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Digest NrSubject
2019.04.14.01 Seeburg Coin Piano Plays Too Loud & Too Fast
2019.03.20.07 Inside Valve Seats Are Leaking (Beckwith)
2019.03.19.02 University of North Texas Ampico & Piano Rolls
2019.01.02.02 Seek Reproduco Blower
2018.12.29.03 "Undiscovered" Mechanical Music Instruments
2018.11.20.02 Welte-Mignon Music Is Very Impressive
2018.11.02.05 Roo Glue and Other New Adhesives
2018.11.02.04 Ampico B Plays Too Softly
2018.11.01.05 No Source Of Thin Rubberized Cloth
2018.11.01.03 Roo Glue and Other New Adhesives
2018.11.01.01 Ampico B Plays Too Softly
2018.10.01.04 Unknown Orchestrion Roll Scale
2018.09.13.02 Mechanical Music in the Movies and TV
2018.08.12.03 Installing a Duo-Art Player in a Different Piano
2018.08.09.03 Adjusting Aeolian Two-Ear Roll Tracking System
2018.07.24.10 Piano in Storage Unit in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
2018.07.04.03 Public Displays of Mechanical Musical Instruments
2018.05.31.04 Paper For Making Player Piano Rolls
2018.05.31.02 Verdigris On Piano Action
2018.03.12.02 Making Small Bushing Bearings
2018.03.10.01 Music Roll Cores For Wurlitzer Duplex Frame
2018.02.05.06 FS: Steinway AR Without Player
2018.01.23.05 Source of Rubberized Cotton Cloth
2018.01.21.08 Where To Use PVC-E Glue
2018.01.02.08 FS: Steinway & Mason & Hamlin Ex-player Pianos
2018.01.01.05 88 vs. 82-Note Rolls
2017.12.28.06 FS: Mason & Hamlin 7-foot ex-Ampico
2017.12.22.07 FS: Mason & Hamlin BB ex-Ampico in Illinois
2017.11.28.09 How to Rejuvenate Player Piano Strings
2017.10.07.04 The Joys (?) Of Silicone (?) Adhesive
2017.10.03.01 Musical Museum & Arcade in Underground Atlanta
2017.09.19.07 Aeolian Duo-Art Piano Finishes in 1927
2017.09.14.03 Hurricane Harvey
2017.08.23.01 My Favorite A-roll Coin Piano
2017.08.22.02 New "A" Roll Of Familiar Songs From Ed Gaida
2017.07.10.05 Reproducing a Large Poster Image
2017.07.01.03 Universal Piano Co. Nickelodeon Scale
2017.06.13.01 American Pickers Interviews Mechanical Music Man
2017.06.04.02 Book "Understanding Wood Finishing"
2017.06.02.03 Politically Incorrect Music Media
2017.05.21.02 Roll Collection at University of North Texas
2017.04.28.02 Replacement Piano Hammers & Other Parts
2017.04.27.07 Replacement Piano Hammers
2017.04.22.07 Rescaling Coin Pianos To Improve the Sound
2017.03.24.03 Seek Peerless 44-note Rolls for Recutting
2017.03.16.05 Seek 44-note Peerless Player Endless Roll
2017.03.02.02 Dispersing Randolph Herr Collection
2017.02.21.03 Dispersing Randolph Herr Collection
2017.02.14.01 Tubing Nickelodeon A-roll Coin Pianos
2017.02.04.02 Dispersing Randolph Herr Collection - A Sad Story
2017.01.15.04 Rebuilding and Adjusting Player Action Valves
2017.01.13.05 Player Tries To Play Notes When First Started
2017.01.10.02 Professional Varnish Transfer Decals
2016.12.24.07 Repairing Stripped Screw Threads in Wood
2016.12.17.01 Source of Ampico A Transmission & Control Switches
2016.12.08.04 Refinishing Rosewood
2016.12.06.03 Rosewood on New CITES Endangered Species List
2016.12.02.04 Cork Gaskets for Ampico Valves
2016.11.14.05 Pouch Leather Sealing
2016.11.13.02 Training the Next Generation
2016.11.12.02 Aging Impacts Mechanical Music Maintenance Field
2016.10.31.04 Restoring the Reproduco Player Action
2016.10.24.02 Cheap Player Pianos
2016.10.24.01 Coinola Duplex Midget Has Two Roll Frames
2016.08.22.03 Seeburg Coin Drawer (Money Box)
2016.06.22.08 Glue for Urethane-coated Nylon Pneumatic Cloth
2016.06.16.02 Sealing Leather With Rubber Cement
2016.06.09.06 Floppy Drive for Yamaha MX100A Disklavier
2016.06.08.05 A-roll Tracker Bar Scale for Coin Pianos
2016.06.05.03 Sealant for Leaking Pouches
2016.05.25.10 Early Duo-Art Roll Tracking Problem
2016.05.20.02 Wurlitzer I and IX Lock & Cancel System
2016.05.17.07 Reproduco Blower Box Cover Panel
2016.05.17.06 Reproduco Bass Pipe Windchest Pneumatic
2016.05.12.03 Cleaning Kimball Model D Player Transmission
2016.05.12.01 Restoring Player Pianos is Relaxing
2016.05.06.06 Source of Rotary Pump Bearings
2016.05.05.02 Source of Rotary Pump Bearings
2016.04.22.05 Ampico Upright Tracking Linkage
2016.04.06.03 Working Player Piano
2016.04.06.02 Shipping Music Rolls by USPS Media Mail
2016.03.10.04 Unknown Wurlitzer Band Organ
2016.03.05.02 New Ampico B Transmission Brake Drums
2016.02.12.02 Wurlitzer Type S Plays APP Rolls
2016.01.30.02 Seeburg E is a Favorite A-roll Coin Piano
2015.12.26.02 Value of Western Electric Nickelodeon
2015.12.11.05 FS: Seeburg Roll Chucks
2015.12.10.03 Seek Baldwin Transmission Frame for Pattern
2015.12.01.10 Fitting H. C. Bay Exhauster to Standard Action
2015.11.30.02 Coinola X Coin Piano
2015.11.17.04 Instrument in Old Photo is Wurlitzer CX
2015.11.10.05 Source of Ampico Transmission Frames
2015.11.10.02 Music Box Comb Doesn't Match the Cylinder
2015.10.13.03 Music Rolls for Player Calliope
2015.10.12.05 Music Rolls for Player Calliope
2015.10.06.05 Recutting Haunted Halloween "A" Roll
2015.09.17.04 Paper to Make Music Rolls
2015.08.24.02 Janssen "Modeska" Player Piano
2015.08.21.04 Source of Schulz Cloth
2015.08.15.04 Lester Player Piano Valve Problems
2015.08.14.06 John Volcano, "O" Roll Collector
2015.08.13.02 Preventing Moth Damage
2015.08.13.01 Extended "O" Roll Scale for Extra Instruments
2015.08.12.03 Seek John Volcano, "O" Roll Collector
2015.08.09.02 No MMD? Gasp!
2015.07.19.03 Wurlitzer IX Tubing Connections
2015.07.14.01 Nelson-Wiggen Style 7 at Deansboro Music Museum
2015.06.25.07 FS: Early Louis XV Steinway Duo-Art in California
2015.06.19.03 Jigs and Fixtures for Covering Pneumatics
2015.06.16.02 Kimball Brass Damper Plates With Spring
2015.06.15.08 FS: Early Louis XV Steinway Duo-Art in California
2015.06.15.03 Coinola C Models CX, CF, C-2
2015.06.14.09 Woodruff Key in Player Piano Transmission
2015.06.14.03 Mechanical Music Manufacturing Co. of Wichita
2015.06.14.01 Passing of Tom Fretty, Mechanical Music Collector
2015.06.07.02 FS: Early Louis XV Steinway Duo-Art in California
2015.06.04.05 FS: Early Steinway Duo-Art in Louis XV Case
2015.05.11.07 FS or Trade: Ampico B Mason & Hamlin Size AA
2015.05.11.02 Restoring a "Coinola Cupid" or "Tiny Coinola"
