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Mechanical Music Digest: Picture Gallery Here is a collection of images sent to us by Digest subscribers. For the time being, there's no particular order. Check back from time to time for additional entries.

Nelson-Wiggen Decal -- by Monica Jones (130916 MMDigest & subsequent)

Sight Trumps Sound in Music Performance Judgment -- by John Iles (130828 MMDigest) 
Aeolian Duo-Art Pipe Organ & Charles M. Courboin -- by Dave Krall, 130811 MMDigest
Tribute to Philippe Rouille -- by Joyce Brite (130725 MMDigest)
Dimensions of Carl Frei 29-note Chromatic Stopped Pipes -- by Robert Leber

Unknown Coin-Op Wall Box of Oak -- by Bruce Miller (121111 MMDigest)
Ampico "A" Unit Valve Variant Discovered -- by John Grant (120724 MMDigest)
Seeburg Style C Cabinet Piano -- by Don Teach 
Carousel Organ at Keystone Park in Sayre, Pennsylvania (853 kb) -- image courtesy Mike Roseboom  (111121 MMDigest)

Label "Directions for Using the Tournaphone" -- by Craig Smith (111001 MMDigest)
Orchestrion in Waldkirch "Bayersepple" Restaurant  -- by Wolfgang Brommer (101121 MMDigest)

Seek Lid Support (Lid Stay) for Musical Box -- by Craig Smith (101116 MMDigest) 
Symphonion (Leipzig) Musical Box Disc Case -- by Karl Petersen (091124 MMDigest)

Kelley Automatic Music Co. of Albany, New York
Ruth Fair Organ Owned by Meinrad Dominikus Stey -- by Wolfgang Brommer (090718 MMDigest)

Stolen Musical Boxes in UK 16 April 2009 -- by Kevin McElhone (090418 MMDigest)
Wurlitzer Style 148 Band Organ Brass Pipes -- by Bill Klinger (090411 MMDigest) 
Calliope at New York Museum of Transportation -- by Craig Smith (090120 MMDigest) 
Wurlitzer Tracker Bar of Solid Brass -- by Christian Wittmann (090113 MMDigest)
Wurlitzer Tracker Bar of Acrylic Plastic -- by Bruce Miller (090111 MMDigest)
Gathering of Molinari Barrel Organs -- by Craig Smith (080718 MMDigest)
Sign "The Duo-Art Pianola Reproducing Piano" -- by Andy Ott (080623 MMDigest) 
20-note Punching Machine Built With Meccano -- by Christofer Noering (080622 MMDigest) 
Triphonola in Roenisch Grand Piano -- by Mario Solimbergo (080618 MMDigest)
French Cylinder Organ in Thomasville, Georgia - by Melissa Sanford
Endless Music Strip In Coin Piano -- by Bob Conant (070725 MMDigest) 
Who Invented the Electric Player Piano?  Patent by Antoine and Charles Cros -- by Francoise Dussour (070703 MMDigest)
Electrova Post Lamps -- by Jon Fortunato (070608 MMDigest)
Dulciphone Organette Musical Sewing Machine Cover -- by Leslie Hoffman
Unknown Player Action in David Moore Piano -- by John A. Tuttle (070325 MMDigest)
Mason & Hamlin Concert Grand Ampico -- by Bob Taylor (070319 MMDigest)
Unknown Player Action in Heintzman Piano -- by John A. Tuttle (070316 MMDigest)
Hot Hide Glue Headache -- by John A. Tuttle (070315 MMDigest)
Possible Photoplayer Pipes -- by Herb Crandell (070301 MMDigest) 
J. Lawrence Cook - Perforated Music Roll Specialist -- by Ken Vinen (070222 MMDigest) 
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Buys Wurlitzer 165 -- by Matthew Caulfield
Repairing a Broken Tracker Bar -- by Craig Smith (070211 MMDigest)
1923 Kimball Player Action with Fast Forward -- by John A. Tuttle (070207 MMDigest).
Carousel Organs at Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley, California -- compiled by Robbie Rhodes
Auto-Electric Coin Piano Friction Disc Drive -- by Philip Jamison (060727 MMDigest)
Early Wurlitzer Pianino Has Wind Motor -- by Don Teach (060708 MMDigest)
Synthesized Fairground Organ With Real Percussion -- By Andy LaTorre (050710 MMDigest)
5.5" Cardboard Disc Plays Christmas Bell-Lites -- by Bill Wineburgh (060623 MMDigest) 
Unknown Piston Airmotor -- by Randolph Herr (060619 MMDigest)
Jake's Painted Player Piano -- by Craig Smith (060526 MMDigest)
Strange Coin Mechanism in Olympia Musical Box -- by Craig Smith (051207 MMDigest) 
Swiss "ST" Musical Box Plays 23.8 cm Disc -- by Matthew Caulfield (050915 MMDigest) 
Mikune Band Organs -- by Vic Searle, Toyko
Cotton Thread Secures Piano Rolls -- by Christine Robinson (050911 MMDigest)
MIDI-Controlled Chamber Organ by David Leach -- by Phil Dayson (050426 MMDigest) 
Seeburg Celesta Super Orchestrion -- by Stephen Kent Goodman (050413 MMDigest)
Reading the Pinned Music of an Organ Barrel -- by Craig Smith (050306 MMDigest)
Barrel Organ Pipes Restored by OSI -- by Craig Smith (050306 MMDigest)

