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Digest NrSubject
2019.05.22.02 Information About Ruth Fair Organs
2019.05.19.01 List of Wurlitzer 125 Song Numbers
2019.05.04.02 Notes on Some Wurlitzer Band Organ People
2019.04.22.02 Unknown Style 125 Band Organ Roll is No. 3800
2019.03.14.06 How I Miss Rich Olsen!
2018.12.14.07 Tune Heard At House on the Rock Attraction
2018.12.11.02 Passing of Hayes McClaran
2018.10.09.03 Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum News
2018.07.02.01 Passing of Richard J. Howe, Literature Collector
2018.06.30.01 Passing of Gordon Tussing
2018.05.24.01 Passing of Will Morton, Artist/Carousel Restorer
2018.04.23.01 Wonderful Old Wurlitzer 150 Roll 13025 Found
2018.04.02.02 "Marines' Hymn" Composer's Name on Music Roll
2018.04.01.02 Rich Olsen "Yakety Sax" Band Organ Arrangement
2018.03.29.07 New Steinway Self-playing Piano "Spiro"
2018.03.09.02 Source of Boxes For Wurlitzer Caliola & APP Rolls
2017.12.29.01 Beste Wensen From J. Verbeeck Organ-Manufacturer
2017.12.09.01 Band Organs at Tilden Park, Berkeley, Calif.
2017.11.30.04 2017 A Bad Year For Carousels & Mechanical Music
2017.11.22.03 How Should the MMD Specialize?
2017.11.01.01 Andy Park's Essay "The Shock Absorber"
2017.10.18.02 Newly Discovered Wurlitzer 150 Roll From 1916
2017.10.15.01 Star Perforator
2017.09.26.01 Gordon Tussing Turns 100 in January!
2017.09.20.07 Lead Tubing Is Crushed Behind the Spool Box
2017.09.19.02 J. Verbeeck bvba Orgelbouw
2017.09.12.02 Fred Benz, Wurlitzer Music Writer
2017.08.04.03 Harvey Roehl Pronunciation
2017.07.14.03 Book "Waldkirch Street and Fairground Organs"
2017.07.08.04 How I Miss Rich Olsen!
2017.06.23.01 One-of-a-kind Ruth Model 36-X Band Organ
2017.06.14.02 History of North Tonawanda Band Organs
2017.06.07.02 Seek Photos Of Jeanne Malone, Play-Rite
2017.04.21.02 "The American Carousel" on Podcast Website
2017.02.05.02 Organist Alexander Straus-Fausto "Anglerfly"
2017.01.27.02 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2017.01.19.01 New at the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum
2017.01.13.01 Memorial to Dan Horenberger, Carousel Restorer
2016.12.21.02 Ridiculous Prices on Piano Rolls
2016.12.16.06 FS: Style 165 Band Organ Rolls
2016.11.17.01 Passing of Dan Horenberger, Carousel Restorer
2016.11.16.01 Carousel Spotter Wanted
2016.11.07.05 Aging Impacts Mechanical Music Maintenance Field
2016.11.05.01 Aging Impacts Mechanical Music Maintenance Field
2016.10.27.02 B.A.B. Perforators Being Sold?
2016.10.01.01 Passing of Wil Markey of Dallastown, Penna.
2016.08.28.02 Singing Birdcage Repair
2016.08.26.04 AMICA Wurlitzer 165 Replica Table Favor
2016.08.25.02 Date of a Swiss Cylinder Musical Box
2016.08.02.02 Vestal Press & Hathaway & Bowers Catalogs
2016.07.24.01 Welcoming Tim Wagner
2016.07.21.04 Piano Roll "The Oceana Roll"
2016.07.19.01 Passing of John Hovancak, Fair Organ Restorer
2016.06.06.01 Passing of Fredy Künzle of Switzerland
2016.05.24.06 Wurlitzer Band Organ Data on the COAA Website
2016.05.01.01 Q. David Bowers Honored by GSM
2016.04.25.01 Status of Johnny Verbeeck Organ Business
2016.04.19.01 Seek List of Play-Rite 88-note Recut Rolls
2016.04.14.04 List of Play-Rite 88-note Recut Rolls
2016.03.10.07 Unknown Wurlitzer Band Organ
2016.03.02.03 Wintergatan Marble Music Machine
2016.02.09.07 Threaded Discussion Groups for Mechanical Music
2016.02.04.01 Seabreeze Amusement Park Band Organ Overhauled
2015.12.12.01 Passing of Larry Pefferly, Carousel Horse Carver
2015.11.22.02 FS Free: Themodist Metrostyle Roll 95612
2015.11.21.03 FS Free: Aeolian Roll 73025
2015.11.17.02 Tunesheet Titles Are Difficult to Read
2015.11.03.01 Stanford Acquires Howe Literature Collection
2015.10.31.02 Wurlitzer Duplex Roll Mechanism Explained
2015.10.27.05 Status of Precision Music Rolls
2015.10.12.08 Unknown Tapered Pin Made by Bob Streicher
2015.09.24.03 "Happy Birthday" Copyright Claims Ruled Invalid
2015.08.31.02 Monetized YouTube Videos
2015.08.25.02 Dyrehavsbakken Fairground Organ
2015.08.19.02 Rye Playland Operation
2015.08.17.01 News of the Carousel and Band Organ World
2015.08.16.01 Wurlitzer Style 125 Roll No. 3143
2015.08.14.03 Cost to Ship Music Rolls - USPS Media Mail
2015.08.09.01 ASCAP and Public Performances of Music
2015.08.08.01 No MMD? Gasp!
2015.07.25.01 Unidentified Tunes on Wurlitzer 165 Music Rolls
2015.07.16.01 "Lost" Wurlitzer 166 Arrives For Restoration
2015.06.30.01 Does Music Box Disc Material Affect the Tone?
2015.06.08.04 Wurlitzer Band Organ Motor Shut-off
2015.06.02.02 Passing of Johnny Verbeeck, Organ Builder
2015.05.30.02 "Horned End" Triangle in Wurlitzer Band Organ
2015.05.29.03 Seek Hand Paper Punch by Bob Streicher
2015.02.22.03 List of Rollographies
2015.02.07.01 Tempo of Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ Rolls
2015.02.01.05 "Punchinello" by William Rimmer
2015.01.15.08 Fred Vokoun, Composer of "On The Beach"
2015.01.14.03 "On The Beach" March Two-step by Fred Vokoun
2015.01.05.03 Artizan 46-key Endless Rolls Made by Wurlitzer
2014.11.20.04 Material for Tracker Bar Lint Filter
2014.11.20.03 Lyrics for "Repasz Band" March
2014.11.16.05 History of Wurlitzer Band Organs
2014.11.09.01 Rich Olsen, Virtuoso Arranger
2014.11.06.04 Date of Regina Serial Number 46437
2014.10.21.02 Player Piano Project at Stanford University
2014.10.07.06 Dating the Tunes on a Molinari Barrel Organ
2014.09.22.01 Musical Box Trade Mark in Form of "V"
2014.09.12.02 Music Roll Perforating Firms
2014.09.02.02 Hard-to-read Music Box Tune Card
2014.08.29.02 Mechanical Music Played in a Public Venue
2014.08.27.02 Hard-to-read Music Box Tune Card
2014.08.24.01 Dating Musical Boxes From Their Serial Numbers
2014.07.18.02 Seaside Heights' Floyd Moreland Carousel Doomed
2014.07.15.01 Seaside Heights' Floyd Moreland Carousel Doomed
2014.07.10.02 "Jezebel" for Wurlitzer 105 Band Organ
2014.07.09.02 Wurlitzer Roll 6509-A Now Completely Identified
2014.07.08.04 Perforated Music Media Manufacturing Technology
2014.07.04.02 Supplier of Wurlitzer Unit Valves
2014.06.24.01 Seek NCA "Merry-Go-Roundup" Summer 1997 Issue
2014.06.14.02 Passing of Anne Dion Hinds, "Merry-Go-Roundup"
2014.05.11.01 Seabreeze Park Carousel & Band Organ
2014.04.30.08 B.A.B. vs. Wurlitzer Snare Mechanisms
2014.04.13.01 Unknown Tunes on Interchangeable Station Box
2014.04.10.02 Status of Organs Playing B.A.B. Music Rolls
2014.04.07.02 Wurlitzer Pipe Scales Book by Doyle Lane
2014.03.19.01 Passing of Irene Hurley, Glen Echo Carousel Lady
2014.02.17.01 B.A.B. Artizan North Tonawanda 48-key Rolls
2014.02.04.03 "The Midnight Fire Alarm" for Carousel Organ
2014.01.22.04 Arranging Band Organ Music
2013.12.20.01 Web Site Problems Using Google Chrome
2013.12.14.12 Wurlitzer 180 Band Organs
2013.12.14.08 Wurlitzer Band Organ Problem
2013.12.11.05 Wurlitzer 180 Band Organs
2013.12.08.01 Wurlitzer 180 Band Organs
2013.12.02.01 Memorial to Arranger Rich Olsen
2013.11.03.06 Value of a Wurlitzer Orchestra Photoplayer
2013.10.27.01 Passing of Rich Olsen, Band Organ Music Arranger
2013.10.23.01 Passing of Rich Olsen, Band Organ Music Arranger
2013.10.01.02 Seabreeze Carousel Band Organ Façade Installed
2013.09.25.04 Changing of the Guard: New MBSI and AMICA Editors
2013.09.11.03 Wurlitzer A.P.P. Rollography
2013.09.05.02 New Seabreeze Park Band Organ Facade Installed
2013.09.05.01 Warren Deasy Remembered
2013.08.15.04 Carousel Managers Quit After Alleged Insult