2015.05.06.04 Western Electric Pouch Material
2015.04.16.02 Cremona Valve Pouch Reinforcing Material
2015.04.02.02 Rebuilding Cremona Player Action Valves
2015.04.01.03 FS: Early Steinway XR Louis XV in Rochester NY
2015.02.21.01 Catalog of Style "O" (Coinola) Rolls
2015.02.14.06 Xylophone Scale to Play Style "4X" & "G" Rolls
2015.02.13.02 Recutting Style "O" (Coinola) Rolls
2015.02.12.03 Rebuilding a Cremona G Pump
2015.02.09.06 Old Rolls Tearing On Rewind
2015.02.09.02 Recutting Style "O" (Coinola) Rolls
2015.02.04.02 Valve Travel in Coin Piano Or Any Other Player
2015.01.28.04 Tunes on Wurlitzer APP Roll 1845
2015.01.11.01 Mandolin in Cremona Or Coinola
2014.12.26.01 Don Teach Retired From Retail Music Business
2014.12.25.02 Source of PVC-E Glue
2014.11.10.04 Player Piano Drawer Hits the Knees
2014.10.07.04 Seek Ampico Repair in Oakland, California, Area
2014.10.02.05 Seeburg Style L Repair Manual
2014.09.05.09 FS: Steinway XR Duo-Art in North Carolina
2014.08.18.06 Refinishing Seeburg Coin Piano Components
2014.08.11.04 Market for Mechanical Musical Instruments
2014.08.05.02 Packing Heavy Motors for Shipment
2014.07.30.15 Sealant for Valve Seats & Plates
2014.07.29.04 Digital Player Pianos
2014.07.28.06 Repairing a Cast Iron Piano Frame
2014.07.20.07 Force Fit Collars for Valve Stems
2014.07.19.02 Dimensions of Force Fit Collars
2014.07.18.06 Making Blotter Paper Gaskets
2014.07.11.03 Nelson-Wiggen Style 7 Nickelodeon Photo
2014.07.05.03 Source of PVC-E Glue
2014.07.02.05 Fallboard Springs for Steinway Duo-Art Grand
2014.06.24.06 FS: Steinway A-3 Piano Missing the Player
2014.06.23.05 Repairing Pot Metal Flanges and Elbows
2014.06.18.05 Finishing Poplar Wood
2014.06.18.03 Regulating Player Action Stack to Piano Action
2014.06.11.06 FS: Steinway XR Complete in Washington
2014.06.05.02 Titebond Liquid Hide Glue
2014.06.04.05 Why I Don't Use Titebond Glue
2014.06.04.03 Manufacture Date of a Wurlitzer Nickelodeon
2014.06.01.08 Seek Ampico A Drawer Switches for Replication
2014.05.25.03 Unrestorable Instruments Are Restorable
2014.05.13.04 Heating Small Batches of Hot Glue
2014.05.09.06 Making Brass Hose Elbows
2014.05.04.01 Seeburg G at New Jersey Auction
2014.05.02.02 Help Wanted at New Jersey Auction
2014.04.30.02 Nelson-Wiggen Decal Replicated
2014.04.25.04 Restoring a Cremona G at DeBence Museum
2014.04.22.06 Restoring a Cremona G at DeBence Museum
2014.03.16.03 Nelson-Wiggen Decal Colors
2014.03.15.06 FS: Nelson-Wiggen Decal Replica
2014.03.14.04 Ampico Hammer Rail Lift Problem
2014.02.17.02 Recutting Wurlitzer APP Rolls
2014.01.23.08 Disconnected Push-button Valve Near Roll Drive
2014.01.14.08 FS: Rubber Tubing for Player Pianos & Orchestrions
2014.01.13.05 Empty Player Piano Could Be a "Donor" Piano
2014.01.06.11 Leather Treated With Nitrocellulose
2014.01.03.07 Leather Treated With Nitrocellulose
2014.01.02.08 Sealing Leather Pouches
2013.12.30.04 Drum Shelf in Coinola X Orchestrion
2013.12.26.03 "The Nutcracker" Played on Ampico & Duo-Art
2013.12.08.09 Source of Round Leather Belting
2013.12.08.04 Tubing Diagram for Seeburg Coin Piano
2013.11.17.02 Tubing for Wurlitzer Orchestrions
2013.11.06.05 FS: 7' Mason & Hamlin RBB Ex-player Piano
2013.11.04.03 Wurlitzer Model F Orchestra Photoplayer
2013.11.03.07 Value of a Wurlitzer Orchestra Photoplayer
2013.11.01.12 MIDI File Player Program for Laptop Computer
2013.10.16.03 Rebuilding Player Piano Valves
2013.10.10.04 Hardware & Parts for Seeburg, Wurlitzer, Ampico
2013.10.08.08 Hobart M. Cable Player Unit Problem
2013.09.18.04 Nelson-Wiggen Decal Colors
2013.09.09.05 FS: Mason & Hamlin BB Built for Player System
2013.08.27.14 Burned Shellac vs. Medium C/A Glue
2013.08.27.13 Source of Blotter Paper
2013.07.28.02 Valve Clearance Setting
2013.07.24.07 Tuning a Coinola K
2013.06.28.07 Fiber Washers for Player Piano Valve Covers
2013.06.04.01 Seek Photos of Original Coinola Coin-op Pianos
2013.05.13.01 Passing of Ben Bacon
2013.05.05.03 Lock and Cancel Units & Multiplex Systems
2013.05.02.02 Seeburg KT Special Rewind Problem
2013.05.02.01 Seek Old Piano Rolls
2013.03.28.02 Force Fit Collars for Valves
2013.02.22.02 Applying Graphite to Wood Surfaces
2013.02.16.06 Thread Rolling Machine for Wire Push Rods
2013.02.09.08 Fan Mail
2013.02.08.05 Source of Flat Steel Stock for Brackets
2013.01.27.02 Removing PVC-E Adhesive
2013.01.12.01 Seeburg "H" Roll Recutting Project
2012.12.31.03 Wurlitzer CX Suction Problem
2012.12.01.04 Guide Pins Align Pneumatics to Action Stack
2012.11.24.12 Coinola Pump Needed
2012.11.24.10 Need Drawings/Photos of Seeburg Dog Race Mechanism
2012.11.24.04 Looking for Tom McNabb
2012.11.10.05 Seek Ampico Roll of "Deep Purple"
2012.10.24.02 FS: Mason & Hamlin Ampico & Steinway Duo-Art Art
2012.10.20.06 Knabe Grand Player Pianos
2012.10.17.07 FS: Steinway XR Duo-Art in Louis XVI Art Case
2012.10.16.03 Steinway D Concert Grand Player Piano Found
2012.10.11.05 Information on Piano and Player Mechanism
2012.10.08.03 Plastic Key Bushings for Player Pianos
2012.09.26.06 Coinola/Reproduco Pump Needed
2012.08.01.10 Ampico Transmission Frame & Rubber Motor Mounts
2012.07.31.03 Ampico Transmission Frame & Rubber Motor Mounts
2012.07.27.06 FS: Rubber Motor Mounts for Ampico Pianos
2012.07.21.02 Hobart M Cable Player Piano Problems
2012.06.27.01 Parts for Nelson-Wiggen Cabinet Piano
2012.05.26.10 Bending a Warped Piano Key
2012.05.26.05 Animated Keys of an Upright Pianola
2012.05.02.05 FS: Western Electric & Seeburg C Cabinet Pianos
2012.03.24.02 How Did Wurlitzer Choose Songs for Music Rolls?
2012.02.16.10 Seeburg Style C Cabinet Piano
2012.02.11.02 Steinway Duo-Art Mechanism Variations
2012.02.10.05 Player System for Steinway XR Grand
2012.01.31.04 Striker Pneumatic Span
2012.01.14.04 Source of PPCo Piano Roll Hole Punch
2011.12.30.07 Rebuilding a Player Piano Air Motor System
2011.12.13.07 Removable Spool Assembly for Wurlitzer CX
2011.12.05.13 Ampico Motor Mounts
2011.12.05.10 Vacuum Level for Calliope Player
2011.12.05.06 Piano Purchasing and Moving Scam
2011.10.04.05 Seek Ivory Keytops for Steinway XR Player Grand
2011.10.03.03 PPCo No. 8 Thin Wall Rubber Tubing
2011.09.28.03 PPCo No. 8 Thin Wall Rubber Tubing
2011.09.24.03 Gaskets for Simplex, Coinola & Wurlitzer Valves
