.11.10.03 Boesendorfer SE Web Site
1998.11.09.21 Rachmaninoff Ampico Rolls for Disklavier
1998.11.05.17 Motor Speed Regulation & Music Roll Acceleration
1998.11.01.19 Ampico A's & B's and PowerRoll
1998.10.25.01 Gershwin and Jazz in Song
1998.09.17.01 Vacation Jazz Cruise
1998.09.13.09 The Player Piano Ring
1998.09.12.03 New Pluer Organ for M.S. Zaandam
1998.09.10.06 Make Your Own Music Rolls
1998.09.04.05 RMS Olympic, RMS Titanic & HMHS Britannic
1998.08.29.03 Welte Artist Heinrich Burkhard
1998.08.16.16 Ampico B Roll Drive Motor
1998.07.21.09 Correction to "Exciting the Children"
1998.07.19.16 Product Support and Obsolescence
1998.07.19.09 Hit Songs of WW1
1998.06.28.08 MIDI Wireline Errors - PianoDisc 128+
1998.06.22.15 Speed of Accordion Pneumatics
1998.06.17.12 Vollkommenster Player Piano in Argentina
1998.06.11.01 Organ Rally 13 June in Sierra Madre CA
1998.06.07.01 25-key Steam Calliope in Princeton NJ Parade
1998.05.14.03 Printing Music Manuscript from MIDI Files
1998.05.13.06 Chain Letter Hoaxes Spread Fear & Uncertainty
1998.05.10.15 Copyright & Licensing in Germany - GEMA
1998.05.10.04 Aeolianly Gentle Echo Air Horn
1998.04.30.13 Development of Harmony
1998.04.29.18 Orchestrion Builder's Manual
1998.04.25.06 Math for Music Roll Acceleration
1998.04.20.02 Pianella & PianOrchestra Web Site
1998.04.14.01 Reuge Won't Supply Movements to Jobin
1998.04.12.06 Music Quotes
1998.04.12.01 Seek Music-Box Noteur
1998.04.05.11 JAM Rolls by John Farrell
1998.04.04.08 Capuchin, the Organ Grinder's Monkey
1998.04.01.17 Second Report of Injury
1998.03.22.13 Brundibar
1998.03.18.07 Music by Telephone
1998.03.07.13 The Saga of "Lilli Marlene"
1998.03.04.08 Teresa Carreno CD Project
1998.02.28.04 How to Search the MMD Archives
1998.02.23.18 Teresa Carreno Rollography
1998.02.23.17 Teresa Carreno CD Project
1998.01.26.04 Updates to Mechanical Music Sources
1998.01.22.15 Hide Glue
1998.01.20.14 Violin Varnish and Glue
1998.01.11.11 'Ad hominem' Resolved
1998.01.09.08 Correction -- ".nospam" Protection
1998.01.08.01 Administrivia -- ".nospam" Protection
1998.01.02.08 Editorial Help for Authors
1997.12.31.09 Tumult on MMD
1997.12.31.02 MM Museum in Wiscasset, Maine
1997.12.26.22 Irrelevant Topics in MMD
1997.12.25.03 "Irregardless" and Irrelevant Material
1997.12.25.02 ".nospam" Protection for MMD Authors
1997.12.20.04 "Irregardless" is Not a Word
1997.12.13.13 Emulated Fair Organ Project
1997.12.13.05 "Midi Typer" Utility for Macintosh
1997.12.09.07 Seek SoundBlaster AWE32
1997.12.07.16 Linotype Composing Machine
1997.11.22.03 Unknown Wurl PianOrchestra Tune - MIDI File
1997.11.06.13 Hurdy-Gurdy Not Played by the Organ Grinder!
1997.11.04.02 What's a hurdy-gurdy?