2013.08.01.02 Carousel Music Only During Rides or Continuous
2013.07.26.02 Seabreeze Band Organ Facade Nears Completion
2013.07.11.01 Piano Roll Music Copyright vs. Public Domain
2013.07.07.02 Public Performance Right for Sound Recordings
2013.07.05.05 U.S. Copyright Law
2013.07.02.01 Passing of Warren Deasy, Griffith Park Carousel
2013.06.25.02 Seabreeze Park Band Organ Is Quickly Repaired
2013.06.19.01 Bill & Marge Waters Collection
2013.06.16.01 MelODee Party Rolls
2013.06.05.01 Passing of Ray Siou, Music Roll Retailer
2013.05.18.05 Building a Transparent Player Piano Action Model
2013.04.01.06 Who Built the Wurlitzer Music Roll Perforators
2013.03.09.01 Passing of Joe Teagarden
2013.03.05.01 Orphaned Bursens Book Music from Eureka Springs
2013.03.03.02 Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ Rolls in the UK
2013.02.28.03 Style 150 Wurlitzer Roll 13266
2013.02.16.02 "Polyart" Music Roll Paper Alternative
2013.01.16.10 Book Music Punch & Die Specification
2013.01.15.03 Book Music Punch & Die Specification
2013.01.11.03 Perforating Wurlitzer Band Organ Rolls
2013.01.03.03 Enjoying Mechanical Music
2013.01.03.02 New Book "Japanese Automata - Karakuri Zui"
2012.12.28.01 Canberra Gebr. Bruder Elite Apollo Organ
2012.12.23.01 B.A.B. Organ Company Owners
2012.12.21.01 B.A.B. Organ Company Owners
2012.12.15.02 Seek Style 125 Roll of "Circus Hits" Music
2012.12.12.01 "ST" in a Star is Mermod Frères Logo
2012.11.08.01 Reginaphone Date of Manufacture
2012.10.26.01 Lost Persons, Forgotten Names
2012.09.19.04 Thin Tosh Rubberized Cloth
2012.08.31.05 Wurlitzer 165 Heard on "Catch The Brass Ring"
2012.08.27.01 Passing of Ron Perry, MIDIator Systems
2012.08.19.03 Wurlitzer 125 Rolls of Oktoberfest Music
2012.08.16.05 FS: Old 88-note Piano Rolls, Part 2
2012.08.15.05 FS: Old 88-note Piano Rolls
2012.07.25.01 Musical Museum in Deansboro, New York
2012.07.14.01 Wurlitzer 165 Roll Label Corrections
2012.06.28.01 Wildfires Threaten Colorado Springs
2012.06.26.02 Mike Grant, Wurlitzer Rolls Source, Is On-line
2012.06.22.01 The Route Operator
2012.06.14.07 FS: Three New Style 165 Band Organ Music Rolls
2012.06.12.03 Seek Felt for Impact Cushioning
2012.06.07.07 Music Rolls and U.S. Copyright Law
2012.05.21.04 Replacing Zephyr Skin Pouches With Leather
2012.05.18.01 Ins and Outs of Collection Dispersal
2012.05.04.02 Pin-end Spindle for 65-note Piano Roll
2012.03.27.01 A Trip Back In Time
2012.03.20.03 How Did Wurlitzer Choose Songs for Music Rolls
2012.03.16.04 Uncertain Wurlitzer 165 Rolls 6504 & 6651
2012.03.12.01 Passing of Max Nowicki, Band Organ Repairman
2012.03.11.01 Passing of Max Nowicki, Band Organ Repairman
2012.03.10.01 Passing of Max Nowicki, Band Organ Repairman
2012.03.01.02 Two Lost Wurlitzer 165 Rolls Discovered
2012.02.24.02 North Coast Music Roll Works
2012.02.15.02 46-key Music Rolls for B.A.B. and Artizan
2012.01.25.04 Copyrighting a Piano Roll
2012.01.25.02 Doyle Lane Warehouse To Be Emptied
2012.01.21.03 Doyle Lane Warehouse To Be Emptied
2012.01.12.03 Unknown Brass Cylinder Music Box Plays 32 Reeds
2012.01.11.01 Unknown Brass Cylinder Music Box Plays 32 Reeds
2012.01.09.01 Passing of Warren Deasy
2012.01.06.06 Market Value of a Piano Roll Collection
2012.01.01.02 "Mod. Brev." Stands For "Modello Brevettato"
2011.12.07.03 Meaning of "Brevete"
2011.11.27.01 Aeolian-American Corp. Master Piano Rolls
2011.11.20.04 Mike Grant & Frank Himpsl as Music Roll Sources
2011.11.17.01 Cost of Specialty Music Rolls Today
2011.11.08.01 Final T.R.T. Style 150 Rolls 13313 & 13314
2011.09.21.02 Help Identifying Orchestral Music Box
2011.09.20.01 Help Identifying Orchestral Music Box
2011.09.11.01 Knoebels Amusement Park Flood Damage
2011.09.04.05 Wurlitzer 155 CD "Music for Carousel Lovers"
2011.08.26.04 New Home Address for Ray Siou
2011.08.03.16 Making Burnt Shellac
2011.07.22.01 Wheezing Band Organ at Carousel Center
2011.07.18.02 Steve Harty, Carousel Organ Fan
2011.07.14.02 Replies to Questions Posted on the MMD
2011.07.04.01 Wurlitzer Caliola Rolls Played at Glen Echo Park
2011.06.28.03 Wurlitzer 146 Band Organ Coming to Santa Cruz
2011.06.23.02 Band Organ at Palisades Amusement Park
2011.06.21.02 Stinson Organ at Cooperstown Farmer's Museum
2011.06.19.07 "The Thunderer" March for Wurlitzer 150
2011.06.19.02 St. George, Utah, Purchases Bud Hurlbut's Carousel
2011.05.22.01 New Facade for Seabreeze Park Band Organ
2011.05.11.03 The Amazing MMD Locates "The Tempest"
2011.05.11.02 Fred Zimbalist, Musical Box Designer
2011.05.10.06 Seek "The Tempest" by Harry J. Lincoln
2011.05.09.08 Seek 22-note Bell Unit for Wurlitzer Band Organ
2011.05.02.03 Improvements at Central Park Carousel, New York
2011.04.16.02 Sharpening Leabarjan Perforator
2011.04.07.03 Large Diameter Snare Drum for Band Organ
2011.04.05.02 Seek Large Diameter Snare Drum for Band Organ
2011.02.26.02 Seek Wurlitzer Style 150 Roll 13132
2011.02.12.03 Style 125 Roll Catalog Now Online
2011.02.05.05 Source of Wurlitzer Organ Pipe Freins
2011.01.15.03 Doyle Lane's Business and Parts
2011.01.14.05 Bellows for Whistler
2011.01.06.02 "Triumphant Lindbergh" by Harry J. Lincoln
2011.01.01.02 Meaning of "Lied und Yale" in German Music
2010.12.20.03 Restore America's Carousel Organs
2010.12.15.04 Identifying Disc Musical Box Models
2010.12.13.03 Regina Hall Clock
2010.11.21.03 Fragmentation of Special Interest Groups
2010.11.08.09 Rubber Bands Around Music Rolls
2010.11.08.04 Sources of Large Musical Box Discs
2010.10.30.05 Rubber Bands Around Music Rolls
2010.10.14.05 FS: Columbia "O" Roll O-701
2010.10.08.01 Strange Duck a Choralcelo, not Orchescello
2010.09.17.02 Seek Recordable Gavioli Organ in New England
2010.09.15.03 Seek Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Historian
2010.09.03.07 Wurlitzer 153 Pneumatic Problems
2010.08.28.04 Wurlitzer 153 Hoses Swapped
2010.08.26.04 Kennywood Park Band Organ "Sugartime"
2010.08.20.04 Player Piano Company Sign
2010.08.17.10 FS: Lost Wurlitzer 165 Tunes
2010.07.23.05 Piano Roll Hole Punch
2010.07.06.01 Seek Help Identifying Mermod Musical Box Tunes
2010.07.03.03 Musical Box Movement Maker CP&C
2010.07.02.02 Glen Echo Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ Video
2010.06.26.01 59-key Gasparini Organ Played in San Francisco
2010.05.03.05 Unknown "A" Roll With "Has Anybody Seen My Gal"
2010.05.03.01 Cartel Musical Boxes
2010.04.30.04 Unknown "A" Roll With "Has Anybody Seen My Gal"
2010.04.29.04 MBSI to Display at New Musical Instrument Museum
2010.04.08.02 Wurlitzer 165 Music Arranged by Rich Olsen
2010.03.30.02 AAIMM Award to Three Great MM Personalities
2010.03.26.03 Interesting Style 165 Music Roll on eBay
2010.03.19.01 R. Ryesky and R. Streicher, Two Good Machinists
2010.03.07.02 Kangaroo Leather
2010.03.04.02 Spam & Junk Email Challenges
2010.03.02.01 Ray Siou, Music Roll Mogul
2010.02.17.01 Seek Regina Music Box Disc Lists
2010.02.16.01 "Carousel Organ Club" Novelty
2010.01.28.02 Wurlitzer 150 Roll No. 14513
2010.01.22.02 Wurlitzer's Cuban Danzon Style 165 Rolls
2010.01.07.03 Making an Organ Crankshaft
2010.01.03.07 Painting a Band Organ Facade
2009.12.31.01 Source of Musical Box Movements
2009.12.26.02 Carl Frei as Composer
2009.12.21.04 List of Ray Siou Music Roll Numbers
2009.12.14.01 Visiting Collectors and Dealers in New York
2009.12.13.04 Ray Siou, Music Roll Mogul
2009.12.11.04 New Player Piano Book by Juergen Hocker
2009.12.10.01 New Player Piano Book by Juergen Hocker
2009.12.06.03 "Boston Commandery March"