Louis Bacigalupi (Bacigalupo): organ builder, wrestler, actor, herpetologist -- recollections by Thom Yaras (050315 MMDigest)
"Volks-Klavier" Self-Playing Zither -- by Christian Greinacher (050223 MMDigest) 
Mystery Player Piano Action Stack Plays 65 Notes -- by Paul Manganaro (050223 MMDigest)
List of Tunes for Capital Cuff Music Boxes -- by Kevin McElhone & Lelland Fletcher
Gavioli "Guitharmonie" Barrel Reed Organ -- by Craig Smith & Hans van Oost
Visual Effects in Mechanical Music Instruments -- by Johan Liljencrants (050123 MMDigest)
Unknown Player Action in Chassaigne Freres Piano -- by John A. Tuttle (041226 MMDigest)
International Karakuri Contest -- by Kazuo Murakami (041207 MMDigest)
Reuge Musical Rocking Chair Movement -- photos by Robbie Rhodes 
J. W. Whitlock Violin Playing Machine -- by Mark Reinhart (040827 MMDigest)
Mystery Fair Organ Plays Wurlitzer 165 Music Rolls -- by Jack M. Conway (040804 MMDigest) 
Aeolian Organ Factory in Garwood, New Jersey -- by George Bogatko (040802 MMDigest) 
Unknown Scene on Interchangeable Cylinder Musical Box -- by Ralf Smolne (040617 MMDigest) 
Unknown Player Action in Haddorff Piano -- by John A. Tuttle (040521 MMDigest)
Animated Figures on German Christmas Music Box -- by Karl Petersen (040516 MMDigest}
Tiffany "Flower Girl Nr. 3" Musical Automaton Is Fake -- by Christian Greinacher (040515 MMDigest) 
Tiffany "Flower Girl" Musical Automaton Is Fake -- by Christian Greinacher (040419 MMDigest)
Sankyo 20-Note Paper Strip Movement in Model Organ -- by Christian Greinacher (040412 MMDigest) 
Nicole Freres Pocket Watch -- by Brian Chesters (040328 MMDigest) 
Cremona Case Restoration -- by Bob & Sonja Lemon (040320 MMDigest)
German Organ Clock Plays USA Civil War Tunes -- by Vincent Morgan (040316 MMDigest)
Nickelodeons That Play Style 'A' Rolls -- by Don Teach (040306 MMDigest)
Welte Vorsetzer Includes Tracker Bar Pump -- by Randolph Herr (040108 MMDigest) 
Sterling Miniature 61-note Player Piano -- by John McClure (031220 MMDigest) 
Exhauster Pump With Bellows Outside the Frame -- by Bill Chapman (031212 MMDigest) 
Collecting Mechanical Musical Toys -- by Beatrice Robertson
Smith Lyraphone Pneumatic Power Roller Push-Up Player -- by Ray Fairfield
Stella Oiler (Stella Discs Must Be Lubricated Every Playing) -- photos courtesy Lelland Fletcher and Ken Vinen
Tiffany "Flower Girl" Musical Automaton -- by Christian Greinacher (031125 MMDigest) 
Power roller instruments: Hupfeld, Pianotist, Pianovo, Lyraphone
Gavioli 44-key "Gavioliflute" Organ No. 2049 -- by Hans van Oost (031026 MMDigest) 
Gavioli 38-note "Harmoniflute a Trombone" Organ -- by Marc Kaufman (031025 MMDigest) 
48-key Dutch Street Organ "Winnie the Pooh" Stolen -- by Stephen Simpson (031007 MMDigest) 
"Das Eichhörnchen" Dutch Street Organ by Pluer -- photos courtesy Rick Inzero 
Wurlitzer 125 Band Organ Plays on Canada's Independence Day -- by Ken Vinen 
Odd Retrofit Piano Player System of Circa 1900 -- by Philip Jamison (030817 MMDigest)
Band Organ at King's Dominion Park, Doswell, VA -- by William Griswold Jr. (030816 MMDigest) 
Wilcox & White Recording Piano -- by Dave Krall (030807 MMDigest)
Simple Orchestrion Coin Mechanism -- by Zach Goldstein (030805 MMDigest) 
Gebrüder Bruder 52-key Organ at Sydney Carousel -- by Neil Palmer (030804 MMDigest)
Peerless Model D -- by Don Bryant (030725 MMDigest)
Rönisch Claviola 88-Note Player Piano -- by Robbie Rhodes, photos by Colin Campbell
Barrel Piano by Henri Basile of Brussels -- by Björn Isebaert (030423 MMDigest) 
New Edison Cylinder Recording of Street Organ -- by Philip Jamison (030409 MMDigest) 
Small Steinway Box -- by Randolph Herr (030322 MMDigest) 
Player Action in Canadian Gourley Piano -- by Herb Huestis (030319 MMDigest)
Duo-Art Push-Up Player by Douglas Heffer -- photos by Joyce Brite (030308 MMDigest) 
Homemade "O" Roll Orchestrion -- by Steve Bentley (020908 MMDigest)
Homemade 'Pistonola' Player Action -- by Steve Bentley (000226 MMDigest)
Homemade O-roll Perforator -- by Steve Bentley 
Mills Electric Piano & Violano in 1923 Music Trade Review -- courtesy Don Teach
Coin Catcher for Coin-op Regina -- by Jere Ryder  (030123 MMDigest)
Music Roll Has Center Sprocket Holes -- by Philip Jamison (030116 MMDigest)
Cremona Orchestrions made by Marquette Piano Co. -- catalog images courtesy Don Teach
Rueckenklavier Back Piano Plays Turkish Songs -- by Christian Greinacher (021218 MMDigest)
Edison Phonograph Musical Box -- by Tim Morsher (021208 MMDigest)
Regina Hexaphone Coin Operated Phonograph -- courtesy Jack A. Conway 
Street Organ Music & the Savoyards -- by Philippe Rouille (021030 MMDigest) 
MBSI Exhibit at Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, Norwalk, CT. -- contributed by Jere Ryder 
Paul Eakin's 52-key Gasparini "Gypsy Queen" -- by Jim Welty (021023 MMDigest)
Storlien Mystery Barrel Organ -- by Philip Jamison (020906 MMDigest) 
Musée Mécanique in San Francisco -- by Vincent Morgan (020808 MMDigest)
"Mécanophone" French Air Horn Calliope -- by Philippe Rouillé (991230 MMDigest), photos courtesy Han van Oost 
Mechanical Music in Finland -- by Christian Greinacher   (020715 MMDigest)
Triola Instruction Manual and Roll List -- courtesy Ron Perry (020706 MMDigest)
Steck Tracker Bar With Extra Slots -- by John A. Tuttle (020702 MMDigest) 
Welte Orchestrion at Zaharako's Confectionery -- by Rick Inzero (990830 MMDigest) 
Nechada Barrel Organ, Odessa -- by Robbie Rhodes (020621 MMDigest) & Nic Iljine (021111 MMDigest)