1997.10.29.09 Sustain Pedal Usage
1997.10.21.06 Play-Rite Burns Again
1997.10.09.05 High-voltage Solenoids
1997.10.06.02 Good Music Sells!
1997.10.05.07 MIDI Arranger Robert Finley
1997.10.04.13 Pneumatic vs. Solenoid Action
1997.10.02.09 FS: Knabe and Chickering Ampicos
1997.09.30.06 Demand for Mechanical Music Instruments
1997.09.22.04 Newspaper Marches
1997.09.13.05 Truncating a MIDI-file for Perforating
1997.09.10.06 MMD and Low-ascii Characters
1997.09.06.04 Avant-garde Music Rolls in Germany
1997.09.02.08 Humor/Humour: The New English Language?
1997.08.18.07 No Sustaining Pedal?
1997.08.17.12 German Piano Wire (Hickman)
1997.08.15.01 Your Letters to MMD
1997.08.09.09 Preservation of Mechanical Music
1997.08.09.06 Historic Fair Organs Play New Compositions
1997.07.23.01 Lepine Musical Pocket Watch
1997.07.19.07 Teleconferencing: MMD Chat Room
1997.07.14.01 John Roache's Ragtime Midi Web Site
1997.07.12.08 The Saga of "Lilli Marlene"
1997.07.10.09 "Rosamunde"
1997.07.07.11 Beer Songs
1997.07.06.05 Granular Synthesis
1997.07.05.01 "Roll Out The Barrel"
1997.07.04.04 Songs About Beer
1997.07.04.01 Band Organ Rally 5 July, Sierra Madre CA
1997.07.02.04 Avant-garde Music Rolls in Germany
1997.06.28.03 Edison Cylinder Directory
1997.06.25.07 Electrical Safety
1997.06.20.09 Band Width
1997.06.11.03 Administrivia
1997.06.08.12 "Dear Old Daddy Long Legs"
1997.06.08.07 Bill Elliott, "Player-piano Mechanic"
1997.06.08.03 Yukon Music Box
1997.06.02.01 Band Organ Rally 5 July, Sierra Madre CA
1997.05.26.06 Keyboard Divisions in Reproducing Pianos
1997.05.21.03 Miles Musical Museum, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
1997.05.02.06 Editing with Color Monitor
1997.05.01.04 Visiting England
1997.04.16.17 FS: 53-key Air Calliope
1997.04.11.12 Recordings of "Rhapsody in Blue"
1997.04.11.11 Rachmaninoff Discs - Correction
1997.04.11.07 Resonant Sound Chamber for Music Box
1997.04.09.03 PTG Convention in Orlando, Florida
1997.04.02.05 Re: Chicago AMICA Concert
1997.04.01.12 Arrangers Make The Rolls
1997.03.31.05 April Fool's Viruses
1997.03.19.03 Raffin Concert Organ in Erlangen
1997.03.17.03 Crank-organ for Waldkirch
1997.03.14.10 Midi Pedaling and Disklavier
1997.03.12.20 Seek Calliope Plans
1997.03.12.03 Antique Music Show in Orlando FL
1997.03.11.19 Comet Hale-Bopp
1997.03.10.15 Secret Radio Controlled by Piano Roll
1997.03.08.09 Fast Note Repetition
1997.03.07.07 Music Box Video
1997.03.06.03 Artcraft Leabarjan on TV
1997.03.04.18 Comet Hale-Bopp
1997.03.04.14 Solenoid Players
1997.03.04.06 Cataloging a Roll Collection
1997.03.02.03 Barrelhouse and Boogie
1997.03.01.15 Lyle Martin and Link "RX"
1997.03.01.06 Alistair Riddell Piano Action
1997.02.26.12 "Kickin' the Clouds Away"