2011.09.08.05 Electronic Tuning Devices for Piano Tuning
2011.09.08.04 Symphonion Gold Lacquer Finish
2011.09.07.03 Symphonion Gold Lacquer Finish
2011.08.14.02 Wurlitzer Spinet Solenoid Player Piano
2011.08.05.10 Edge Damage on Piano Rolls
2011.08.05.06 Wurlitzer Pianino Roll Sizes
2011.07.29.06 Unknown Ampico Roll Recutter
2011.07.23.12 Seek Cast Iron Action Shifter for Steinway Duo-Art
2011.06.24.04 Seek Rachmaninoff "Star Spangled Banner"
2011.06.06.06 Preserving Audio Fidelity in YouTube Video
2011.05.28.03 Lacquer Wood Finishes
2011.05.11.07 Coinola X on YouTube
2011.05.11.06 Nickelodeons on TV Shows
2011.05.02.04 Value of Push-up Piano Player
2011.04.30.06 Lacquer Wood Finishes
2011.04.29.02 Value of Push-up Piano Player
2011.04.01.03 Making Coinola Xylophone Repeating Pneumatics
2011.03.26.02 Irish Music Rolls For Seeburg Model B
2011.03.17.05 Market Value of Mechanical Music Instruments
2011.02.25.03 Valve Facing Material
2011.02.19.03 Tuning the Seeburg Nickelodeon & Xylophone
2011.02.15.02 Seek Picture of Mission Style Grand Player Piano
2011.02.09.05 Nickelodeon Pianos
2011.02.09.03 Wurlitzer APP Rolls with Registration for Bells
2011.02.07.06 FS: Seeburg KT Special & Steinway XR Duo-Art
2011.02.06.05 Coinola Cupid Vacuum Pump Configurations
2011.01.10.04 Removing Dents and Plating Sheet Brass
2011.01.08.08 FS: Coinola X in Louisiana
2011.01.03.10 Sources of Player Piano Rebuilding Materials
2011.01.03.09 PPCo Plastic Glue Equivalent
2011.01.03.01 Is The Player Piano Market Dead?
2010.09.22.05 Amphion Ampico Transmission Frame
2010.09.19.02 Market Value of Mechanical Music Instruments
2010.09.14.09 FS: Steinway Ex-Player Piano
2010.09.14.08 Seek Power Switch for 1970s Aeolian Player Piano
2010.08.16.10 Seek Coinola Pneumatics & Parts
2010.08.09.06 Santoprene Thermoplastic Rubber Tubing
2010.07.31.02 FS: 7' Baldwin Welte Grand Piano
2010.07.12.02 Upgrading a Yamaha Disklavier Mark II
2010.06.17.02 Xylophone Playing Note Range in Coin-op Pianos
2010.05.13.06 FS: Cremona Style Lamps
2010.05.07.03 Connecting the Tubes of an "A" Roll Coin Piano
2010.03.12.09 FS: Wurlitzer APP & "A" Rolls, Chucks & Spools
2010.03.08.05 Playing General MIDI Files on Yamaha Disklavier
2010.03.01.06 Player Action Stack for Coinola C-2
2010.02.09.10 Ampico Piano Repair Isn't Affordable
2010.01.26.07 Removing Old Rubber From Tracker Bar
2010.01.14.06 Sources of Vacuum Supply Hose
2010.01.11.05 Mink Oil
2010.01.05.06 Books on Rebuilding a Player Piano & Piano
2009.11.30.10 Seek Wurlitzer Duplex Spool Frames
2009.11.27.06 Seeburg Coin Chutes
2009.11.26.04 Seeburg Coin Chute Now Available
2009.11.18.05 FS: Cremona Lamps, Seeburg Coin Drop, APP Rolls
2009.11.11.03 Seek Art Case Steinway Duo-Art
2009.11.04.06 FS: Wurlitzer Roll 20405 Christmas Music
2009.10.07.05 FS: Cremona Piano Lamps
2009.09.21.01 283 Gram Hide Glue
2009.09.14.04 Paper Roll vs. Computer Disk Player Pianos
2009.08.22.03 Cutting & Rolling Threads on Steel Rod
2009.08.06.06 Ampico Decals
2009.08.06.04 Plating Metal Parts With Nickel
2009.07.25.04 FS: Seeburg Rewind Gears & Wurlitzer Spools
2009.07.16.11 Source of Round Leather Belting
2009.07.16.06 Wurlitzer Band Organ Drum Beater Spring
2009.07.16.02 Kelley Automatic Music Co. of Albany, New York
2009.07.15.04 Protective Coating for Metal Valve Seats
2009.07.07.02 Seek Seeburg Shifting Gear
2009.06.19.10 Twisting the Bass Strings on Duo-Art Baby Grand
2009.06.19.01 Passing of Marty Roenigk
2009.06.12.07 Sealing Valve Pouches
2009.06.12.05 Making Wurlitzer Unit Valves
2009.06.11.07 Source of Decals for Orchestrions
2009.06.08.02 Player Piano Co. Auction & Wurlitzer Pianino
2009.06.02.08 Sealing Valve Pouches With Rubber Cement
2009.05.01.02 Seek Source of Brass Tubing
2009.04.23.06 Abrasive Blasting Cabinets & Media
2009.04.17.04 Seeburg Tubing Diagram Availability
2009.04.09.08 Seeburg Mechanism Variations
2009.04.07.06 Seeburg E Nickelodeon Rewind
2009.03.31.08 Source of Steel Slotted Head Wood Screws
2009.03.28.05 Seeburg & Wurlitzer Maintenance Literature
2009.03.28.04 Coach Lamps on Seeburg Nickelodeons
2009.03.28.03 Seeburg "E" Description
2009.03.26.05 Player Piano Parts Suppliers
2009.03.26.01 Instruments at Stone Mountain Museum Auction
2009.03.21.03 Clearing the Player Piano Company Building
2009.03.19.01 Player Piano Company Future Looks Bleak
2009.03.16.04 List of Coinola Style "O" Rolls - Errata
2009.03.09.04 Wood Found in Player Pianos
2009.02.18.05 Player Piano Rebuilding Supplies at Player-Care
2009.02.17.04 10-tune Wurlitzer APP Roll Recutting Project
2009.02.03.08 Piano Roll End Tabs
2009.02.02.02 Seek Player Piano Company Employee
2009.01.31.03 Seek Piano Roll End Tabs & "D" Rings
2009.01.08.01 Player Piano Company is Ordered to Close
2009.01.07.05 Orchestrion Decals & Pierce Piano Atlas
2008.12.15.05 Style "O" Rolls for Coinola Pianos
2008.12.15.04 A-Rolls from Ed Gaida
2008.12.08.01 New Songs for Nickelodeons
2008.11.26.01 Locating Instruments for Collections
2008.11.18.05 FS: Wiring Harness for Mills Violano
2008.11.15.07 1913 Steinway L Duo-Art Grand
2008.11.11.07 Restoration vs. Conversion
2008.10.13.02 Ampico A Pump Motor Mounting Blocks
2008.10.10.02 Passing of Dave Miner, Miner Manufacturing Co.
2008.09.09.06 Nelson-Wiggen Style 6 Tubing Diagram
2008.08.14.04 Coloring Maple a Mahogany Red
2008.08.14.03 Duo-Art Linkage Screws
2008.08.07.03 Steel for Player Pianos
2008.07.25.02 American Barrel Organ Manufacturers
2008.07.24.06 Recutting Wurlitzer APP 20405 Christmas Tunes
2008.06.17.04 Hot Hide Glue Has Little Odor
2008.05.12.08 Make Your Own Brackets & Braces
2008.04.30.05 Leather Nuts Cause Corrosion of Metal Valve Stems
2008.04.21.07 Lower Cover Board for Coin Piano
2008.02.26.08 Wurlitzer Style YU Photoplayer Action Stack
2008.02.01.11 Adding Xylophone in Seeburg Model L
2008.01.14.09 Coinola "O" Roll Scale & Other Thoughts
2008.01.03.04 Ampico Transmission Frame Replication
2007.12.22.07 John Deere Player Piano Finish
2007.12.13.03 Ampico Transmission Frame & Rubber Motor Mounts
2007.12.10.05 Ampico Transmission Frame & Rubber Motor Mounts
2007.12.08.04 Ampico Transmission Frame & Rubber Motor Mounts
2007.11.23.09 Gulbransen Two-keyboard Player Organ