Repairing Wandering Holes in a Music Roll -- by Joyce Brite (020524 MMDigest)
Advertisements in National Association of Piano Tuners' Journal --  images courtesy John Rhodes
Seeburg E picture from early Seeburg Catalog (JPEG, 76 kb) -- courtesy Don Teach
Suspended Pipe Organ in Cologne Cathedral -- photo (JPEG, 42 kb) courtesy John Page
Nelson-Wiggen Full Orchestra Keyboard Piano, Style 7 (nelsonwiggenS7.jpg 41 kb) -- courtesy Don Teach
Mills Violano-Virtuoso "Eight Greatest Inventions" Card -- courtesy Don Teach 
Fake Monkey Automatons -- by Jere Ryder (020327 MMDigest)
Keyboard Violin "Monocorde" by V.-J. Poussot -- by Christian Greinacher (020326 MMDigest) 
Cast Valve for Player Piano Resembles a Locomotive -- by Robbie Rhodes (020325 MMDigest)
Telescoping rod holds keys while restringing -- courtesy John A. Tuttle  (020325 MMDigest)
"Cine Rai" Film Strip Projector Organette -- by Christian Greinacher (020323 MMDigest) 
Seabreeze Park Carousel Organ -- by Rick Inzero
Pianovo Barrel Piano Resembles Pianotist -- by Kevin McElhone and Hans van Oost
Haarlem Museum "het Kunkelsorgel" Demonstration -- by Jan Kees de Ruijter (020316 MMDigest)
Band Organ Maker Robert Heilbuth of San Francisco -- by Doran Wittelsbach (020309 MMDigest)
Rolmonica Player Harmonica -- photos by Ingmar Krause 
Seeburg Mortuary Organ -- photos courtesy Randolph Herr 
1902 Pianola Concert Centenary -- by Adam Ramet
'Sur Plateau' Musical Pocket Watch -- courtesy Brian Chesters (020225 MMDigest)