2009.12.01.01 Sanfilippo Collection on PBS TV
2009.11.20.02 Age of Symphonion Musical Box
2009.11.01.02 Credits on Piano Roll Labels
2009.10.31.01 Was the MMD for 91029 a Record in Size?
2009.10.17.06 FS: Style 165 MIDI File of Offenbach's "Can-Can"
2009.10.12.02 Seek Larry McGowan of Rye Playland Carousel
2009.10.08.01 FS: New Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ Rolls
2009.09.27.02 Columbia Roll "Colored Gentleman's Jazz Band"
2009.08.25.06 J-Omega Electronics MIDI Interface Circuit Board
2009.08.20.04 Octet Circuit Board for Perforator
2009.08.13.03 Seek Octet Circuit Board for Perforator
2009.07.03.05 "Wurlitzer Waltz" Played On Wurlitzer Caliola
2009.06.05.03 Value of Wurlitzer Band Organ Rolls
2009.06.03.01 Musical Box Movement for Child's Rocking Chair
2009.05.18.03 Wurlitzer Band Organ Prices
2009.05.15.05 Punching Holes in Music Rolls
2009.05.15.03 Perforating Services for Aeolian Organ Rolls
2009.05.05.06 FS: Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ Rolls of Show Tunes
2009.05.03.02 Wurlitzer 165 Roll Collections Expanded
2009.04.20.02 New eBay Web Site Format
2009.04.09.06 Leaf Springs vs. Coil Springs
2009.04.08.02 Tuning North Tonawanda Band Organ
2009.03.24.04 Source of Reuge Movements and Parts
2009.03.24.01 Barrel Piano by H. P. Moller of Copenhagen
2009.03.14.06 Mills Violano Tracker Bar Scale
2009.02.21.04 FS: Two Wurlitzer 165 Recuts
2009.02.01.01 Contacting Sankyo Shoji Co.
2009.01.31.04 Music Roll Paper
2009.01.30.07 Source of Paper Strip Music Box Movement
2009.01.25.02 Duo-Art Rebuilding Video
2009.01.24.05 Restoring Wurlitzer 105 Band Organ
2009.01.19.02 Music Rolls at New York Museum of Transportation
2009.01.14.06 Wurlitzer Tracker Bar of Acrylic Plastic
2009.01.12.05 Wurlitzer Tracker Bar of Acrylic Plastic
2008.12.16.01 Wurlitzer Band Organ on Flea Market Carousel
2008.12.14.01 Wurlitzer Band Organ on Flea Market Carousel
2008.11.26.03 Audio Recording & Automatic Gain Control
2008.11.11.08 Downloadable On-line Sheet Music
2008.11.08.02 Our Published Heritage
2008.11.06.02 Learning Proper Restoration Skills
2008.10.25.06 Wurlitzer Valve Blocks -- a Correction
2008.10.24.04 Wurlitzer Valve Blocks
2008.10.22.04 Rubber Bands on Music Rolls
2008.10.06.02 Contacting Ray Siou
2008.10.05.03 Fate of Svoboda's Nickelodeon Tavern
2008.09.16.01 Web Sites & Experts to Identify Melodies
2008.09.07.02 Ray Siou, Wurlitzer Roll Dealer
2008.09.06.04 CD "Whirling Melodies" DRK-2506
2008.08.26.04 Carousel Organ at Bushkill Park, Easton, PA
2008.08.23.02 Mechanical Music Videos On the Internet
2008.08.21.01 "End of the Day" Band Organ Rolls
2008.08.12.06 Seek Wurlitzer 165 12-tune "Composite" Rolls
2008.07.22.04 Recutting Wurlitzer .1227" Pitch Music Rolls
2008.07.18.07 Fair Organs Should Play More Modern Music
2008.07.11.01 Organ Rally in Washington, 15-17 August 2008
2008.06.27.09 FS: Mike Grant's Style 165 Rolls in Stock
2008.06.21.01 Passing of Howard Winstead
2008.06.01.07 Materials for Band Organ Pressure Bellows
2008.05.31.05 Wurlitzer APP Roll 20462 Identified
2008.05.29.01 Wurlitzer APP Rolls 20071 & 20462
2008.05.09.04 The Big "T" in "WurliTzer"
2008.05.09.02 Mechanical Musicboxes Manufactory Web Site
2008.05.04.01 Preserving Historical Documents and Artifacts
2008.05.03.02 Wurlitzer Archives Finding Aid
2008.04.30.04 Ed Openshaw to Activate B.A.B. Perforator Soon
2008.04.27.03 Ed Openshaw to Activate B.A.B. Perforator Soon
2008.04.04.04 Karl King Marches
2008.04.02.04 Letters Transcribed from the German
2008.03.25.01 Information and Supplies for Rebuilding
2008.03.11.03 Sound System for Santa Cruz Boardwalk Organs
2008.02.28.02 Wurlitzer 150 Band Organ Roll Web Site Updated
2008.02.22.04 USPS Media Mail
2008.02.20.08 USPS Media Mail
2008.02.19.01 1908 Buffalo Convention Piano Roll Specifications
2008.02.12.01 Wurlitzer Band Organ Factory Ledgers
2008.02.11.01 When is Loud Music Too Loud?
2008.02.05.03 Source of Fish Glue
2008.02.01.01 Disc Changer Mechanism Stalls
2008.01.29.01 Musical Box Mechanism for Studying
2008.01.24.10 Wurlitzer Tracker Bar Dimensions
2008.01.23.07 Wurlitzer Tracker Bar Dimensions
2008.01.17.01 Montana Heritage Commission Ridicules Collection
2008.01.15.10 Organizing Piano Rolls On Shelves
2008.01.15.04 Russian Correspondent Seeks Music Box Help
2008.01.14.02 Russian Correspondent Seeks Music Box Help
2008.01.14.01 DeBence Museum Musical Box Program, 20 Jan. 2008
2008.01.08.04 Wurlitzer Band Organ Patents
2008.01.08.01 Lake Compounce and Kennywood Parks Sold
2008.01.05.02 Sharing Information - The Old Days vs. Today
2008.01.05.01 Original Wurlitzer Shipping Dock Records
2008.01.01.06 Wurlitzer Band Organ Specifications
2007.12.25.05 Berry-Wood Auto-Orchestra Rolls
2007.12.14.02 Troubadour Disc Musical Box
2007.11.30.03 Seek Robert Hopp & Quercus Edition
2007.11.04.02 Composer of March "Durch die Nacht ins Licht"
2007.11.02.03 Guinness Collection Story in New York Times
2007.10.23.04 New Style 150 Band Organ Roll
2007.10.13.02 Mechanical Music on TV "Ghost Hunters"
2007.10.05.06 Play-Rite Ready for Wurlitzer Roll Cutting
2007.09.08.04 Narrow Castanets for Wurlitzer 165
2007.09.04.05 Seek Narrow Castanets for Wurlitzer 165
2007.09.01.05 Making Wurlitzer Unit Valve Blocks
2007.08.16.01 Passing of Thomas R. Grace
2007.08.09.05 What's Your Favorite Brand of Band Organ Tuner?
2007.07.23.10 Lubricating Band Organ Components
2007.07.18.06 FS: Tunes 1 & 2 for Wurlitzer Roll 6607
2007.07.08.01 Seek Picture of Early Wurlitzer Snare Drum Action
2007.07.06.04 FS: New Wurlitzer 165 Roll 6836 by Richie Poor
2007.06.16.03 Boxes for Orchestrion & Band Organ Rolls
2007.06.15.04 Tracker Bar Construction
2007.05.26.05 Preserving Original Literature
2007.05.18.04 USPS Media Mail & Metal Musical Box Discs
2007.05.17.01 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Organs
2007.05.09.01 Unknown Machine in Weiss-Stauffacher Video
2007.05.05.01 Unknown Machine in Weiss-Stauffacher Video
2007.04.22.01 History of the Piano Bench
2007.04.14.02 Seek Donald H. Smith of Hamburg, Pennsylvania
2007.04.12.01 Wurlitzer 105 Band Organ Sold on eBay
2007.04.10.03 Recordings of Fairground, Band and Dance Organs
2007.04.09.03 Ross R. Davis & Disneyland Carousel
2007.04.09.02 Passing of John O. Davis
2007.04.01.01 Monogram on Band Organ Facade
2007.03.29.02 State of America's Carousel Organs
2007.03.22.02 "A" Roll A-742
2007.03.06.05 33-key Ruth Fraud on eBay (Correction)
2007.03.04.05 33-key Ruth Fraud on eBay
2007.02.26.04 "I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream"
2007.02.24.05 Tracker Bar Scales
2007.02.23.02 Wurlitzer 165 Organ Installation at Santa Cruz
2007.02.17.02 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ
2007.02.05.03 Source of Reeds and Shallots
2007.01.30.02 Building a Wurlitzer 105 Band Organ
2007.01.22.02 Favorite Song Titles
2007.01.15.01 Thorens Automatic Musical Box Information
2007.01.14.01 Thorens Automatic Musical Box Information
2007.01.08.02 Wurlitzer 180 Tune Arranged for 165 Scale
2006.12.31.02 Imperial "Hand Pleated" Player Piano Rolls
2006.12.27.05 Memory Lane Arcade in Frankenmuth is Closed
2006.12.27.04 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Buys Wurlitzer 165