2007.11.19.01 Thanks for Ampico Transmission Frame Help
2007.11.17.14 Ampico Transmission Frame Needed
2007.11.13.09 Seeburg "L" Parts
2007.11.07.09 Ampico A System Removed From Grand Piano
2007.11.06.06 Ampico B Spool Stalls During Rewind
2007.10.31.05 Seek Ampico Grand Take-up Spool
2007.10.11.09 Source of Mandolin Rail Clips
2007.10.10.04 Source of Ampico Valve Stem Brads
2007.10.10.03 Source of Mandolin Rail Clips
2007.10.02.03 Value of Old Player Pianos
2007.09.22.08 Source of New Slotted Wood Screws
2007.09.19.07 Question for Wurlitzer Band Organ Wizards Answered
2007.09.01.04 Making Wurlitzer Unit Valve Blocks
2007.08.25.05 FS: Seeburg Coin Entry Slots
2007.07.25.02 Book "Treasures of Mechanical Music"
2007.07.23.03 Book "Treasures of Mechanical Music"
2007.07.17.04 Nickelodeon Motors
2007.05.21.05 CA Glue, Superglue and Krazy Glue
2007.05.17.10 Ludwig Industries Metal Stampings for Art Glass
2007.05.16.05 Seek Cast Iron Foundry
2007.05.16.04 Metal Stampings for Art Glass
2007.05.16.03 Source of Decals for Player Pianos
2007.05.08.01 Price Paid for Steinway XR Duo-Art
2007.03.23.10 Hot Hide Glue
2007.03.19.07 FS: Roll Chucks for Pianorchestra & Photoplayer
2007.03.17.08 FS: Regina Sublima in Louisiana
2007.03.15.09 Hot Hide Glue Headache
2007.03.15.04 Wurlitzer Decals Prices
2007.03.08.07 Coin Piano Doesn't Stop After Each Tune
2007.03.07.04 Odd Wurlitzer Roll Frame
2007.02.23.04 Thanks to "Golden Age of Mechanical Music" Book
2007.02.21.07 Source of Seeburg Gears & Parts
2007.02.20.04 Seek "M" Rolls to Copy
2007.01.27.03 Repairing Broken Transmission Frame
2007.01.26.10 Rebuilding With Hot Hide Glue
2007.01.26.02 Seek "Maple Leaf Rag" & "Charleston" on G Rolls
2007.01.23.09 Making Wurlitzer 105 Unit Valves
2007.01.16.11 Attaching Pneumatics with RTV? Don't!
2007.01.13.03 Hot Glue and Shellac to Rebuild Player Pianos
2007.01.12.11 Rebuilding Ampico "A" Secondary Valves
2006.12.09.02 Chicago Coin Piano Manufacturers
2006.12.06.08 Seeburg Nickelodeon in Marquette Cremona Piano
2006.11.14.07 Recutting Capitol "G" Rolls & Seeburg "H" Rolls
2006.10.17.03 Lowell Stapf of Amarillo, Tex.
2006.09.07.01 Seek Coin Operated Player Piano Literature
2006.08.15.02 Varnish Transfer Decals
2006.08.11.05 Source of Varnish Transfer Decals
2006.07.27.07 Early Wurlitzer Pianino With Wind Motor
2006.07.25.09 FS: Steinway Duo-Art XR Grand
2006.07.24.02 Passing of Dave Ramey Sr.
2006.07.10.09 Veneer Repair
2006.07.08.01 Early Wurlitzer Pianino Has Wind Motor
2006.06.29.11 FS: Seeburg Ex-nickelodeon
2006.06.05.07 Gap Between Tunes For A-roll Selectra Codes
2006.05.23.02 Veneer and Core Wood for Pianos
2006.05.02.05 Chain Sprocket for Western Electric Derby
2006.04.24.02 Capitol "G" Roll G-510 of 1933
2006.04.17.05 Auto Electric Piano Co.
2006.04.15.08 Wurlitzer Drum Wing Carvings
2006.04.11.10 Plating Metal Parts With Nickel
2006.03.24.07 FS: Seeburg Brass Knobs
2006.03.24.06 Replicating Seeburg Spool Chucks
2006.03.23.04 Plating Seeburg Brass Knobs
2006.03.23.03 Pinblock Treatment
2006.03.09.06 Use Hot Glue and Shellac
2006.03.08.10 FS: Wurlitzer PianOrchestra Roll Changer Chucks
2006.01.31.06 American Piano Company Player Test Rolls & AMICA
2006.01.14.02 Recutting Mills Violano Blues Roll
2006.01.12.05 Seek Wurlitzer SA1B Gear Standard
2005.12.31.10 FS: A, G, O & Mills Rolls - A Major Glitch
2005.12.29.10 FS: 'A' and 'G' Rolls with Small Glitches
2005.12.29.06 Recutting Mills Blues Roll
2005.12.29.02 Nickelodeon Collectors Stand Up!
2005.12.26.04 Mechanical Music Aboard Ships
2005.12.26.03 Nickelodeon Collectors Stand Up!
2005.12.26.02 Sources of Music Rolls
2005.12.24.04 Coinola X for Christmas Cheer
2005.12.22.10 FS: Steinway XR Duo-Art Grand Pianos
2005.12.19.05 Seek Coinola Style "O" Rolls to Copy
2005.12.17.11 Rebuilding a Player Piano Keyboard
2005.12.15.09 FS: Wurlitzer PianOrchestra Roll Changer Chucks
2005.12.14.06 FS: Recut "O" Roll Columbia O-468
2005.12.14.03 Who Is Making Piano Rolls?
2005.12.13.04 Who Is Making Piano Rolls?
2005.12.09.06 FS: Pipes from Reproduco Piano-organ
2005.12.05.09 Aeolian Plastic Unit Valves
2005.12.03.08 FS: Spool Chucks for Wurlitzer PianOrchestra
2005.12.02.08 Tool To Crimp Ears on Valve Poppet Rods
2005.11.19.09 Source of Round Leather Belting
2005.11.19.03 Style "G" vs. "4X" Nickelodeon Rolls
2005.11.12.05 New Valve Seats for Seeburg & Coinola Nickelodeons
2005.10.31.07 More Rosewood Xylophone Beater Balls
2005.10.27.06 Seek Dies to Cut Ampico "A" Gaskets
2005.10.26.05 Donating a Collection to an Institution
2005.10.20.07 Use Leather in Pneumatic Valves
2005.10.19.12 FS: Recut "M" Roll
2005.10.13.06 FS: "M" Roll
2005.09.30.10 FS: Style "M" Rolls and "O" Rolls
2005.09.29.03 Seek Wurlitzer Concert PianOrchestra Rolls
2005.09.23.03 Pre-Hurricane Sale!
2005.09.22.11 Player Piano Won't Hold Tuning
2005.09.21.04 Value of Yamaha Disklavier
2005.09.15.09 Hide Glue
2005.09.15.04 My Favorite Coin-Operated Pianos
2005.08.17.10 FS: "O" Rolls Not Previously Recut
2005.08.11.08 FS: Trim Castings for Wurlitzer & Seeburg Pianos
2005.07.29.05 Seek Original "O" Rolls to Copy
2005.07.21.03 Zenph Studios Audio-to-MIDI Conversion Service
2005.07.19.09 Seek Capitol "O" Roll 638
2005.07.19.08 Seek Original "O" Rolls
2005.06.28.03 Declining Prices Or Not
2005.06.16.01 Ed Freyer And His Acme Perforator
2005.06.15.10 Wurlitzer Casting Patterns
2005.06.15.07 Perforators In Museums
2005.06.15.06 Recutting Projects
2005.06.08.08 Perforators
2005.06.04.07 Delclining Prices
2005.05.29.04 Original O Rolls Wanted For Copying
2005.05.20.08 Wallboxes
2005.05.18.01 Music Roll Paper, Comments And Questions
2005.05.17.08 FS: Push-up Piano Player
2005.05.17.01 Music Roll Paper Needed
2005.05.15.05 Wallboxes For Trade
2005.05.11.05 New Versus Old Materials
2005.05.02.04 Bill Flynt's Ampico Rolls
2005.04.27.11 Ampico Spinet & Studio Models
2005.04.26.10 Seek Seeburg "H" Rolls
2005.04.26.05 Recutting Music Rolls
2005.04.20.05 Recutting Music Rolls for Nickelodeons
2005.04.04.01 Jeanne Malone of Play-Rite Hospitalized
2005.04.01.03 Recutting "O" Roll No. 903
2005.03.28.07 Springs for Seeburg Pipe Chest
2005.03.25.07 Thin Cork Gasket Material
2005.03.23.06 Gray Market Disklavier