Euphonium Player Reed Organette -- by Christian Greinacher (020223 MMDigest) & Nicholas Simons  (020224 MMDigest)

Pierre Van Roy of Belgium -- by Bjorn Isebaert (020204 MMDigest)
Barrel Piano by E. Mazzoletti of Belgium -- by Bjorn Isebaert (MMD 020131)
Empress 15.5" Concert Grand Music Box Restored -- by Larry Wilson (020127 MMDigest)
Electric Self-Playing Piano Co. -- by Bob Kerstein (020116 MMD)
Unknown Music Box Rotating Base -- by Joy McNally (MMD 020111)
Music Box Rotating Base is Christmas Tree Stand -- by Hauke Marxsen, Christian Greinacher, Ralph Heintz (MMD 020112), photos by Christian Greinacher
Cast Iron Cup for Musical Christmas Tree Stand -- by Gary Stevenson (MMD 020114)
QRS Phonograph Model 15 -- by Jane Furlow (MMD 020110); additional photos  courtesy Barry Kasindorf.

Mechanical Music in Drawings -- Drawings and cartoons featuring mechanical musical instruments
Music Rolls by Vicente Beltran of San Antonio, Texas -- by Ed Gaida  (980324 & 011130 MMDigest) 
Wurlitzer 164 Band Organ "The General" -- photo by Jim Kenney (011105 MMDigest)
Coinola Midget Orchestrion -- by Don Teach 
Street Piano by Luis Casale, Barcelona -- by Jere Ryder (011101 MMDigest)
MBSI Mechanical Music Exhibit in Camden, NJ -- by Jere Ryder (011030 MMDigest)
Moving Player Grand Pianos -- by John A. Tuttle (011003 MMDigest) 
Nickelodeon Wall Boxes -- by Don Teach 
Salzburg Stier Barrels at Utrecht Museum -- by Ralph Schultz (011002 MMDigest) 
Copper Tubing in Lauter-Humana Player Piano -- by John A. Tuttle (010920 MMDigest) 
Duo-Art Cam-Operated "Steamboat" Pump -- by Richard Vance (010911 MMD) 
65-key Gebrüder Bruder Elite Orchestra “Apollo” Organ at Coney Island Carousell -- by Jeff Alterman 
Barrel pianos by Charles Romano & Theodorus Bruylandt -- by Bjorn Isebaert (010810 MMD) data and photos from books by Stéphane Godfroid 
World's First Self-Playing Tuba - Das erste selbstspielende Tuba der Welt -- by Robbie Rhodes
Self-Playing Tuba in Cologne -- photos by Keith Reedman [010905 MMD]
Action Swing for Baby Ampico -- by Craig Brougher
Lauter Tubing Diagram, Tracker Device & Spindle Lock -- by John A. Tuttle (010810 MMD)
Coin-Operated Barrel Orchestrion by Romano -- by John A. Tuttle (010806 MMD)
Thorens Catalog No. 45 of April 1953 --  courtesy Hauke Marxsen 
Thorens Catalog No. 44 of August 1952 -- courtesy Hauke Marxsen
Perforator for 20-Note John Smith Busker Organ Rolls -- by Ed Gaida (010712 MMD)
Summer Class on Arranging Street Organ Music, conducted by Jean Potteck in Le Fraysee, France -- by Robbie Rhodes (010605 MMD)
Spool Frame for Caliola Project (JPEG image, 24 kb) -- photo courtesy Julie Porter (010530 MMD)
80-Keyless Gebr. Bruder Organ from Mike Kitner Estate (JPEG image, 125 kb) -- photo courtesy Rick Cooley (010528 MMD)