2006.12.24.05 Recutting Piano Rolls
2006.12.24.03 Mechanical Music in Faraway Places
2006.12.21.01 Another Recommended Book by Art Reblitz
2006.11.29.02 1911 American Music Roll Standards
2006.11.15.06 Freins for Wurlitzer Pipes
2006.11.10.02 Seek Rob DeLand
2006.10.15.03 Jack Schott and the Fort Worth Organ Factory
2006.10.07.01 Who Is J. Masin?
2006.09.30.01 Corrected URLs from Yesterday's MMD
2006.09.23.02 Seek Band Organ Facade Carver
2006.09.22.02 Wurlitzer Shipping Dock Ledgers
2006.09.05.01 Tune Strips For Sankyo 20-Note Manivelle
2006.08.31.05 Wurlitzer Band Organ Light Bulb Colors
2006.07.12.02 Rubber Bands Around Music Rolls
2006.07.06.03 "Red Wing" on PianOrchestra Roll
2006.07.03.02 Knoebels Amusement Park Reopens After Flood
2006.06.29.02 Knoebels Amusement Park Floods Again
2006.06.01.04 Thorens Musical Box Novelty Products
2006.04.26.06 Welte-Mignon Music Rolls & Player Systems
2006.04.25.02 Wurlitzer Organ Division Shipping Ledgers
2006.04.16.01 Successful Organ Rallies Generate Public Enthusiasm
2006.04.06.02 New Wurlitzer 125 Roll by David Stumpf
2006.04.06.01 Contacting Sankyo Shoji
2006.03.27.12 Valve Washers of Patent Leather
2006.03.21.08 QRS Old Piano Roll Auction
2006.03.12.02 Value of Old Piano Rolls
2006.03.10.01 John Malone's Wurlitzer 165 is Sold
2006.03.09.01 John Malone's Wurlitzer 165 is Sold
2006.03.07.02 New Wurlitzer Style 125 Music Rolls
2006.02.25.01 Plastic Gear for Thorens Musical Box
2006.02.20.01 Orpheus Disc Musical Box
2006.02.15.04 Musical Museum in Deansboro, New York
2006.02.09.01 Tune List for Wurlitzer Tonophone by DeKleist
2006.02.08.02 Musical Boxes by Stauffer of Geneva
2006.02.05.06 Replacement Comb for Musical Box
2006.02.04.02 Counter-Melody & the Wurlitzer Trumpet Division
2006.02.01.08 Source of Phenoseal
2006.01.17.07 Rubberized Cloth Made in Australia
2006.01.17.01 Mechanical Music In Denmark
2006.01.07.03 Leather for Band Organ Valves
2006.01.04.04 Welte-Mignon Recording Secret to be Revealed
2005.12.21.07 Mechanical Music Aboard Ships
2005.12.21.02 Mechanical Music on "CBS Sunday Morning" 18 Dec.
2005.12.19.03 Copyright Status Of Old Music Rolls
2005.12.14.05 FS: Wurlitzer Style 165 Music Rolls
2005.12.04.01 Singing Bird Cage Repair
2005.12.03.03 Mechanical Music for Teenagers
2005.11.17.08 Seek Octet PD-1 Circuit Board for Perforator
2005.11.09.02 Photos of Ed Freyer
2005.11.04.01 Identifying the Maker of a Cylinder Music Box
2005.11.03.03 Donating a Collection to an Institution
2005.10.29.01 B.A.B. Organ Company History & Master Rolls
2005.10.24.07 DuPont "Tyvek" as Music Roll Medium
2005.10.22.07 GE Silicone Adhesive & Kangaroo Leather
2005.10.19.01 Ed Sprankle's Archive
2005.10.14.02 Photocopies of Ed Sprankle's Roll Catalogs
2005.10.02.02 Meaning Of Q.R.S.
2005.09.25.03 Ervista Borna, Ervista Bona, Ernesto Bona of B.A.B.
2005.09.15.01 Unknown Swiss "ST" Musical Box Plays 23.8 cm Disc
2005.09.13.04 Source of Wurlitzer Style 125 Music Rolls
2005.09.11.12 Rubber Bands for Piano Rolls
2005.09.07.01 The "Winston Band Organ"
2005.09.04.04 The "Winston Band Organ"
2005.08.23.02 Regina Chime Clock
2005.08.16.03 Wurlitzer 105 Trumpet Design
2005.08.09.01 Two New 165 Band Organ Rolls Arranged
2005.08.06.01 Jeanne Malone of Play-Rite Music Rolls
2005.08.02.01 B.A.B. Organ Company and Dominick Brugnolotti
2005.07.31.04 Building A New Band Organ
2005.07.30.01 Museum Planned for Upstate New York
2005.07.28.01 B.A.B. Organ Company and Dominick Brugnolotti
2005.07.27.07 Musical Box Movement for Child's Rocking Chair
2005.07.26.01 Musical Box Movement for Child's Rocking Chair
2005.07.24.02 Zimbalist Musical Box
2005.07.20.02 B&B Carousel Band Organ
2005.06.28.01 Trying To Contact Luis Falcon, Mexico City
2005.06.15.09 Choice Of Tunes For Rolls
2005.06.14.13 Wurlitzer 125 Roll Frame Dimensions
2005.06.04.11 How Did Wurlitzer Arrange Rolls?
2005.05.27.06 Holes Transposed In Wurlitzer Roll 6688-6690
2005.05.22.03 Wurlitzer 146-A Band Organ -- Correction
2005.05.20.09 FS: Wurlitzer 146-A Band Organ At Auction
2005.04.21.05 Hoarding Unique Music Rolls
2005.04.21.04 Jeanne Malone of Play-Rite Hospitalized
2005.04.15.04 Player Piano Company is Alive and Well
2005.04.06.05 Internet Auction Fraud
2005.04.06.03 Jeanne Malone Deserves the MBSI Trustees' Award
2005.04.03.05 Wurlitzer Tracker Bar Dust Screen
2005.03.30.04 Possible Musical Box Auction Scam
2005.03.22.07 Internet Auction Bidding War