2005.03.21.05 Removing PVC-E Glue
2005.03.18.06 Internet Auction Bidding War
2005.03.18.03 Seeburg Patent "Design for a Piano Case"
2005.03.17.06 Adding Pipes to "O" Roll Orchestrion
2005.03.17.02 Coinola Color Poster
2005.03.16.02 Internet Auction Bidding War
2005.03.08.06 Seek Old Music Trades Magazines
2005.03.07.05 Music Roll Perforator Patent Numbers
2005.02.28.06 Hammond Organ Tone Generator Oil
2005.02.25.14 Seek Seeburg H Rolls for Copying
2005.02.22.10 Seek Seeburg G Nickelodeon
2005.02.22.09 Seek Die-Cut Leather Gaskets for Wurlitzer Valves
2005.02.15.10 Seek Seeburg H Rolls
2005.01.29.04 "G" Roll 2500 Arranged by Reblitz and Junchen
2005.01.29.03 Wurlitzer Style 126 Band Organ
2005.01.27.06 Seek Style "H" Rolls for Seeburg Player Piano
2005.01.26.11 Sealing Bellows Leaks
2005.01.19.06 Source of Wurlitzer Style 125 Music Rolls
2005.01.16.07 Dial Indicator Guage for Valve Regulation
2005.01.03.04 List of Rolls for Western Electric Selectra
2005.01.03.03 Seek Carl Lambie, Music Roll Cutter
2004.12.31.05 Hammond BA Player Organ Reverberation Unit
2004.12.27.04 Disklavier Mark IV
2004.12.21.07 Seek "Cow Cow Blues"
2004.12.17.05 Seek Seeburg H Orchestrion Rolls
2004.11.18.10 Reprinting Vestal Press Publications
2004.11.16.07 FS: Nickelodeons
2004.10.16.03 Is There a Demand for New Products?
2004.09.24.05 Source of Wurlitzer Unit Valves of Wood
2004.09.06.03 Don't Use Rubber Glue
2004.09.02.01 J. W. Whitlock Violin Playing Machine
2004.08.25.06 FS: Nickelodeon Piano Plates
2004.08.16.06 Make Wurlitzer Valves With "Pem" Fasteners
2004.08.12.05 FS: Coinola Pianos - Not for Sale!
2004.08.11.04 FS: Coinola Pianos
2004.08.10.03 Coinola Spool Frame & O-roll Expression Controls
2004.07.29.07 FS: Nickelodeon Style "O" Music Rolls
2004.07.18.07 Valve Travel of Seeburg L & Seeburg Junior
2004.07.12.10 Selections Offered by Music Roll Producers
2004.07.07.04 Recutting Wurlitzer Pianino Rolls
2004.07.02.19 Repairing a Link 2E Nickelodeon
2004.06.23.04 Knurling of Seeburg Orchestrion Knobs
2004.06.15.02 "Castanets" Knob for Seeburg Orchestrions
2004.06.10.04 Moving Pianos & Restoring the Unrestorable
2004.06.04.03 Seek Capitol "A" and "G" Rolls
2004.05.30.03 Punch for Perforating a 65-note Music Roll
2004.05.22.06 Faulty Perforations In Nickelodeon Rolls
2004.05.08.06 Seek Air Powered Finishing Sander
2004.05.01.13 Stripped Screw Holes in Wood
2004.04.23.04 Seek List of "O" Rolls Offered by Ray Siou
2004.04.16.01 Music Roll Artists Don't Get Enough Credit
2004.04.14.09 FS: Style "O" Music Rolls for Coin Pianos
2004.04.12.04 Player Piano Market Today
2004.04.06.03 Recutting Style "O", "M" and "NOS" Rolls
2004.04.01.04 Price of Seeburg G Sold at Auction
2004.03.22.02 O Rolls for Coinola Type Pianos
2004.03.19.06 Wurlitzer Shut Off
2004.03.15.03 Rosewood Xylophone Beater Balls All Sold
2004.03.10.03 Foot-Pumped Piano With Xylophone
2004.03.08.07 Valve Leather Materials for Player Piano Actions
2004.03.08.03 Nickelodeons That Play Style 'A' Rolls
2004.03.06.04 Nickelodeons That Play Style 'A' Rolls
2004.03.03.07 Large Rosewood Xylophone Balls for Seeburg H
2004.02.29.08 Seek Roller Chain for Cremona & Link Nickelodeons
2004.02.21.11 Seek Chain for Nickelodeon Transmission
2004.02.11.03 FS: Honduras Rosewood Xylophone Beater Balls
2004.02.02.09 Cutting Wheels for Musical Box Comb
2004.01.31.08 Seek Wurlitzer Pianino Rolls
2004.01.31.07 My Favorite Player Piano Books
2004.01.26.13 FS: Rosewood Beater Balls
2004.01.26.12 Seek Western Electric Coin Accumulator
2004.01.23.09 Seek Honduras Rosewood for Xylophone Beaters
2004.01.19.08 FS: Rosewood Beater Balls
2004.01.16.07 Source of Screws for Player Pianos
2004.01.14.06 FS: Beater Balls for Seeburg Xylophone
2004.01.09.08 Beater Balls for Seeburg Xylophone
2004.01.07.01 Rosewood Beater Balls for Seeburg Xylophone
2003.12.29.07 Seek Gears for Wurlitzer Band Organ Roll Frame
2003.12.29.06 Seek Rosewood Beaters for Seeburg Xylophone
2003.12.26.04 Universal Player Piano Music Roll Motor
2003.12.20.09 Yamaha Disklavier DSR1 Digital Sequencer Recorder
2003.12.16.05 Shipping Piano Rolls by USPS Media Mail
2003.12.13.03 Wurlitzer Player Pianos Made In Houston
2003.12.02.05 Charlie Hind's Ocarina Site
2003.11.15.06 Seek Steel for Bar Bells
2003.11.07.07 Connecting Mills Violanos to Play Together
2003.11.05.10 FS: Western Electric Derby Race Horse Parts
2003.11.05.09 FS: Wurlitzer APP Rolls Arranged by Art Reblitz
2003.11.04.01 Ragtimer Johnny Maddox
2003.11.01.03 QRS Ampico Rolls Perforated By Keystone
2003.10.31.09 FS: Cremona Lamps & Wurlitzer APP Rolls
2003.10.28.10 FS: Cremona Style Lamps
2003.10.25.04 Hanging Lamps for Seeburg & Cremona Coin Pianos
2003.10.24.06 FS: Wurlitzer APP Rolls
2003.10.24.04 Tangley Calliope Player Parts
2003.10.17.03 Seek Original Coinola Parts
2003.10.09.15 FS: Name Plate "Wurlitzer Automatic Roll Changer"
2003.10.09.14 Tangley Calliope Player Parts
2003.10.07.07 Tangley Calliope Player Parts
2003.10.03.07 Tangley Calliope Player Parts
2003.10.03.03 Post-WW2 Ampico Rolls by Bill Flynt
2003.10.02.12 Cremona Pinblock Separated From Frame
2003.09.13.07 Hole Spacing of Wurlitzer APP Tracker Bar
2003.08.05.08 Source of 'A' Roll Tracker Bar
2003.07.29.05 eBay Transactions
2003.06.18.12 Seek Cremona Lamps
2003.05.25.05 Recut Music Rolls for Wurlitzer Pianino
2003.05.15.18 FS: Set of Wurlitzer APP Rolls
2003.05.14.15 FS: Wurlitzer Pianino Rolls
2003.05.08.09 FS: Wurlitzer APP Rolls & Band Organ Parts
2003.05.05.07 FS: Wurlitzer Roll Frame Parts
2003.05.05.06 FS: Race Horse Piano Parts
2003.05.02.04 Recut Music Rolls for Wurlitzer Pianino
2003.04.16.14 FS: Wurlitzer Pianino
2003.04.16.13 Material for Pneumatic Hinges
2003.04.08.09 FS: Recut Rolls for Changer Model Wurlitzer APP
2003.04.02.08 Seek Wurlitzer Pianino Rolls
2003.03.29.09 Cabretta Leather
2003.03.29.07 Use Hide Glue, Not PVC-E
2003.02.25.08 Seek Columbia Roll "Yes We Have No Bananas Blues"
2003.02.24.10 "O" Roll vs. "G" Roll Nickelodeon
2003.02.10.02 Seek Columbia A-roll 1773
2003.01.25.10 Source of Style "A" Music Rolls
2003.01.25.04 My New E-mail Address
2003.01.13.11 FS: Reproduction Nickelodeon Parts
2003.01.07.09 QRS Story & Clark Self-Tuning Piano System
2003.01.06.13 QRS Story & Clark Self-Tuning Piano System