Prinsen Organ at Dutch Festival in Memphis (JPEG image, 49 kb) -- photo courtesy Philip Jamison (010516 MMD)
1926 QRS Advert for "Real Blues" Recordings -- by Robbie Rhodes (010421 MMD)
Collen-Broadway Pneumatic Player Piano Action -- by Françoise Dussour (010324 MMD)
Wilhelm Bruder Soehne Model 79 Organ in UK -- by Andrew Leach  (010307 MMD)
Piano Executant Artiste by Thibouville -- by Lorraine Aressy (010306 MMD)
Piano Executant Artiste book music (JPEG image, 45 kb) -- photo by Brian Chesters (010228 MMD)
Seek Identification of Rollframe Part (JPEG image, 33 kb) -- photo by Julie Porter (010214 MMD)
Duo-Art Supplement in 1922 Harper's New Monthly -- by Terry Smythe (010131 MMDigest)
Odeola Player Piano Action in Klein Piano -- by Jean-Pierre Jouandet (MMD 010201)
Mike Kitner Tribute in "Maine Antique Digest" (GIF image, 71 kb) -- courtesy Philip Jamison (010127 MMD)
l'Odeola Piano Pneumatique -- par Lorraine Aressy (010125 MMD)
Odeola Player Piano Action (French) -- by John Tuttle (MMD 010123)
Coinola "Cupid" Nickelodeon -- by Al Pebworth (MMD 010124)
Peterson Bottle Organ -- pamphlet at NAMM show, Anaheim CA, 19 January 2001 
Duplex Roll Player by Lee Music and Mfg. -- courtesy William A. Filler (010116 MMD)
"Lawrence Welk's Music Maker" Organette -- by Lou Kretchek and Dean Randall (001119 MMD)
Irving Caesar Recollections & "Ka-Lu-A" -- by Randolph Herr (001114 MMDigest)
24-key Ariston Organette -- by Ingmar Krause  (001112 MMD) 
Church Barrel Organ -- by Brian Chesters (001111 MMD)
Milton "Tom Thumb" Piano -- by Phyllis Haynes (001109 MMD)
Wurlitzer Caliola With Upside-Down Brass Pipes -- by Jim Kenney (001104 MMD)
15.5" Polyphon Has No Dampers -- by Wayne Finger (MMD 001105)
J. Lawrence Cook Family -- by Mike Meddings (MMD 001007)
Player Piano Horror Story -- by John A. Tuttle (MMD 001002)
Rebuilding Duo-Art Steamboat Pump  -- by John A. Tuttle (000927 MMDigest)

Musical Boxes  klokkespil.jpg (123 kb)  -- courtesy Nicolaj Roos (000919 MMDigest)

Polyphon Horror Story -- by Michael Woolf (MMD 000902)
Water Organ at Moldova National Museum, Romania -- by Lenuta Chirita (000818 MMDigest)
Chein Melody Player Music Roll Drive -- photo by David Snelling (000817 MMDigest)
Lauter-Humana Air Motor Pouch Rebuilding Tools -- by John A. Tuttle (000816 MMDigest)
"Taj Mahal" 101-key Mortier Dance Hall Organ -- photos by Craig Robson
Gem Organetta with Brass Music Roll -- by Brian Chesters (000731 MMD) 
"De Negentiger" Dutch Street Organ by Carl Frei -- by Hans van Oost (000727 MMD)
More MMDers Around the World -- photos by Richard Vance 
Bob Essex MIDster Punch -- by Craig Johnson
Welte Style 2 Cottage Orchestrion, formerly at Callart House in Inverness-shire -- by Jonathan Holmes (000710 MMD)
52-Key Gasparini Organ "Gypsy Queen" -- Tony Marsico (000712 MMD)