1997.02.26.09 Leabarjan Perforator
1997.02.24.07 MMD Subscriber Demographics Histogram
1997.02.22.03 Books on Mechanical Musical Instruments
1997.02.19.15 Test Roll for Aeolian Orchestrelle
1997.02.15.05 Music Arranged for Mechanical Instruments
1997.02.13.03 Focus of MMD
1997.02.12.06 Editor's Comments
1997.02.08.09 Hole-for-hole Replication
1997.02.06.12 Repairing Wrinkled Rolls
1997.02.06.10 History of the Player Piano
1997.02.05.12 Quality of Modern Rolls
1997.02.05.03 Fire at Play-Rite
1997.01.31.04 Inventory of Fair Organs
1997.01.25.01 Editors Exultation
1997.01.23.20 Proportional Solodant
1997.01.23.03 Dorset Steam Fair
1997.01.17.14 Source of Brass Trombones
1997.01.15.03 MMD Subject Categories
1997.01.14.06 Re: The Moebius Roll
1997.01.11.02 Pronounce 'Rockola' like 'Victrola'?
1997.01.08.09 Line Conditioner to Protect Electronics
1997.01.06.14 Roll Inventory and Rollography
1997.01.05.13 Re: Data Base Rollography
1997.01.05.06 The Largest Digital Piano
1997.01.04.07 Physical Chemistry of Hide Glue
1997.01.04.05 Data Base Rollography
1997.01.03.17 "On the Fritz"
1997.01.03.09 Re: Rolls by Gitta Gradova
1996.12.29.07 Re: Materials for Printing Word Rolls
1996.12.29.06 Re: Epoxy on Tracker Bar Nipples
1996.12.24.15 Karaoke to Midi Adapter
1996.12.19.15 Computers Playing Reproducing Rolls
1996.12.18.08 Re: Midi Control for 100-key Wurlitzer Organ
1996.12.17.08 Perforator Math #1
1996.12.16.16 NY Times Article on Duo-Art
1996.12.15.06 CD Review: Arden and Ohman Duo-Pianists
1996.12.14.12 Re: Electrified Pumpers
1996.12.13.11 Sound of Tine, Tooth and Tongue
1996.12.13.09 Re: Take-up Spool Tempo Compensation
1996.12.12.05 Monograph: Player Pianos - draft
1996.12.10.08 Re: Editing Your Articles (and Mine)
1996.12.09.10 Editing Your MMD Articles
1996.12.06.10 Re: Take-up Spool Tempo Compensation
1996.12.05.16 Replicating Punched Paper
1996.12.03.12 European Band Organ CD
1996.12.03.08 Carousel Band Organ Tree Ornament
1996.11.28.10 Re: Band Organ Just Tuning
1996.11.25.07 Re: Band Organ Just Tuning
1996.11.24.07 Definition of Reproducing Piano
1996.11.24.04 Phonovision, the 1928 Videodisc
1996.11.14.11 Ignorance in MMD Articles
1996.11.12.14 Thanks for the Organ Descriptions
1996.11.10.05 Re: Taj Mahal - Where? Where?
1996.11.09.03 Street Organs and Draaiorgels
1996.11.08.12 Re: "Taj Mahal" Mortier
1996.11.07.01 Re: Orchestrions and Fairground Organs - Thanks
1996.11.04.10 Piano Tuning Math
1996.11.02.06 A Standard for Hurdy-Gurdy Rolls
1996.11.01.05 Re: 20-Key Organ Roll
1996.10.30.07 Re: MTP-1 MIDI Decommutator
1996.10.30.02 20-Key Organ Roll
1996.10.26.09 Re: WAV to MIDI Conversion
1996.10.18.09 Re: Condon Collection CDs - Gershwin
1996.10.18.07 Musique a la Mecanique
1996.10.16.11 Re: Gershwin CD
1996.10.16.03 Re: Flat Leaf Spring Stock (96.10.14)
1996.10.05.17 Re: Advertising in MMD
1996.10.02.10 Re: Transcribing Music Box Disc
1996.09.29.10 Re: The Worldwide Queen's English
1996.09.29.09 The Worldwide Queen's English
1996.09.25.07 Re: Two Notes For The Price of One!
1996.09.24.15 MIDI Music for Player Banjo
1996.09.24.14 'Don't Give Up The Day Job'
1996.09.10.17 Stoddard Ampico "Soft" Device
1996.09.10.07 Quiet Roll Drive Motor
1996.09.10.05 Name & Acronym for the Digest
1996.09.04.13 Re: Classical Music for 88-note Piano
1996.09.01.06 Re Disk vs. Disc
1996.08.29.13 MBSI Convention is On-Line
1996.08.28.07 Loud Piano Music
1996.08.27.09 Myths versus Knowledge
1996.08.20.18 Deleika Hurdy-Gurdy
1996.08.20.16 Request Hofbauer Information from Fred Gerer
1996.08.20.15 Hofbauer: Old-Berlin Traditional Organ, The Historic Tanzbaer, The Modern Tanzbaer and The End of Music Rolls