2003.01.06.10 Restoring Western Electric Mascot Case
2002.12.22.04 Mystery Nickelodeon is Western Electric
2002.12.07.13 Piano Refinishing Cost
2002.11.22.13 Solenoid Piano Life Expectancy
2002.11.21.09 Types of Yamaha Disklavier Pianos
2002.11.09.05 Recut Wurlitzer APP 5-Tune Rolls
2002.10.31.06 Duo-Art, Ampico & Yamaha Disklavier
2002.10.10.02 Player Pianos Are Fun
2002.10.09.08 Royal American Shows Band Organ
2002.10.08.04 Please Sign Emails
2002.10.07.06 Piano Without a Player Action Is More Valuable
2002.09.27.05 Piano Without a Player Action Is More Valuable
2002.09.26.17 Organ Pipes of Plastic
2002.09.26.10 Source of Cold-Rolled Steel for Brackets
2002.09.20.03 My New Email Address
2002.09.13.12 FS: Wurlitzer APP 5-Tune Changer Rolls
2002.09.13.06 Source of Replacement Lamp Bulbs
2002.09.07.10 Seek Steinway Art Case Duo-Art Grand
2002.09.07.09 Seek Case Parts for Western Electric Racehorse
2002.09.07.08 Seek 1/6 HP Electric Motor for Piano
2002.09.07.05 My Favorite Nickelodeon Coin Pianos
2002.08.17.09 FS: Player Harp, Violano, Seeburg Coin Pianos
2002.08.15.04 FS: Wurlitzer APP 5-Tune Changer Rolls
2002.08.15.02 Coin Piano on "Cheers" TV Show
2002.08.09.08 Piano Roll Tears While Rewinding
2002.07.30.12 Piano Roll Tears While Rewinding
2002.07.26.04 Piano Roll Tears While Rewinding
2002.06.25.02 Yamaha Disklavier Piano e-Competition
2002.05.11.02 Sources of "A" Rolls for Nickelodeons
2002.04.24.09 Piano Roll Business Economics
2002.04.20.05 Quality of Nickelodeon Rolls
2002.04.19.01 Music Roll Perforating Firms
2002.04.08.01 Wurlitzer Pianino
2002.04.04.03 Christmas Music on Nickelodeon Rolls
2002.04.02.07 Christmas Music on Nickelodeon Rolls
2002.03.18.12 Duo-Art Keytops and Key Length
2002.03.18.07 Seeburg Style "L" & Cabinet Nickelodeons
2002.03.07.06 Seek Knobs for Seeburg KT
2002.02.14.08 Parts for Grey Market Yamaha Pianos
2002.02.09.05 APP Roll Recutting Project at Play-Rite
2002.02.08.06 Building a New Piano Case
2002.02.06.12 Refinishing the Piano Case
2002.01.21.12 Yamaha Disklavier
2002.01.19.06 Yamaha Disklavier
2002.01.12.12 Seeburg Nodal Flute Pipes
2002.01.10.06 Should a Restoration Look Like New?
2002.01.10.05 Items On Top Of the Piano
2002.01.04.10 Xylophone Beaters in Nickelodeons
2001.11.24.07 Coinola O-Roll Tracker Bar Scale
2001.11.24.06 Player Pianos Converted to Play Coinola "O" Rolls
2001.11.24.05 Copyrights & Music Roll Copying
2001.11.23.08 Coinola O-Roll Tracker Bar Scale
2001.11.20.16 FS: Seeburg "E" with Flute Pipes
2001.11.17.12 Larger Seeburg Motor Needed
2001.11.17.04 Disklavier Pianos
2001.11.14.05 Status of Mechanical Music Museums
2001.11.07.07 Concert Grand Ampico Piano
2001.11.07.03 Gibson Will Buy Baldwin
2001.11.05.04 Wurlitzer Model I Nickelodeon at eBay Auction
2001.11.02.05 Yamaha Concert Grand Ampico Piano
2001.10.29.09 Modern Music on QRS Rolls
2001.10.24.03 Nickelodeon Piano Rolls
2001.10.19.01 Robbie's In Europe
2001.10.07.03 Wurlitzer Roll Recutting Project
2001.10.01.01 Source of Musical Trim Carvings
2001.09.13.02 Race Horse Pianos
2001.09.11.02 Seek 10-tune Wurlitzer APP Rolls for Recutting
2001.08.21.11 FS: Western Electric Mascot Coin Piano
2001.08.21.10 FS: Air Calliope with Electric Valves & Player
2001.08.04.03 20 Note Organ Rolls
2001.08.03.03 Wurlitzer 10-Tune A.P.P. Roll Recutting Project
2001.08.01.03 Wurlitzer 10-Tune A.P.P. Roll Recutting Project
2001.07.25.02 Wurlitzer 10-Tune A.P.P. Roll Recutting Project
2001.07.21.04 Modern Players That Tear Up Rolls
2001.07.09.01 Wurlitzer 10-Tune A.P.P. Roll Recutting Project
2001.07.06.03 A.P.P. and "M" Roll Recutting Projects
2001.06.30.07 Gluing Leather Valve Facings
2001.06.22.03 Percussion Channels of Orchestrion Rolls
2001.06.16.03 Source for Leather Drive Belting
2001.06.02.08 Adding Xylophone to Player Piano
2001.06.02.07 Replicating Spool Frames
2001.05.24.03 Schafer Bros. Piano Movers Inc.
2001.05.21.06 Cable-Nelson Orchestrion?
2001.05.07.03 Coin Pianos at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlors
2001.04.23.05 MMDigest Should Be Taken Lightly
2001.04.13.05 Seek Parts for Coinola CO Nickelodeon
2001.04.09.08 Steinway Pianos With Ampico Players
2001.04.07.07 Who Made Gulbransen Pianos
2001.04.07.06 Reversing the Rotation of AC Induction Motor
2001.02.27.04 Music Roll Tracking Systems
2001.02.13.12 Nelson-Wiggen vs. Seeburg
2001.01.29.06 Cremona Style J Orchestrion Found
2001.01.15.01 5-Tune APP Roll Recutting Project
2001.01.12.07 Instruments Formerly at Disneyland and Knott's
2000.12.12.03 Seek Seeburg Small Parts
2000.11.21.14 Pinblock Replacement In An Upright Piano
2000.11.20.06 Fake Wurlitzer Nickelodeon
2000.11.18.02 In defense of PSO's - Piano Shaped Objects
2000.11.14.03 Bill Flynt and Play-Rite Music Rolls
2000.11.06.15 Refurbishing Electric Motors
2000.10.28.01 Wurlitzer Automatic Player Piano [APP] Rolls
2000.10.27.04 Seeburg Nickelodeon Wall Boxes
2000.09.28.14 Lamps for Seeburg "E" Nickelodeon
2000.09.08.09 Knabe Grand Pianos
2000.08.28.03 Moving Grand Pianos
2000.08.21.04 Source of A & G Nickelodeon Rolls
2000.08.07.10 Hammers for Upright Steinway Duo-Art
2000.07.31.05 Mechanical Music on TV
2000.07.26.04 Les Paul Nickelodeon
2000.07.25.14 Synth Keyboard Reliability
2000.07.14.10 Seek Cremona Piano or Parts
2000.07.13.04 Non-Original Instruments at eBay Auction
2000.07.06.12 New Wurlitzer Unit Valves from PPCo
2000.06.29.06 Wurlitzer Unit Valves from Player Piano Company
2000.06.23.05 5-Tune APP Roll Recutting Project
2000.06.21.09 Filling Cast Iron Surfaces - Feather Fill
2000.06.18.09 Filling Cast Iron Surfaces
2000.06.15.03 Recutting Wurlitzer APP Rolls
2000.06.09.03 Seeburg Wall Boxes
2000.05.29.08 Understring Felt
2000.05.22.11 Duco Lacquer Finish & Varnish on Pianos
2000.05.19.09 Aeolian Plastic Valve Blocks
2000.05.17.09 FS: Wurlitzer Roll Changer Chucks
2000.05.17.04 Schulz Aria Divina Recordo
2000.05.16.06 Duo-Art Expression Box Disassembly Method
2000.05.10.05 Julian Brook's Bell Player Piano Action
2000.05.07.06 Paper Needed for Roll Making
2000.05.07.02 Player Piano Company Photos
2000.04.23.02 Replicas of Collectibles
2000.04.22.04 Ramey Banjo Orchestra (Banjorchestra)
2000.04.21.05 Piano Moving Story