Seeburg Sales Ephemera -- by Mark Forer
European "Rolla Artis" Piano Rolls -- by John Phillips  (000706 MMD) 
Piano Roll Repair Table -- by John Phillips (961218 MMDigest)
Technisches Museum Wien - Technical Museum of Vienna -- text & photos by Thomas Henden
Michael Welte Flute Clock -- by Gerhard Dangel-Reese 
Seeburg Wall Boxes -- by Don Teach
Unique Cylinder-Played Music Box Piano -- by Christian Greinacher 
Seeburg Style L Automatic Orchestra -- courtesy Don Teach
Nelson-Wiggen Style 6 Nickelodeon -- courtesy Don Teach
Mills Violano-Virtuoso-- courtesy Don Teach
Sheet Music Advertises "The Sterling" Player Piano -- by Damon Atchison (000416 MMD)
Gotthard Arnold, Master Restorer of Bad Schönborn, Germany -- by Hauke Marxsen 
The Wilhelmsbau Museum in Speyer, Germany, a new museum for self-playing musical instruments -- by Hauke Marxsen
"Isis Playing the Zither", Automaton by C. E. Nixon -- by Hal Davis
Marantz Pianocorder -- article in Electronic Design magazine, courtesy Mike Knudsen
Autopianos and Battleship Row -- by Harvey Roehl
Boyd Pistonola Player Action -- The mechanism is ingenious, being the smallest player action ever devised.  Contributed by David Evans, Keith Pritchett, Richard Vance.

Apply Varnish Transfer Decals with White Glue -- by Don Teach
Percy Grainger's Piano -- Harvey and Marion Roehl at Percy Grainger Museum in Melbourne, Australia
Player Piano Pocket Knife-- courtesy Harvey Roehl
"Artisan Bandbox" Percussion Attachment -- by Tony Leo (MMD 000216)
Looff Carusel at Whalom Park, Luneburg Massachusetts -- photos courtesy Mark Chester 
The Welte-Mignon Reproducing Piano, images and newspaper articles courtesy Gerhard Dangel-Reese,  Augustinermuseum, Freiburg 
Reservoir and pressure governor for Welte original grand piano -- sought by Tony Marsico
Four Active QRS Artists: George Bogatko, Bob Berkman, Hi Babit, Max Morath -- courtesy G. Bogatko
Street Organs in Belgium and The Netherlands -- by Adam Ramet
Pianola Lessons at Hickie and Hickie Ltd. (UK) -- by Adam Ramet
Tying a Knot in a Piano String -- by Art Reblitz, John A. Tuttle & Jon Page
Making Wound Bass Strings -- by John A. Tuttle
Hooghuys Organs in Belgium -- by Bjorn Isebaert
Wurlitzer Style 50 Band Organ ("The Kiddie Organ") -- by Hal Davis & Dan Robinson
Wurlitzer Style 103 Band Organ -- by Hal Davis
Cut Music Rolls With Laser Beam -- by Paul Ward
Siren Frequency Counter Measures Organ Pipe Frequency -- by Hans van Oost
Player piano on Wills's Cigarettes "Famous Inventions" card circa 1915 (97 kb) -- courtesy Ian McLaughlin
178-hole tracker bar for Kastner Autopiano -- courtesy Iñigo Perez-España, Madrid
MIDI Controller for Hofbauer 37-key Street Organ -- courtesy Claus Kucher
Organ Pipe Repairs (Rats ate them!) -- by Vicki Webb
Unknown 38-Note Cylinder Music Box -- by Christian Greinacher