2005.03.15.01 Organ Grinder Images on Postcards
2005.03.07.01 CDs of Disc Musical Box Music
2005.03.01.08 Unused Holes in Tracker Bar
2005.02.25.09 Internet Account Fraud
2005.02.19.01 Ghost Items at Internet Auctions
2005.02.17.07 What is an Orchestrion?
2005.02.02.02 Archiving Data of Specialty Web Sites
2005.01.31.02 Internet Music of Mechanical Musical Instruments
2005.01.30.01 Wurlitzer Style 126 Band Organ
2005.01.26.10 Sealing Bellows Leaks
2005.01.15.02 Musical Box Movement for Child's Rocking Chair
2004.12.30.09 Hand Punches for Music Rolls
2004.12.21.05 Arthur Prinsen, Noteur
2004.11.30.10 Mounting Bells in Wurlitzer 146-A
2004.11.24.03 Rubber Diaphragms for Mechanical Singing Bird
2004.11.02.07 Tracker Bar Construction
2004.10.27.01 Band Organ Music Site "Virtual Wurlitzer 165"
2004.10.26.02 Copies of MBSI Journal Articles
2004.10.17.03 Makers of Wurlitzer Tracker Bars
2004.10.12.07 Construction of Wurlitzer Style 150 Tracker Bar
2004.10.10.03 Wurlitzer Band Organ Operating Instructions
2004.10.02.03 Storing Musical Box Discs
2004.08.25.02 David Wasson Relocates East
2004.08.24.05 Unknown Fair Organs & Tunes on Old Recordings
2004.08.18.01 Church-Pipe Band Organ
2004.08.13.04 Ray Siou and his Church-Pipe Band Organ
2004.08.03.02 History Book: "Coney Island, Lost and Found"
2004.08.01.03 Searching the MMD Archives
2004.06.24.03 Ruth 36X Organ from Smiley's Happyland
2004.06.23.06 Ampico Record Music Roll
2004.06.08.02 Copyright Theory & Boosey vs. Whight Ruling
2004.05.25.01 Sankyo Shoji Musical Boxes & Movements
2004.05.23.01 Production of Sankyo Cylinder Musical Box Movements
2004.05.21.04 Tuning a Band Organ
2004.05.06.04 Tunes on 46-Note B.A.B. Organ Roll No. 29
2004.04.19.02 Tiffany "Flower Girl" Musical Automaton Is Fake
2004.04.15.06 Dictionary of Musical Themes
2004.04.13.04 Automated Tune Identification
2004.04.07.02 Regina 8-1/2" Disc Music Box
2004.03.29.03 "Roberto Clemente" Arranged For Band Organ
2004.03.27.01 Supporting MMD
2004.03.04.02 Pneumatic Cloth Alternatives & Kangaroo Hide
2004.03.01.15 Quality of Cloth and Leather - Old vs. New
2004.02.23.03 MIDI Control of Band Organs
2004.02.19.04 Merry-Go-Round and Carousel Rotation
2004.02.16.02 Musical Box Built By Engineering Students
2004.02.13.05 Quality of Cloth and Leather Today
2004.02.02.05 Radio/TV Theme Music On Music Rolls - "Popcorn"
2004.01.30.03 Un-registered Radio/TV Theme Music On Music Rolls
2004.01.15.03 U.S. Copyright Law
2004.01.12.04 George and Madeleine Brown
2004.01.10.02 Wurlitzer Band Organ Rolls as MIDI Files
2003.12.24.02 Semantics
2003.12.16.06 Shipping Piano Rolls by USPS Media Mail
2003.12.16.04 What's an Orchestrion?
2003.12.08.08 Contact Bob Streicher, Machinist
2003.11.26.06 Play-Rite Roll "Battle of New Orleans"
2003.11.19.06 Play-Rite Roll "Battle of New Orleans"
2003.11.19.01 Source of Symphonion Discs
2003.11.05.01 Recordings of Lincoln Park Wurlitzer Band Organ
2003.10.13.01 Etymology of "Sextrola"
2003.10.09.02 Seek Musical Box Cabinet Restorers
2003.10.02.04 Passing of Harold Ottaway of Joyland Park
2003.09.29.03 Hathaway & Associates (Hathaworld)
2003.09.28.03 MMDigest Publication Problems
2003.09.21.02 "Wasn't It Nice" on Wurlitzer 180 Roll
2003.09.11.14 Wurlitzer Caliola Music Roll Mysteries
2003.09.11.13 Scale of Wurlitzer Caliola
2003.08.13.01 Kevin Sheehan's Dutch Street Organ
2003.08.11.05 Sound Samples of Wurlitzer Band Organ Music
2003.07.30.10 Use Leather for Heavy Duty Bellows
2003.07.30.01 Bird Box Repair Firms
2003.07.29.04 Recollections of Claes Friberg
2003.07.25.10 Piano Rolls of "Stumbling" by Zez Confrey
2003.07.18.01 "Ken D" Monogram Found on Bird Box
2003.07.14.05 Parts for Wurlitzer Duplex Roll System
2003.07.03.01 Seek B.A.B. Music Rolls for Band Organs
2003.06.28.08 Unknown Wurlitzer 150 Music Roll is No. 13425
2003.06.26.04 Piano Roll Storage Cabinets
2003.06.22.02 Tim Westman, New England Band Organ Technician
2003.06.22.01 Wurlitzer Band Organ Serial Numbers
2003.06.14.01 Perpetuating the Hobby
2003.06.04.04 Passing of Terry Borne of Louisville, KY
2003.06.02.01 Musical Cigarette Dispenser
2003.05.11.03 What is ROMFI
2003.05.08.02 What is ROMFI
2003.04.10.04 Collecting and Dispersing
2003.03.19.01 Perfection Music Box Company of New Jersey
2003.03.17.02 Leather Supply House & Marilyn McLeland
2003.03.09.02 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2003.02.27.10 Cultural References in Popular Music