2000.04.21.04 Schafer Bros. Piano Moving
2000.03.27.18 MIDI Ports and Pneumatic Pianos
2000.03.05.06 Suppliers of Pneumatic Cloth
2000.03.02.04 Wurlitzer Roll Changer Spools and Chucks
2000.03.02.03 Recutting Project: Wurlitzer 5-Tune APP Rolls
2000.02.28.06 Recutting Project: Wurlitzer 5-Tune APP Rolls
2000.02.26.07 Apply Varnish Transfer Decals with White Glue
2000.02.20.12 Wurlitzer Roll Changer Chucks Project
2000.02.17.09 Making Name Plates By Acid Etching
2000.02.11.05 Don't Judge a Piano From a Picture
2000.02.11.02 Orchestrion Plans
2000.02.05.03 Styles of Wurlitzer & Seeburg Coin Pianos
2000.01.19.19 Wurlitzer Plate Color
2000.01.19.16 Source of Spruce Wood
1999.12.18.10 Seek Wurlitzer Pianino and APP Rolls
1999.12.14.14 Replacing Piano Case Veneer
1999.12.14.12 Strohber Nickelodeon
1999.12.03.12 FS: Seeburg K, Seeburg A, Seeburg L
1999.11.23.14 Seeburg Xylophone Striker Balls
1999.11.23.08 Disklavier Capabilities
1999.11.19.14 "Fine Woodworking" Magazine & Hot Hide Glue
1999.10.29.13 Stuck Notes in Hupfeld Solophonola
1999.10.29.09 Trade Parts for a Complete Instrument
1999.10.27.12 Empress Electric Orchestrion & Operators Piano Co.
1999.10.24.07 Mission Style and Craftsman Style Pianos
1999.10.16.07 Coinola Information at MMD Pictures Site
1999.10.16.05 The Seeburg G, America's Definitive Orchestrion
1999.10.10.05 FS: Set of New Calliope Pipes
1999.09.29.12 Building a Band Organ
1999.09.29.09 Tangley Calliope Roll Frame
1999.09.14.10 Dave Ramey Encore Banjo and Banjo Orchestra
1999.09.07.09 PianoDisc vs. QRS Pianomation
1999.09.02.08 Auction Axiom - Let the Buyer Beware
1999.09.02.04 Mechanical Music Nearby St. Louis
1999.09.01.05 Coinola Images at MMD Pictures Site
1999.08.28.08 eBay Announcements in MMDigest
1999.08.23.04 Paul Eakins' "Memory Lane Special"
1999.08.01.03 Wurlitzer Bijou Orchestrion
1999.07.29.07 Unusual Band Organ Roll on eBay Auction
1999.07.28.11 Unusual Band Organ Roll on eBay Auction
1999.07.27.14 Restoration Techniques and "Purists"
1999.07.27.12 Value of Antique Piano Stool
1999.07.27.11 Value of 1925 Steinway Model B
1999.07.22.07 Seeburg Cabinet Nickelodeons
1999.07.17.03 Gluing Hoses Into Wurlitzer Tracker Bar
1999.07.16.08 Wurlitzer Duplex Roll Frame
1999.07.16.05 Adhesive for Rubber Tubing
1999.07.12.09 Transfer Decals
1999.07.10.15 Source of Piano Decals
1999.06.16.13 PVA White Glue for Veneer
1999.06.07.05 Seeburg KT Special Drum Lights
1999.06.05.04 Mold Making Techniques
1999.05.26.06 Bronze Powders for Gilt Paint
1999.05.23.13 White Glue With Varnish Transfer Decals
1999.05.22.07 Decals Unlimited
1999.05.17.09 Material for Varnish Transfer Decals
1999.05.13.03 Seek Material for Varnish Transfer Decals
1999.05.11.09 Capitol Music Roll Arrangements
1999.05.10.09 H. C. Bay Pianos
1999.05.06.06 Violin Pipes Depend On the Music Arrangement
1999.05.05.06 Seeburg G Pipes
1999.04.10.12 Schaff Piano Supply
1999.04.08.17 Coin Accumulator & Replica Plates & Castings
1999.03.23.07 Installing Rubber Tubing on Tracker Bar
1999.03.16.13 Synchronizing Music Rolls and Measure Bars
1999.03.15.07 Composite A- and O-Rolls Produced by Play-Rite
1999.03.15.03 Is It a Real Antique?
1999.03.05.12 Mystery O-roll May Be Incorrectly Spooled
1999.02.26.02 Steinway Duo-Art Damaged by Consignee
1999.02.17.10 Duo-Art Soft Pedal Methods
1999.02.17.06 Flap Valves for Exhausters
1999.02.11.13 McMaster-Carr Supply Company
1999.02.10.16 Seek Wurlitzer Mandolin Quartette
1999.02.09.16 Tracker Bar Cleaning
1999.01.30.13 Rebuilding Wurlitzer Valves
1999.01.28.12 New Solenoid Player Action by Meisel Industries
1999.01.25.12 Small Bass Drum at eBay Auction
1999.01.23.16 Welte and Duo/Art Names in 1960s
1999.01.23.11 Serial Numbers in Pierce Piano Atlas
1999.01.21.09 FS: Chickering Ampico B at eBay Auction
1999.01.21.04 List Prices of Yamaha Console Pianos
1999.01.16.12 American Piano Industry 1960's to 1981
1999.01.14.09 Red Welte Vorsetzer for Steinway Grand
1999.01.14.05 Woodcarver Ricky Diggs
1999.01.11.08 Baldwin Pianos Made in Mexico
1998.12.18.06 Insurance Pays For Damage From Flooded Toilet
1998.12.11.12 Art Glass in Coinola Pianos
1998.12.10.10 Styles of Coinola Pianos
1998.12.06.10 Pianos Aboard Ships
1998.12.01.12 Vinyl Tubing
1998.11.29.09 H. G. Johnson Quality Electric Nickelodeon
1998.11.09.09 Nickelodeons Play in Strange Keys
1998.11.04.16 Yamaha Disklavier Pro with Velocity Feedback
1998.10.16.04 Need Manufacturer for Piano Bridges
1998.10.05.03 Canadian Legal Problem: Ivory Keytops
1998.09.25.08 Deansboro Auction
1998.09.23.14 Duo-Art Technician Needed in Denver, Colorado
1998.09.05.12 FS: Steck Duo-Art Grand & Fisher Ampico Upright
1998.08.18.28 Connections to Leslie 251 Speaker
1998.08.14.08 Miner Manufacturing Company Web Site
1998.08.12.05 Classical Music for Nickelodeon
1998.08.07.07 Sources of "A" and "G" Rolls
1998.07.24.20 'State of the Art'
1998.07.22.21 Ampico Tidbits
1998.07.14.10 Leslie Speakers
1998.07.11.13 Ampico Model B Variants
1998.07.09.13 A-roll Tracker Bar Scale
1998.07.07.12 Convert Reiterating Xylophone to Single Stroke
1998.07.06.11 Pianos with Ampico Systems
1998.07.01.13 Composition of Player Piano Co. Glue
1998.06.30.17 Piano Mover - Save the Number
1998.06.27.09 Nickelodeon A, G & O Rolls
1998.06.27.03 Books for Newcomers
1998.06.22.19 Aeolian 65/88-note Player & Transposing Duo-Art
1998.06.16.11 Piano Movers
1998.06.05.08 Tempo Regulator for Seeburg E
1998.06.05.03 'Guidebook of Automatic Musical Instruments'
1998.06.04.15 Quarter-Grabber Nickelodeon
1998.06.04.14 Value of Seeburg "B" Nickelodeon
1998.05.21.20 Soundboards
1998.05.15.10 Tapered Hammer Shanks
1998.05.12.15 Lawnmowers and Leather Drives
1998.05.12.13 Ordering Piano Supplies
1998.05.12.06 Mechanical Music in the Movies
1998.05.11.10 Lawnmowers and Leather Drives
1998.05.08.22 Escutcheon Pins
1998.05.05.24 Repairing Veneer Dents and Dimples
1998.04.29.12 Nostalgia & Auction Hype
1998.04.22.15 Fixing Water Spots on Wood Finish
1998.04.21.18 PPCo Reiterating Beater
1998.04.17.15 Seek Pianorchestra Web Site
1998.04.14.10 Refinishing Pianos
1998.04.14.09 Coinola X
1998.04.09.11 Cross-Country Piano Movers
1998.04.07.20 "O"-Roll Build-Ups
1998.04.07.16 "Treasures of Mechanical Music"