Welte Philharmonic 9-Rank Player Pipe Organ -- by Kyle B. Irwin
Music Roll Cupboard Design -- by John Phillips
Seeburg Catalog of Automatic Instruments -- courtesy Don Teach.  High quality color images for printing.
Transparent 20-key Belly Organ  -- by Robbie Rhodes.  "Die durchsichtige 20er-Bauchorgel" and organ grinder Ron Bopp.
1925 Super-Simplex Player Action Advertisement -- courtesy Gabe Della Fave 
Jäger & Brommer Transparent 20-key Belly Organ -- by Robbie Rhodes
Empress Electric Cabinet Player -- courtesy Ed Gaida
MMDers Around the World  -- photos of  MMD authors.
Early Weber Duo-Art Upright -- courtesy Mario Solimbergo
Wurlitzer 157 Facade Replica -- courtesy Tom Grace
Ben Franklin's Glass Harmonica at Franklin Institute, Philadelphia -- courtesy Ed Gaida
"Het Snotneusje", the bravest organ of the Netherlands -- by Hans van Oost
Cast Metal Music Box -- by Christian Greinacher
Mechanical Organs of Mirecourt-- by Françiose Dussour
Repairing Reed Organ -- by John Dewey
Coinola Style SO Orchestrion -- courtesy Don Teach
Coinola Style CO Orchestrion -- courtesy Don Teach
Encore Automatic Banjo -- courtesy Don Teach
The Great Dorset Steam Fair -- photo courtesy Hans van Oost
Wurlitzer Automatic Harp  -- courtesy Don Teach
Chickering Cabinet Player Piano (67 kb) -- courtesy Don Teach
Wurlitzer Tonophone Poster "Collecting the Take" (113 kb) -- courtesy Don Teach
Coinola Advertising Postcards & color poster -- courtesy Don Teach 
"Memory Lane Special" Coinola  when it was on exhibit at Paul and Laura Eakins' Gay 90's Melody Museum in St. Louis, Missouri. (112 kb) -- courtesy Brian Smith
Player Piano Advertisements -- courtesy Damon Atchison
Mills Tune Card "New Violano Music" -- courtesy Don Teach
Solar Eclipse Telescope Controlled by Music Roll -- by Robbie Rhodes
Music Box Plays Self-Punched Paper Strips (92 kb) -- courtesy Hauke Marxsen
Gavioli Residence Pipe Organ -- by Rick Cooley
Monkey Violinist Automaton in  San Jose, California -- courtesy Marc Kaufman
Wurlitzer Style S Nickelodeon -- courtesy Hal Davis
"Spirit of Independence" - A New Orchestrion -- by Craig Brougher 
"De Poppenspaeler"  47er Drehorgel von Frederic Keller -- by Robbie Rhodes
Player Piano Transmission Repaired Via the 'Net -- by John A. Tuttle
Edison Phonograph Ad in Cosmopolitan Magazine -- by Damon Atchison
Dual 88-Note Spoolbox Unit -- by Dick Beery
De Dulciaan Speelt -- New CD Cover Artwork -- by William Kenney 
Temecula CA Organ Rally 15-16 May 1999 -- photos by Robbie Rhodes
QRS Music Roll Company Tour in 1975 -- by Hal Davis
Player Piano Actions -- Bush & Lane action courtesy Ed Gaida
"Kai Orgel" Barrel Piano of Netherlands Antilles -- by Ed Gaida 
Music Roll Perforator at Precision Music Rolls -- by Dave Saul
Music Roll Reader & Perforator at Custom Music Rolls, Richardson TX -- by Richard Tonnesen
Label of "The Pearls", Vocalstyle 50488, played by Jelly Roll Morton -- courtesy Karl Ellison
High resolution (pearls1.gif 153kb) Low resolution (pearls1a.gif 12kb)
Seeburg K Art Glass "Dancing Girl" -- by Don Teach
Gasparini Handle Reproductions-- by Philip Jamison
Barrel-Operated 20-key Reed Organ -- by Wolfgang Brommer
The "Taj Mahal" 101-key Mortier dance hall organ. -- photo by Hathaway and Bowers.
Push-up Piano Players and Vorsetzers-- by Robbie Rhodes

Aeolian Keytop Player Ad, circa 1950 -- courtesy Dave Kerr
Photos from John Tuttle (Player-Care) -- courtesy John A. Tuttle
Robbie Rhodes, Jody Kravitz & Beatrice Robertson -- at MBSI meeting in Solana Beach CA, 13 Feb 1999.  Photo courtesy Kathleen Eric.
Welte Remote Pump -- by Vicki Webb
"Melodette!" -- A player glockenspiel from 1873, courtesy Philip Jamison
Standard Pneumatic Action Company -- by Robbie Rhodes
Portable Reed Organs -- by Robbie Rhodes
Piano Roll Retail Identification Labels -- by Karl Ellison

Pictures from Etude Magazine -- by Karl Ellison

Unknown 4-tune Serinette in Australia  -- by Ralph Meyer

Seabreeze Park Carousel Organ -- by Matthew Caulfield, photos courtesy Rick Inzero
Advertisement for 1976 Duo/Art Player by Aeolian -- Courtesy Al Pebworth