2003.02.27.04 Master Craftsman Steve Lanick Retires
2003.02.26.02 Seek Showman Bud Hurlbut
2003.02.21.03 MAPSA (MAP S.A.) Movement in Hummel Musical Box
2003.02.13.02 Gold Label Music Box Company
2003.02.11.03 Thorens Disc Musical Box Repair
2003.02.11.02 German Singing Bird Cage Repair
2003.02.06.08 Piano Roll Performances of "Just A Memory"
2003.02.06.01 Musical Cigarette Dispenser
2003.02.05.01 Fortuna Orchestral Music Box No. 375
2003.02.02.05 Anti-Virus Software
2003.01.31.02 Composer of "Just A Memory"
2003.01.28.08 Wurlitzer 150 Catalog Going Online
2003.01.22.03 Seek Coin Catcher for Coin-op Regina
2003.01.14.11 FS: Barrel Organs at Auction in Florida
2003.01.04.05 MAPSA = MAP S.A. of Switzerland
2002.12.27.09 T.R.T. Caliola Rolls Played at Glen Echo Park
2002.12.26.01 American International Galleries
2002.12.25.02 "Hiawatha" by Neil Moret
2002.12.24.08 Source of Kangaroo Leather for Pouches
2002.12.21.01 Play-Rite Music Rolls' Jeanne Malone At 90 Years
2002.12.19.01 Cassette for 'Melody in Motion' Carousel
2002.12.18.07 Lador Music Box King Ltd. of Baldwin, NY
2002.12.12.04 Zimbalist Musical Box
2002.12.10.04 eBay Scam Alert
2002.12.10.02 Regina Certificates from MBSI
2002.12.10.01 Musical Christmas Tree Stands
2002.12.07.04 Claes Friberg & Mekanisk Musik Museum, Denmark
2002.12.07.02 Tune Strips For Sankyo 20-note Manivelle
2002.11.27.05 Impact Of the Player Piano Upon Society
2002.11.25.04 Band Organ at Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley, CA
2002.11.23.07 Edison Music Box - Hah!
2002.11.23.03 Source of Musical Box Movements
2002.11.23.02 Value of Franklin Mint Musical Boxes
2002.11.22.05 Music Boxes By Thomas Edison
2002.10.20.09 Song Titles on Wurlitzer Roll No. 13284
2002.10.17.04 Components by Jill & George Cooper
2002.09.16.01 Robert Hopp & Quercus Edition
2002.09.01.04 Cataloging Musical Themes
2002.06.18.03 Band Organ History or Where is Alan Stafford
2002.06.06.04 Wurlitzer Factory
2002.06.05.07 How To Make A Musical Box
2002.05.07.06 Restorers of the Past, Present, and Future
2002.05.05.05 Recordings of Self-Playing Carillons
2002.04.20.01 Carousel Sounds for Miniature Carousel Horses
2002.04.05.04 Makers of Band Organ Facades and Carvings
2002.04.03.01 Makers of Band Organ Facades and Carvings
2002.03.16.03 Wurlitzer Factory Tour Movie of 1920s
2002.03.15.03 Review of Wurlitzer Rolls Web Site
2002.03.05.03 MIDI Files of Band Organ Music
2002.02.21.06 Source of Wurlitzer 125 Music Rolls
2002.02.20.04 Unknown Songs on Piano Rolls
2002.02.10.02 Wilcox & White Player Organ
2002.01.20.05 Ramey Banjo-Orchestra
2002.01.20.03 Merchandise from Gay '90s Village, Sikeston, MO
2002.01.12.11 Cost vs. Benefits of AMICA Publications
2002.01.12.03 Music Box Rotating Base is Christmas Tree Stand
2002.01.11.03 Phonograph Publication "New Amberola Graphic"
2002.01.05.06 Hollow-Point Punch for Repairing Music Rolls
2001.12.18.03 "Raggedy Ann" on Wurlitzer 165 Roll
2001.12.07.01 CD of Seabreeze Park Verbeeck 165 Band Organ
2001.12.04.15 FS: CD of Seabreeze Park Verbeeck 165 Band Organ
2001.12.04.01 Seek Music Box Collectors in Spain
2001.11.26.06 10-tune Wurlitzer Band Organ Rolls By Play-Rite
2001.11.24.03 "The Divers Collection"
2001.11.23.06 10-tune Wurlitzer Band Organ Rolls by Play-Rite
2001.11.22.04 Copyrights & Performance Royalties
2001.11.20.07 Copyrights & Licensing Music Rolls
2001.11.20.06 1908 Copyright Case "White-Smith vs. Apollo"
2001.11.20.04 Google Search Engine
2001.11.18.04 Copyright & Licensing in USA
2001.11.07.02 Open Air Carousels vs. Carousels in Buildings
2001.11.04.06 Wurlitzer Automatic Roll Changer
2001.11.03.01 Johnson Style 163 Band Organ in Salem, Oregon
2001.10.26.04 Mortier Book Music on eBay
2001.10.24.01 Viledon Gasketting Material
2001.10.21.05 Value of MMD
2001.10.20.07 Wurlitzer style 146 band organ question
2001.10.16.03 Tune Words For "Uncle Sam, Tell Us Why You Are Waiting"
2001.10.13.01 Gasket Material
2001.09.28.01 Wurlitzer Brass Pipes
2001.09.25.06 Restoration and Preservation
2001.09.25.04 Wurlitzer 165 Tympani Actions
2001.09.14.01 Valuable Mechanical Music Reference Books
2001.08.26.08 Same Melody Used For Different Songs
2001.08.09.02 History of M. Welte & Soehne
2001.07.23.11 Source of Unusual Wood Screws
2001.07.08.02 Mike Saltzstein Dies Suddenly
2001.06.12.01 MBSI Mid-America Band Organ Rally 19-22 July 2001
2001.06.11.04 List of Wurlitzer Style 150 Music Rolls
2001.06.09.02 Instrumentation of Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ
2001.06.08.04 Accuracy of Recut Music Rolls
2001.06.05.02 Johnson Organ Company Band Organs
2001.06.02.05 The Fascinations of Mechanical Music
2001.06.01.01 Johnson Organ Company
2001.05.29.02 European Carousel for TV Commercial
2001.05.22.01 The Heller Hoard of Fairground Organs
2001.04.14.01 "Rollscanners" Discussion Group
2001.04.05.03 Seek Gordon Forcier
2001.04.05.02 Gerhard Kern Email Address
2001.04.02.08 FS: Wurlitzer Style 150 Music Rolls
2001.04.01.01 Bruder Elite Apollo Band Organ in Australia
2001.03.31.07 FS: Wurlitzer Style 165 Music Rolls
2001.03.07.04 Wurlitzer Parts from Doyle Lane
2001.03.07.02 Illness at Player Piano Company (PPCo)
2001.03.06.07 Wurlitzer Parts from Doyle Lane
2001.02.21.02 Paramount's Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio
2001.02.05.01 Wurlitzer 165 Sound Files At Website
2001.02.01.04 Wurlitzer Caliola vs. APP rolls
2001.01.30.06 Wurlitzer Caliola Rolls vs. APP Rolls
2001.01.28.02 Music Rolls & USPS Media Mail (Book Rate)
2001.01.21.02 Horn & Hardart Automat
2001.01.19.07 Mystery Orchestrion Music Roll
2001.01.10.03 Seek Wurlitzer 165 Photo for New Book
2001.01.09.04 Peter Bacigalupi & Wurlitzer
2001.01.04.03 European Band Organ Recordings
2001.01.02.02 Golden Gate Park Carousel Organ, San Francisco
2000.12.14.05 Play-Rite Perforator Will Recut Wurlitzer Rolls
2000.12.06.02 Wurlitzer Mammoth Organ at Joyland Park, Wichita
2000.11.12.05 Piano Roll Artist Ralph Rainger
2000.11.10.03 Telephone Area Code Changes in North America
2000.11.10.01 Identifying Unknown Tunes
2000.11.06.08 "Wurlitzer Band Organ Pipe Scales" by Doyle Lane
2000.11.06.06 Wurlitzer Roll Paper Colors
2000.11.04.06 Dating Wurlitzer Rolls by Paper Color
2000.11.02.12 Music Roll Brake Adjustments & Paper Slippage
2000.11.01.03 FS: Recut Wurlitzer 165 Rolls
2000.10.31.08 Sources of Deagan Supplies
2000.10.30.01 Smithsonian Carousel and Band Organ
2000.10.24.04 Music Roll Perforating Machinery
2000.10.10.02 Unknown Wurlitzer 165 Song 6532-2 Identified
2000.09.28.03 Ervista Bona of B.A.B. Organ Company
2000.09.26.12 Choosing an Organ Scale
2000.09.24.04 B.A.B. vs. Wurlitzer Band Organ Music
2000.09.24.02 Wurlitzer 165 Organ Replica by Johnny Verbeeck
2000.09.13.01 Wurlitzer 180 Roll List Now Online
2000.09.09.01 Value of MMD Archives
2000.09.05.03 Web Site Activity Counters
2000.08.16.02 Mechanical Music Museums in Washington, D.C.
2000.08.05.06 Identifying Band Organ Tunes
2000.08.04.02 Carousel Organ Association of America Annual Fee
2000.07.19.06 Brass D-Rings for Music Roll Tabs
2000.07.13.07 Wurlitzer 165 Roll Rewinding Problem
2000.07.01.02 Harvey Roehl Remembrances
2000.06.21.07 My New Email Address
2000.06.21.03 Harvey Roehl Passed Away
2000.06.11.02 B.A.B. Company History at Web Site
2000.06.08.04 Mylar for Music Rolls & Wurlitzer Green Paper
2000.06.05.06 Seek Wurlitzer 165 Roll 6504/6532A
2000.05.28.03 FS: A-rolls
2000.05.28.02 Tune Indicator for Seabreeze Band Organ
2000.05.22.07 Wurlitzer Music Roll Catalog at New Web Site
2000.05.01.12 Duo-Art Rolls Coming Up For Sale
2000.04.18.01 "Reine des Coeurs (Queen of Hearts)" by Waldteufel
2000.03.26.06 Fairground Organ at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg
2000.03.05.01 Seek Italian Songs on Wurlitzer Style 150 Rolls
2000.02.28.02 Directory of Musical Instrument Collections
2000.02.24.05 Recutting Project: Wurlitzer 165, APP & Caliola
2000.02.23.11 David Thomas Roberts Song on Wurlitzer Band Organ
2000.02.11.07 Identifying Music Rolls
2000.01.22.07 Robert Streicher's Paper Punch
2000.01.16.01 List of Rollographies
2000.01.11.03 Tilden Park Merry-Go-Round in Berkeley CA
2000.01.09.05 "Silver Moon" by Sigmund Romberg
2000.01.06.06 Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection On-Line