1996.08.20.12 Hofbauer Micro Box
1996.08.18.10 Receiving Big E-mail Messages
1996.08.17.10 The BIG Digest 96.08.16
1996.08.16.21 Re: Chordephon Disk Image
1996.08.16.17 Re: Duo-Art Playing Too Loud
1996.08.16.08 Replacement Switches for Pianos
1996.08.16.01 Correction to "Elect. Safety in Ontario"
1996.08.09.04 Re 'Frosty the Snowman'
1996.08.08.11 Re 'Disc' or 'Disk'?
1996.08.07.05 Buying a Player Piano
1996.08.06.12 Re: Solenoid Valve Test Program
1996.08.06.09 Re: Optical Scanner for Music Box Discs
1996.08.06.06 Re: Recognition of Piano Roll Lyrics
1996.08.04.06 Re: Optical scanner for Music Box Discs
1996.08.04.04 Springs for Ampico Unit Valves
1996.08.03.08 Optical Scanner for Music Box Discs
1996.08.01.01 Re: Chordephon Zither Music Box
1996.07.31.17 Play-Rite and Wurlitzer Roll Production
1996.07.31.08 Re: deKleist-Wurlitzer 165
1996.07.28.02 Re: Refitting AMPICO Action Stack (960727)
1996.07.26.04 DeKleist and Wurlitzer
1996.07.24.09 MIDI Hardware
1996.07.24.02 Re: Composition Contest (Digest 960723)
1996.07.22.09 Re: MB Plays Japanese Songs (Digest 960720)
1996.07.22.08 Deleika Hurdy-Gurdy
1996.07.20.08 Re: Hofbauer Micro-Box
1996.07.20.01 Old Swiss MB Plays Japanese Songs
1996.07.17.05 Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
1996.07.16.02 Re: Visit to Holland
1996.07.15.05 Stack Split in Aeolian Pianos
1996.07.15.02 Recognizing Piano Roll Lyrics
1996.07.12.05 Re: Piano Roll Center
1996.07.12.04 Re: Storage Battery
1996.07.12.03 Re: Stack Split in Aeolian Pianos
1996.07.07.02 The Music-Box-Calliope
1996.07.04.06 Re Ampico B
1996.06.23.02 Re: Marxsen's visit to the USA
1996.06.22.04 MIDI Music for Wurlitzer 125 Organ
1996.06.11.08 Re: Replacing Ampico Rolls
1996.06.09.03 Re: Restoration of Fairground Organ Facade
1996.06.05.05 Phonola Performance in Chemnitz - Translation
1996.05.30.02 How Piano Rolls Were Made
1996.05.30.01 Advances in Synths
1996.05.27.09 Re: 65-Note Piano Player Rolls, Digest 960525
1996.05.21.08 Re: Original Recording Pianos
1996.05.19.03 Re: Original Recording Pianos
1996.05.19.01 For Sale: 32-Key Steam Calliope
1996.05.05.07 Who is Transcribing Music Rolls?
1996.05.05.03 Re: Macintosh and MIDI
1996.05.04.03 Strings and Pipes
1996.05.04.02 Macintosh and MIDI
1996.04.21.03 Need Help with MIDI and E-Mail
1996.04.21.02 Calliope
1996.04.20.06 84-key Mortier Dance Hall Organ Sold
1996.04.15.01 Rebuilding Suppliers in Europe
1996.04.10.02 Book-music from Carl Frei archive
1996.04.08.05 Music Roll Editing Software
1996.04.05.06 'Painting the Town...' Midi file
1996.04.02.03 FS: 84-key Mortier (mailed announcement)
1996.03.29.03 Re: German Newsgroup
1996.03.26.02 Wolfgang Heisig -- 'Phonola in my Life'
1996.03.26.01 Introduction of Wolfgang Heisig
1996.03.25.05 Re: "Oscar" for Music Rolls
1996.03.24.03 Re: Force Versus Distance of a Pneumatic
1996.03.24.02 "Oscar" for Music Rolls
1996.03.22.07 Re: Force Versus Distance of a Pneumatic
1996.03.22.05 Perforated Music Rolls, Part 1.
1996.03.21.02 Force Versus Distance of a Pneumatic
1996.03.18.02 Re: Transmitting MIDI Files (Digest 960317)
1996.03.15.04 68283BV1.MID
1996.03.14.04 The Mighty O-roll Machine
1996.03.14.03 Compatibility of Solenoid Pianos
1996.03.10.02 Emulators and Translators
1996.03.07.09 Ampico 68283B.MID
1996.03.07.08 MIDI File 68283b.mid
1996.03.06.04 Original Midi Ragtime Arrangements
1996.03.05.02 Exact Scanning of Rolls
1996.02.27.05 Pneumatic Telescope Commutator of 1889
1996.02.23.02 Re Flying Spot Scanner for Roll Reader (960219)