Telektra Paper Roll Reader -- Courtesy Bob Billings

Player Organ for Cruise Ship MS Zaandam -- Courtesy Elbert Pluer

Seventails Productions / Pooker Organ Division -- Courtesy of Vicki Webb
  • Metal Trumpet Pipe
  • Trumpet Pipe & Dolceanna
  • Band Organ
  • CEO (feline)
    H.G. Johnson Nickelodeon -- Courtesy of Tom Dawson

  • Getz Steam Calliope -- Courtesy of Kathy E. Getz Santiago
    Staib-Abendschein Mastertouch Advertising Poster -- Courtesy of Dean Randall
    Musical Liquor Cabinet -- Courtesy of Bill Wineburgh
    Transposing Duo-Art Tracker Bar -- Courtesy of Ed Hayden
    Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ at Glen Echo Park, Maryland -- Courtesy Matthew Caulfield.
    Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ owned by John Malone-- Courtesy Marc Elbasani

    The Laterna - A Greek Barrel Piano -- Photos courtesy of Gerry Bay.   In Digest 98.07.12, Gerry Bay described a cart mounted crank operated instrument. Here are some pictures to go along with his article. 
  • Isle of Capri Player Piano-- Courtesy of Ron Kern
  • Isle of Capri Player Piano, Percussion Close up -- Courtesy of Ron Kern
  • Isle of Capri Player Piano, Steel Drum Close-up -- Courtesy of Ron Kern
  • Isle of Capri Player Piano -- Courtesy of Ron Kern
  • Isle of Capri Player Piano -- Courtesy of Ron Kern
  • Isle of Capri Player Piano -- Courtesy of Ron Kern

  • Mastertouch Artists Edith Murn -- Courtesy of Robert Perry
  • Mastertouch Artists Laurel Pardey -- Courtesy of Robert Perry

  • Limonaire -- Courtesy of  Hal Davis

  • Stinson Organ Pictures -- Courtesy of Rick Inzero

  • Robot Band, The Story -- Courtesy of Rick Cooley
  • Robot Band, Another View -- Courtesy of Rick Cooley
  • Robot Band -- Courtesy of Rick Cooley
  • Robot Band, Hi Resolution View -- Courtesy of Rick Cooley

  • Welte Motor and Control Switch -- Courtesy of John Burton, Australia

  • Vacuum Operated Pouch Tool -- Courtesy of John Tuttle

  • Dogbert Listening to an Antique Phonograph -- Courtesy of Scott Currier

  • Ignaz Blasius Bruder Organ (Drehorgel) with 17 figures -- Courtesy of Wolfgang Brommer
  • Ignaz Blasius Bruder Organ -- Courtesy of Wolfgang Brommer, Waldkirch
  • Ignaz Blasius Bruder Organs -- Courtesy of Hans van Oost, Holland

  • Santa "pumping" cartoon -- Courtesy of Jim Canavan

  • Organ at Uniting Church of Australia in Forest St. in Bendigo, Courtesy of Michael Waters

  • Musicano Manual Page 1, Courtesy of Hauke Marxen
  • Musicano Manual Page 2, Courtesy of Hauke Marxen
  • Musicano Manual Page 2, Courtesy of Hauke Marxen
  • Musicano Manual Page 4, Courtesy of Hauke Marxen
  • Musicano Picture 1, Courtesy of Beatrice Robertson
  • Musicano Picture 2, Courtesy of Beatrice Robertson

  • Image of a Steam Calliope seen near Seattle in 1983
  • Image of a Steam Calliope seen near Seattle in 1983

  • Ampico Smokestack
  • Angelo Rulli, Grinding
  • Cordephon Disk Image
  • Ingmar Krause cranking his Konzert Raffin monkey organ
  • An Interesting Leather Nut Tool

  • Image of a Player Piano sought by Andy Taylor
  • Disintegrating pouch made of Perflex fabric

  • Image of a very old Barrel Organ
  • Image of the Facade of a very old Barrel Organ
  • Image of the barrel of a very old Barrel Organ
  • Image of a folded bass pipe from a very old Barrel Organ

  • Shut-off Pneumatic for 1960 vintage Aeolian Player Piano

  • 18 September 2013

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