2000.01.06.03 Vaclav Slavik Barrel Organ
2000.01.05.13 FS: Wurlitzer 165 Rolls
2000.01.05.05 Heinrich Voigt Firm of Frankfurt
1999.12.22.03 Band Organs at Myrtle Beach Pavilion
1999.12.05.03 Seek Frank McCullough & Rhoda Krasner
1999.11.29.17 FS: Wurlitzer 165 Roll 6723-6724
1999.11.27.11 Cork or Rubber for Wurlitzer Gaskets?
1999.11.20.09 Synchronous Music Roll Production
1999.11.13.12 U.S. Copyright Term Extended
1999.11.13.11 "Roll 'Em Girls" On Wurlitzer 165 Roll
1999.10.29.05 Gavioli Carousel Organ at Olympic Amusement Park
1999.10.29.04 Gay 90's Village "Big Top Carousel Band Organ"
1999.10.29.03 Find MMDer's Email Addresses in MMD Archives
1999.10.15.04 Keller & Kern Archive of Carl Frei Music Books
1999.10.14.07 Old Songs - "A Hundred Years From Now"
1999.09.30.14 Wurlitzer Roll Perforating Service
1999.09.12.08 Wurlitzer 165 Tracker Bar Assignments
1999.09.09.05 Repasz Band
1999.08.31.04 Ray Siou
1999.08.17.15 Glass Harmonica
1999.08.12.10 Photo of J. C. Deagan
1999.08.04.03 Carousel Without a Voice
1999.07.26.07 Unusual Band Organ Roll on eBay Auction
1999.07.22.02 'Eden Palais' Carousel in Sanfilippo Collection
1999.07.16.07 Wurlitzer Duplex Roll Frame
1999.07.11.08 Carousel Trivia
1999.07.03.05 Ruth Organ at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
1999.06.18.13 Sanfilippo Band Organ with Brass Horns; Deagan Uniphone Bells
1999.06.15.07 Wurlitzer Tracker Bar Screens
1999.06.03.04 Schott CD-ROM "Lexikon Mechanische Musikautomaten"
1999.06.01.04 Schott CD-ROM "Dictionary of Mech. Musical Instruments"
1999.05.29.01 eBay and MMD Folk
1999.05.10.01 Old Gavioli Catalog at U.S. Libraries
1999.05.04.09 Source of Wurlitzer Style 150 Rolls
1999.04.27.07 FS: Wurlitzer APP Rolls on eBay
1999.04.08.07 Hickman-Stoddard Ampico Artifacts
1999.04.07.03 Tom Meijer on the 'Net
1999.04.05.10 78 RPM Records
1999.03.30.02 Wurlitzer Music Rolls at eBay Auction
1999.03.24.03 Billings' QRS Rollography, Volume 6
1999.03.15.05 Mystery O-roll Is O-113
1999.03.14.01 Claes Friberg
1999.02.25.06 "Horace the Horse" Listed at Harry Fox Agency
1999.02.15.04 Replica Wurlitzer 165 Band Organs
1999.02.11.11 Old Roll Auction At QRS - R.I.P.
1999.02.09.07 Old Roll Auction at QRS Music Rolls, Inc.
1999.01.19.04 Recordings of Gavioli Organ at Circus World
1999.01.07.10 "Hoch- und Deutschmeister Marsch"
1999.01.04.08 Sources of Rolls for Wurlitzer Instruments
1998.12.28.11 Replacing Felt Bushings on Wind Motor
1998.12.16.07 Arranging and Making Book Music
1998.12.14.02 Contacting Q. David Bowers
1998.12.14.01 Marion Roehl Recordings
1998.12.08.09 Favorite Band Organ Recordings
1998.11.26.08 Wurlitzer 165 Registers & Control Problems
1998.11.24.03 Amusement Park Association Convention in Dallas
1998.11.17.05 MMD Needs FAQ
1998.11.12.15 Dynavoice Keytop Piano Player Mechanism
1998.11.07.09 Electronic Tuning Aids
1998.11.01.11 B.A.B. to Wurlitzer 165 Roll Conversion
1998.10.17.01 MMD Publication Schedule
1998.10.11.01 "Genesse" Patrol
1998.10.05.27 Tom Meijer and the Kitner 150 Roll
1998.09.26.03 Message from Marc Elbasani
1998.09.22.03 Violano Book
1998.09.21.09 Wurlitzer 165 to Caliola Conversion
1998.09.19.04 Amplifying a Crash Cymbal
1998.09.19.03 Tune Title - "Experience Unnecessary"
1998.09.17.22 Bibliography of Rollographies
1998.09.17.13 Seek Dates of 'Barcelona' & 'I Miss My Swiss'
1998.09.16.09 Harry J. Lincoln and Charles C. Sweeley
1998.09.16.08 Martin Bryan's "New Amberola Graphic" Periodical
1998.09.13.17 Lubricant for Band Organ Crankshaft
1998.09.13.16 Bellows Stiffeners
1998.09.03.08 Paper Dust On New Rolls
1998.09.03.06 New Wurlitzer Band Organ Rolls
1998.09.02.11 Repeated Tunes On Wurlitzer And B.A.B. Rolls
1998.08.30.02 New CD of Wurlitzer 165
1998.08.28.07 Gavioli Organ plays "Dodge Brothers March"
1998.08.16.08 Wurlitzer APP vs. Caliola Arrangements
1998.08.13.08 Marches by E. T. Paull and Harry J. Lincoln
1998.08.13.06 Wurlitzer APP Rolls of Christmas Songs
1998.08.11.09 Thirty-Eight Marches by Harry J. Lincoln
1998.08.11.08 Eight Marches by E. T. Paull
1998.08.11.07 Marches by E. T. Paull & Harry J. Lincoln
1998.08.06.10 Replacement Parts from Bob Streicher
1998.07.29.12 FS: Bruder Band Organ
1998.07.19.03 Paul Torin's Wurlitzer 164
1998.07.15.11 Modifying Letter Punches for Stencil-cutting
1998.07.11.06 Giovanni Zanin Visits Rochester NY
1998.07.11.04 Roller Coasters by Philadelphia Toboggan Company
1998.07.09.12 Printing Words On Music Rolls
1998.07.09.07 Giovanni Zanin Visiting New York State
1998.07.09.05 Charles Walker & National Carousel Association
1998.07.03.09 Jim's Tune Titles
1998.07.03.04 AMICA Chapter Names
1998.07.02.02 Introduction - Part One
1998.06.30.08 Nickelodeons in Seattle
1998.06.26.04 Books for Newcomers
1998.06.25.12 Seek Wurlitzer Tapered Triangle
1998.06.15.06 Seek Wurlitzer Pipes and Parts
1998.06.13.06 Interest in Animatronics
1998.06.10.20 Solvent For Masking Tape Adhesive
1998.05.31.05 Styles of Wurlitzer Band Organs
1998.05.20.03 Regina Music Boxes
1998.05.16.02 Scale Markings On Organ Pipes
1998.05.09.09 What Are We Here For?
1998.05.09.03 Marion Roehl Recordings Sold
1998.05.03.05 Paul Torin's Wurlitzer 164
1998.04.30.12 MIDI-Controlled Tracker Bar
1998.04.30.07 Hayes McClaran's Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ
1998.04.30.06 New CD of Seabreeze Park Wurlitzer 165
1998.04.29.11 Welte Orchestrion CDs
1998.04.28.04 Ray Siou & Recording Your Collection
1998.04.21.16 Spool Flange Materials
1998.04.19.07 Music Roll Boxes
1998.04.12.12 Who Is Cutting What Rolls?
1998.04.12.07 Internet Book Searching
1998.04.08.05 Mills Novelty Company Ice Cream Freezer
1998.04.04.10 Mills Novelty Company - Trivia Question
1998.04.04.09 Carrousel Music Recordings
1998.04.01.14 Recordings of Calliope Music
1998.03.29.04 Pathe Phonograph
1998.03.22.16 The Law & Pirating Music Rolls, Then and Now
1998.03.21.22 Wurlitzer Variable-Speed Roll Mechanism
1998.03.21.15 Xylophone Bars
1998.03.20.06 Rollo Mexico Perforator
1998.03.14.03 Ed Gaida's Brewhouse Caliola
1998.03.10.01 George Murphy Collection Auction
1998.03.09.08 J. Lawrence Cook
1998.03.02.17 Hand Punch for Roll Editing
1998.03.02.06 'Sunflower' and Hello Dolly'