1998.04.05.16 Mills Novelty Co.
1998.04.04.22 O-Roll Orchestrions
1998.04.04.01 Replacement Finials for Regina
1998.04.03.13 Operators Piano Co. Style "O" Roll
1998.03.30.07 Piano Tuning Tales - The Blind Tuner
1998.03.30.03 Milhous Auction Results
1998.03.27.02 Market Reproductions as Reproductions
1998.03.25.03 Reproductions in Milhous Auction
1998.03.24.25 Parts for Reproduction Orchestrions
1998.03.24.22 Pinblocks & Soundboards
1998.03.23.02 Coinola CO in the Milhous Collection
1998.03.21.17 Xylophone Bars
1998.03.18.11 Wurlitzer Key-top Player
1998.03.12.02 Art Reblitz Now Online
1998.03.10.18 Art Glass Windows for Seeburg
1998.03.10.16 Apollo Concert Grand Rolls
1998.03.06.11 Coinola Valves & Casting Parts
1998.03.02.18 Osborn Punches and Forstner Drill Bits
1998.03.01.13 Cracked Sounding Boards
1998.03.01.12 Hand Punch for Roll Editing
1998.02.28.08 Ampico Restorer in Wash. DC Area
1998.02.24.07 Paper for Music Rolls
1998.02.16.06 Jukebox Manuals
1998.02.11.01 Seek New Gallery for 27" Regina
1998.02.08.04 Parts for 27" Regina Changer
1998.02.06.17 Arch Punches
1998.01.23.09 Pierce Piano Atlas
1998.01.23.06 'Treasures of Mechanical Music'
1998.01.22.14 Tiger Oak Veneer
1998.01.21.10 Pierce Piano Atlas
1998.01.14.09 'Treasures of Mechanical Music'
1998.01.12.16 Leather for Pneumatic Valves
1998.01.11.08 Replacing Bridle Straps
1998.01.09.18 Drilling New Piano Hammers
1998.01.07.12 65/88-Note Themodist to Duo-Art Conversion
1998.01.07.08 Types of Peerless Rolls
1998.01.05.22 Replacing Piano Hammers
1998.01.04.17 Plastic Key Tops
1997.12.31.06 U.S. Technicians Are O.K.
1997.12.29.04 Sanfilippo et al Collections Book
1997.12.26.19 Adjusting Reproducing Pianos
1997.12.26.15 Spool Frame for Orchestrion
1997.12.26.14 Seeburg vs. Wurlitzer Orchestrion
1997.12.20.20 Use Leather for Gaskets
1997.12.19.01 The Nickelodeon Market Today
1997.12.16.11 Today's Computer and the Nickelodeon
1997.12.10.01 Seek Regina Sublima Rolls
1997.12.06.16 Service Manual for 1960s Aeolian Pianola
1997.12.05.11 Replica Parts for Seeburg
1997.12.03.11 Cleaning Brass Escutcheon Plates
1997.12.03.08 Young Technicians
1997.11.14.07 Connorized Roll of "Maple Leaf Rag"
1997.11.06.06 Pianos in Public Places
1997.10.30.06 Artists Ask for Yamaha
1997.10.29.17 Recover Pneumatics with Pneumatic Cloth
1997.10.28.07 Modern Player for Hotel Bar
1997.10.15.15 Seek Mechanism for Ex-Player Piano
1997.10.06.09 Dating Seeburg Nickelodeons
1997.10.03.03 Identifying Clark and Capital A-rolls
1997.10.03.02 Hoover's White House Piano Documented
1997.10.02.06 Calliope Christmas Music
1997.09.27.12 Nickelodeon Values
1997.09.27.09 Making a Wurlitzer 125 Tracker Bar
1997.09.27.06 Who Made Pneumatics ?
1997.09.26.14 Schafer Bros. Piano Movers
1997.09.17.12 Dies for Threading
1997.09.17.10 Black Piano Finish
1997.09.17.08 Tempo of Coin-Piano Rolls
1997.09.05.05 Making Brass Escutcheons
1997.08.20.17 "Wing and Son" 5-pedal Pianos
1997.08.19.03 Joe Tushinsky, Pianocorder and Yamaha
1997.08.17.13 Seek Yamaha Bass Strings
1997.08.16.03 Race Horse Pianos
1997.08.16.02 Jack Schott
1997.07.24.09 Music Roll Scales and Nickelodeons
1997.07.21.17 Cremona "M" Rolls vs. Coinola "O" Roll
1997.07.14.08 Wurlitzer 125 Rolls
1997.07.11.07 20-key Organ Plans
1997.07.06.04 Drawings of Nickelodeon Components
1997.07.02.08 Duo-Art Sustain Problems
1997.06.26.16 FS: Steinway "O" Red Welte
1997.06.26.15 Seek Music Box Dealers
1997.06.26.02 E-mail Addresses in Membership Lists
1997.06.23.03 Miles Museum Auction
1997.06.03.10 Appraising a Reproducing Piano
1997.05.31.03 Peerless 44 Note Rolls
1997.05.27.15 Seek: Piano Tech in South Dakota
1997.05.27.10 Nickelodeons
1997.05.26.05 Nickelodeons
1997.05.24.09 Modern Nickelodeons
1997.05.24.08 Andy's "Modern" Nickelodeon
1997.05.23.05 Overpriced Pianos
1997.05.20.09 Operation of Original Nickelodeons
1997.05.13.15 Modern Nickelodeons
1997.05.13.07 Decals
1997.05.08.03 White Plains Auction Information Request
1997.05.03.03 Wurlitzer Vacuum Measurements
1997.04.11.16 Link Spoolbox
1997.04.11.14 Hot Glue Versus Liquid Hide Glue
1997.04.05.10 Hardman Duo Sustain
1997.04.01.14 FS: Reproducing Pianos
1997.03.22.07 What is a Zilotone ?
1997.03.19.18 FS: Ampico and Duo-Art Parts
1997.03.19.17 Rebuilding Cremona Valves
1997.03.14.12 Seek Pianino Rolls
1997.03.12.14 Mechanical Music in the Movies
1997.03.12.04 Don Teach Collection on "Personal FX"
1997.03.05.16 Yamaha Disklavier
1997.02.26.20 Regulating Ampico A
1997.02.26.02 Disklavier Users Group
1997.02.10.21 Restoring Drum Heads
1997.02.10.20 Yamaha Disklavier Quality
1997.02.10.07 Reproduction Instruments
1997.02.08.11 Seeburg and Nelson-Wiggen Coin Pianos
1997.02.07.11 Seeburg Serial Numbers
1997.02.03.18 Cost of "A" vs. "B" Ampico
1997.02.03.14 Pneumatic Cloth Life
1997.02.03.11 Value of Nickelodeons
1997.01.30.11 Yamaha 'Ivorite' Plastic Keytops
1997.01.30.08 "Nickelodeon" and Nickelodeonics
1997.01.27.18 Tubing a Seeburg KT
1997.01.27.11 Take-up Spools
1997.01.26.02 Re: MMD Name Is Too Long
1997.01.24.15 Changer Chucks for Wurlitzer APP Rolls
1997.01.24.13 Re: Adding Recordo Unit
1997.01.24.12 Nelson-Wiggen Decals
1997.01.24.11 Re: Restoring Metal Nameplates
1997.01.22.08 Re: Suppliers
1997.01.22.04 Art Reblitz's Violano Book
1997.01.21.13 Dating Aeolian Players
1997.01.20.14 Re: Mills Violano Roll Recuts
1997.01.20.01 Introduction
1997.01.17.12 Re: Sources of Repair Materials
1997.01.16.10 Nelson-Wiggen Nickelodeons
1997.01.15.12 Re: Value of Wurlitzer Nickelodeon
1997.01.15.05 Sources of Repair Materials
1997.01.15.01 Introduction

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