1996.02.10.03 Sounds as Trademarks (editorial)
1996.02.08.04 Re: Roll Wanted (digest 960206)
1996.02.02.12 Re: Copyrights
1996.02.02.10 What's a hurdy-gurdy?
1996.02.02.07 Re: Gulbransen
1996.01.30.01 Re: Aeolean baby grand, digest 960129
1996.01.23.04 Re: Paper "skidding" (digest 960122)
1996.01.20.04 Pump motors
1996.01.20.01 Re: Problems with Large 88-Note Rolls
1996.01.16.06 Re: Seeburg Appraisal (Digest 960113)
1996.01.14.06 Re Mozart Piano Roll Search (digest 960102)
1996.01.12.06 MIDI and Music Rolls in Germany
1996.01.12.05 Reisner Valves and the Stahnke Valve
1996.01.07.05 Light Sources for Optical Reader
1996.01.05.01 Electric valves (re digest 960103)
1996.01.04.01 Electric valves
1996.01.02.01 Electric Valves
1995.12.31.07 Electric Valves
1995.12.28.06 Music Roll Archive Format by Wayne Stahnke
1995.12.23.07 Music Roll for Dracula
1995.12.15.01 Re: An interesting rolls find (digest 951213)
1995.12.14.08 Welcome to A.B. Bonds ; Ampico B Design
1995.12.08.06 Electric Valves for Reproducing Pianos
1995.12.01.09 Electric valves for reproducing pianos
1995.12.01.08 Adding Expression to Piano Rolls
1995.11.30.04 Re: Using Midi Editor for Adding Expression Coding
1995.11.29.08 Req for Info to
1995.11.29.07 Concertola and Midi
1995.11.29.06 Midi Editor for Adding Expression Coding
1995.11.26.07 Re: Archive of Piano Roll Material
1995.11.24.03 Piano Performance Timing
1995.11.24.02 MIDI for Concertola (ref digest 95.11.22)
1995.11.22.01 Re: Real Instruments Sound Better
1995.11.21.03 Re: Real Instruments Sound Better
1995.11.19.01 Transcribing and Emulating Reproducing Rolls
1995.11.15.08 Tuning Barbells (A Weighty Subject!)
1995.11.01.01 Re: Genetics and Analog to Midi
1995.10.24.03 Forwarded article on Ragtime Definition
1995.10.20.02 Re: "Defining Ragtime"
1995.09.23.01 Re: "New" Reproducing Rolls
1995.09.04.01 Re: Electronic Barrel Organs
1995.09.01.01 Re: Electronic barrel-organs
1995.08.29.01 Re: Wurlitzer 125 and 150 Band Organ Rolls
1995.08.28.01 Sample Specification for Music Book
1995.08.22.04 Combination Radio and Player Piano
1995.08.18.04 Re: Music Box Cylinders
1995.08.16.05 Midi archive - Thanks for feedback
1995.08.16.04 Optical transcriber
1995.08.15.12 JEFFD.MID - Midi Dump List
1995.08.14.01 Digest 950813b Mac Midi Archive - Success!
1995.08.13.10 Demo MIDI Piano Roll Files in IBM PC Format
1995.08.13.09 Demo MIDI Piano Roll Files in Macintosh Format
1995.08.13.08 Microfilm Archive for Music Rolls
1995.08.13.02 Demo PC MIDI Piano Roll Files Available
1995.08.13.01 Demo Mac MIDI Piano Roll Files Available
1995.08.11.02 Music Roll Editing and Editor Programs
1995.08.11.01 Re: Making new music box cylinders
1995.08.08.03 Re: Making Music Box Cylinders
1995.08.07.02 Re: Newsgroup or Listgroup
1995.08.05.01 Re: Making New Music Box Cylinders
1995.07.26.03 Synthesizing the Band Organ Sound
1995.07.23.07 Mechanical Music Sources 7/95, Addenda #2
1995.07.15.02 Roll Playback Speed Change
1995.07.15.01 Re: Welte T-100 Test Rolls (digest 950714)
1995.07.13.03 Welte T-100 Test Rolls
1995.07.11.03 Addenda to Mechanical Music Sources
1995.07.07.02 Re: Midi Control for Organ; Digest 95.05.11
1995.07.05.05 Mechanical Music Sources, Revised 04Jul95
1995.07.05.04 Re: Copying Music Rolls
1995.07.05.03 Two Bartok Rolls Found
1995.07.02.03 Copying Music Rolls
1995.07.02.02 Sources for Rolls
1995.07.01.01 Copying Music Rolls
1995.06.17.03 Restoring Old Rolls and Making New Ones

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