1998.03.01.09 J. Lawrence Cook
1998.02.23.02 West Coast Rains Delay MMD
1998.02.22.02 Teresa Carreno Rolls
1998.02.20.12 Replacement Valves for Wurlitzer Organs
1998.02.11.04 A. Ruth & Sohn Organs
1998.02.08.03 Memory Lane Arcade
1998.02.05.03 'Happy Days Are Here Again' by Milton Ager
1998.02.02.12 Downloadable On-line Sheet Music
1998.01.31.12 Prison Band Organ Follow-Up
1998.01.24.17 Adding Pipes to 88-note Player
1998.01.24.07 Hawaiian Tunes on Band Organ Rolls
1998.01.24.02 Paper Preservation Measures
1998.01.17.10 Help Prison Inmate Build Band Organ
1998.01.15.02 Hall of Halls, Moeginomura, Japan
1998.01.13.05 1911 American Music Roll Standards
1998.01.10.02 Identifying Ignaz Blasius Bruder Organs
1998.01.07.04 "Three Stooges" March
1997.12.31.12 Horowitz's Organ Plays Band Organ Rolls
1997.12.31.10 Tumult on MMD
1997.12.28.08 Seabreeze Park Band Organ
1997.12.27.15 Band Organ Pipes
1997.12.26.05 Hans W. Schmitz & Welte History
1997.12.25.13 Emergency Bellows Repair
1997.12.23.07 South Frisco Jazz Band CD
1997.12.21.05 Seek Tom Meijer
1997.12.19.04 Did B.A.B. make Book Music?
1997.12.19.03 Nancarrow Rolls and American Copyright
1997.12.19.02 Correction: Leonie Farney Wurlitzer
1997.12.18.04 Q. David Bowers & Farny R. Wurlitzer
1997.12.14.11 Meaning of QRS
1997.12.13.06 Coney Island Bruder Plays B.A.B. Rolls
1997.12.12.14 Leathers from Leather Supply House
1997.12.03.04 Photos of American Band Organs
1997.11.26.17 Bacigalupo & Sons
1997.11.25.01 Bogatko on QRS Christmas Roll
1997.11.23.03 Wurlitzer Band Organ Rolls
1997.11.22.04 Unknown Wurlitzer Rolls
1997.11.21.02 Help Identify Wurlitzer 165 Tunes
1997.11.16.05 Bagaduce Music Lending Library
1997.11.10.04 Leabarjan's Place in Commercial Roll Production
1997.11.09.02 Help Identify Wurlitzer 165 Tunes
1997.11.04.06 Artizan and Wurlitzer Serial Numbers
1997.11.01.08 W165 Rolls by Bacigalupi and C. W. Parker
1997.10.30.04 Gershwin Sheet Music
1997.10.25.02 Music at NC State Fair (or Any Other Fair)
1997.10.16.04 Wurlitzer APP Christmas Rolls
1997.09.28.05 Making a Wurlitzer 125 Tracker Bar (pt. 2)
1997.09.27.08 Making a Wurlitzer 125 Tracker Bar
1997.09.25.06 Savin Rock Carousel Band Organ
1997.09.11.01 Jim Wells Auction, Saturday 13 September
1997.08.19.05 Wurlitzer 165 Rolls at Joyland Park
1997.08.19.01 Jack Schott and "Fort Worth Organ Factory"
1997.08.15.03 Jack Schott and "Fort Worth Organ Factory"
1997.08.01.02 Life of CDs
1997.07.31.03 Ian Whitcomb
1997.07.29.08 Wurlitzer Organ Specifications
1997.07.29.03 MBSI Band Organ Rally in Sandusky
1997.07.27.13 Electric vs. Vacuum Systems
1997.07.27.02 Seek Castanets for Seabreeze Wurlitzer
1997.07.13.01 Retiring to Rochester NY
1997.07.01.05 Punch Rolls With Stencil Cutter
1997.06.20.05 Seek 150 Band Organ Parts
1997.06.09.04 Spiders .aka. Daddy Long Legs
1997.05.30.05 Nickelodeon Recordings
1997.05.28.04 Source for Wurlitzer Parts
1997.05.27.06 Player Harp
1997.05.12.02 Doll Player Pianos
1997.05.05.07 CHONG CORRECTED
1997.05.02.04 Colored Roll Paper
1997.04.30.11 Band Organ Crankshaft Speed
1997.04.28.08 Wurlitzer Roll 13102
1997.04.18.04 Visiting North Tonawanda
1997.04.16.06 Organ Lexicon
1997.04.11.02 Museums in Australia
1997.04.09.10 Becquart and Schollaert
1997.04.08.14 Seek Unit Valves for Wurlitzer 153
1997.04.08.06 Schollaert, Becquart, Hooghuys
1997.04.08.03 The "T" in "WurliTzter"
1997.03.28.06 Carousel Becquart Organ
1997.03.26.05 Band-organ LP Record
1997.03.20.03 BAB History
1997.03.19.04 Bound Brook Mechanical Music Show
1997.03.19.01 Brian Steptoe Gallopers
1997.03.18.07 "Bullshevicki"
1997.03.17.24 Seek Medley Rolls for Play-Rite
1997.03.17.15 Berry-Wood A.O.W.
1997.03.17.14 BAB Music Rolls
1997.03.17.04 Carousel Web Site
1997.02.28.18 FS: Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ
1997.02.26.08 Leabarjan Perforator
1997.02.19.12 Wurlitzer 165 Rolls
1997.02.14.06 Bellows Leather
1997.02.13.06 J. C. Deagan Carillon
1997.02.07.04 Fire at Play-Rite
1997.01.30.04 Artcraft Music Rolls
1997.01.29.08 Band Organ Diaspora
1997.01.29.04 Re: Carousel Website
1997.01.29.02 Inventory of Mechanical Organs
1997.01.24.14 Wurlitzer Reeds and Shallots
1997.01.21.10 Player Piano Company
1997.01.21.08 Re: Tracker Bar Meaning
1997.01.21.06 QRS Roll Auction Department
1997.01.14.02 The New US Copyright Law
1997.01.11.06 Re: Data Base Rollography or Catalog
1997.01.10.05 Re: Band Organ Vacuum Loss
1997.01.09.07 Wurlitzer Roll Frames and Unit Valves
1997.01.08.14 Re: Royalties and "This Business of Music"
1997.01.08.11 U.S. Copyright Law
1997.01.03.05 Re: Composer's Fees for Mechanical Music
1996.12.24.03 Re: Collectors in New Zealand
1996.12.20.12 Wurlitzer Monsters and Mammoths
1996.12.18.05 Re: Wood Pipe Specifications
1996.12.12.04 Interposers in Perforators
1996.12.10.07 Re: Old Perforators
1996.12.09.04 Re: Song Title: "When You Wore Wh(atever)"
1996.12.07.06 Lock and Cancel Valve Design
1996.12.07.05 Re: Wurlitzer Compensating Perforator
1996.12.06.08 The Wurlitzer Compensating Perforator
1996.12.06.02 Re: Music Copyright
1996.12.05.04 Carousel Christmas Ornaments
1996.12.05.03 Seabreeze Park Carousel and Organ
1996.12.03.10 Band Organs on CD
1996.11.14.08 RE: New York State Band Organs
1996.11.14.03 RE: Tilden Regional Park Band Organ
1996.09.24.02 Re: Denis Condon Collection
1996.08.26.10 Kravitz Brings Us Closer
1996.08.26.08 Archival Quality Repair Paper
1996.08.26.07 Sheet Music Sources, Deagan, Roll Values
1996.08.24.02 Carl Frei's Dutch Masters
1996.08.22.04 MBSI Convention Trips, Roll Values
1996.08.16.12 Re: Of Organs and Band Organs
1996.08.14.07 Re: Roll Frames
1996.08.05.02 Hello and Farewell
1996.07.31.16 Monster Wurlitzers
1996.07.09.02 Re: Andy's Introduction
1996.06.24.03 Re: Voicing Wooden Pipes
1996.06.06.04 Re: Folding Bellows
1996.05.30.05 Re: Kangaroo Pouch Leather
1996.05.28.04 RE: 65-NOTE PLAYER ROLLS
1996.05.14.04 Re: Finding Mr. Innes
1996.04.30.03 Carl Frei List and Friberg Passing
1996.04.28.10 Carl Frei Archives
1996.04.19.03 Automatic Music Societies
1996.04.18.05 Re: I Need Help Finding a Welte Book
1996.04.14.09 Email Addresses; Carl Frei List
1996.04.09.02 Note of Thanks (Pianolodeon)
1996.04.04.05 Pianolodeon
1996.04.01.02 RE: Leather Source
1996.03.29.06 Re: Joplin and Lawrence
1996.03.26.07 Re: Sources of Supplies
1996.03.08.02 1996 AMICA Convention
1996.03.07.05 Disks As Conservation Medium
1996.02.28.02 Re: Tonnesen Roll Cutting Info
1996.02.24.01 Connecting Brian Chesters and Durward
1996.02.22.04 Re: Deagan
1996.02.22.03 Re: Converting QRS Roll to MIDI
1996.02.20.09 Re: NBC 4TH Chime (and More)
1996.02.17.03 Re: NBC Chimes
1996.02.06.02 Re: Plans to Visit USA
1996.01.19.03 RE: Problems with large 88 note rolls
1996.01.17.02 RE: Mills Violano Rolls
1996.01.16.02 Re: Silver Beach
1996.01.12.08 Re: Source for 88-Note Paper
1996.01.12.07 Re: Mills Violano Rolls
1996.01.10.08 More on Copyright and Recording Rights
1996.01.05.05 Review of New Copyright Law
1996.01.04.05 Re: Replacing Pouches, Bleeds
1996.01.02.03 Re: Band Organ Recordings
1995.12.28.05 Roll Catalogs

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